I Tried 3 Pregnancy Meal Plans

William Babineau


  1. Calling Cauliflower Ghost broccoli is also a way I get my picky eater to eat it.

  2. The first plan is a dream come true for me. Today I didn't even have lunch.🤣

  3. That first diet was like a diet for gestational diabetes’s for pregnant women

  4. Here in México people loooove to eat liver with onions, it is called “hígado encebollado” my mom used to make it every thursday because of her diet, we hated it hahahahha so she would make us ham and eggs or something like that, also most moms cooks under a budget and livers are cheap … hate it but it’s very common in here

  5. So, the cod liver oil from the 40s plan is on point. I took it through my last pregnancy and now breastfeeding. It gives me so much energy and it makes my milk fattier as well. I’m not sure why more people don’t take it. We really don’t get enough omega 3s and it’s so important for brain health!

  6. For the liver, I never soak it in milk but I grew up just having it with cooked with lots of bacon( It balances out a lot of the weird aftertastes) and have it with with some rice that is cooked with magi and frozen veggies

    You could probably make it fancier but that’s the simple was raised with

  7. I have a feeling she didnt clean the liver out properly. It should never be chewy, for it to taste really good and be enjoyable it needs to be completely rinsed out, and then it's mostly just a crispy dissolve in you mouth meat. It's also so much better with sauteed onions, it hides the after flavor

  8. Gosh Idk know what kind of Doctor would recommend all these processed foods. Specially for the pregnant women and kids!!!!Only in the US 🤦‍♀️And ppl still wonder why Amercians are obsess. Probably buy some real veggies, Meat and fish. Cook and eat with brown rice or flat bread. Cut down on sugar for god sake. And you dont have to eat quinoa and other weird expensive foods.

  9. did she get lip injections or are her lips just swollen from pregnancy??? no hate she always looks beautiful i’m just wondering!

  10. Matt sitting by the fireplace with Rosie and his mug saying “not me” about being dramatic had me HOWLING

  11. I haven't tried it, but I heard you can freeze your liver and then grate it, so you can put it in Bolognese etc. Together with other meats so it's not that promint in taste or texture

  12. That's what you'd eat if you're trying to lose weight? It looks super average to me. But where I'm from we tend to eat small breakfast, small lunch, pretty big dinner and then some small snacks in between. So that's a lot like you doctor's diet

  13. I could do the 1940's one but the liver is a no. I've tried it a hundred ways and still hate it. My boyfriend LOVES liver and onions with gravy, just the smell alone makes me wanna vomit. Lol

  14. The first meal plan seems like it would be a plan for a obese pregnant lady…

  15. Technically health guidelines don’t recommend eating liver or cod liver oil during pregnancy because of the high levels of vitamin A. I’m sure the small amount you had won’t matter but just important to mention. 🤷‍♀️

  16. When she soaked the liver o_0 maybe i'm the odd one out but I grew up with a dad who loved liver, keep it simple, low and slow fry with onions and mushrooms 😀

  17. My mom used to make us eat liver once in a while when me and my siblings were kids (I’m 22 now) I hated liver but it was tolerable how she cooked it. She’d cook it with with mashed tomato, onion, and Serrano Chile peppers as like a mix. It’s like a staple mix in Mexican food. The onions would be sweated out and the tomato created a savory sauce and the peppers added nice heat. When I ate the liver with pieces of onion it was okay ??? Lol

  18. You should fry garlic with olive oil, cut the liver into cubes and clean it from the veins those gets an annoying crunch to it. Heat uo the olive oil, it should be heated, add the garlic then the liver. Now cover it and stir fry it from time to time till it is done. When it's near done add pomegranate molasses or limon. I enjoy eating it veerrryyyyy much! I loooveeee it! I even eat it raw along with salt, cinnamon and pepper!

  19. It’s half a cup of sauce plus 4 oz of meat. The sauce was pre mixed and only used 1/2 of mix, so it could have been a little more.

  20. The first doctors meal plan actually seemed really healthy and like a fine amount of food….

  21. Am I the only person that never has snacks during the day ? 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  22. chinese style stir fried liver with spring onions and ginger is probably a good way to make the liver more palatable.

  23. If I had to Prepare the livers I would immediately vomit on looking at it. Preggo or not I would not be ok. You are a strong strong woman

  24. BEST LIVER RECIPE EVER!!!!>>>>> In my opinion, and many others..the absolute best way to cook liver is this recipe! –

    Step One : Dont

  25. Eating while pregnant has been so hard for me, food makes me cry now it’s such a trigger

  26. Claiming eating healthy is comparable to dieting which with your tone is coming from a place of negativity is annoying. You should eat your healthiest while pregnant. Shows how unhealthy you are 😬

  27. The way i prepare my liver is instead of putting the liver in milk, let it go over night with lime juice and salt. It will look different but it will be fine. Wash the liver then add seasoning as you would do for other meat.

  28. We have chicken livers, dredged in Fryin' Magic and pan fried, with a little bit of Tobasco sauce on top.

  29. Matt: The food is fine. This is fine.
    Matt: sits by the fireplace nefariously with his minion sneaking snacks who me

  30. Liver is delicious but I recommend lamb liver over beef liver. Doesn’t smell as bad, and easy to prepare. Rinse very well and then cook in a pan with no oil, cook until water is gone. In a separate pan fry some garlic and jalapeño pepper in olive oil and add it to the liver once it is cooked. I eat it with pita bread, it’s delicious and very healthy

  31. I love ur videos I was wondering what lipstick u wore in this video on the first day the pink one

  32. Love the video!💕 So my bf and I are expecting our first child and I have been wondering If you could make a video on tips for first time parents!❤️

  33. I think the boys didn’t like the oatmeal so much, cus you forgot the milk 🤭 hahah, easy to forget with this pregnancybrain

  34. It is common to eat (chicken) liver in Indonesia. I suggest u to cook it by chopping it into small size then fry those 😁

  35. It is common to eat (chicken) liver in Indonesia. I suggest u to cook it by chopping it into small size then fry those 😁

  36. It’s super common to use liver in some Filipino dishes. You can look up recipes like Filipino Menudo where it’s a mixture of pork or beef and the liver. The sauce it’s cooked in helps mask the taste.

  37. I relate to Wyatt on a spiritual level. While I'm way less picky as an adult, I refused to try anything new until around my preteens. I pretty much only ate plain pasta for most of my cooking

  38. I absolutely love these pregnancies videos but for the love of God, HANNAH PLEASE STOP BITING YOUR UTENSILS WHEN YOU EAT 😭 It hurts my teeth every time I hear her clink her teeth against the metal lol

  39. Dear Hannah,

    First off, love the series. Hoping to be a Mom one day, but right now I'm an Aunt in Progress. Your videos make me feel less alone, because even as an aunt I struggle with what I should do with my niece and three nephews when they are with me. Your pregnancy videos have been great. My sister has been a vegetarian since she was 12, and she struggled a lot in her pregnancy with food. Fruit and eggs at the end of the day were her saving grace. It was also her saving grace when she was breastfeeding. So I have a challenge for you. Well, two actually. I challenge you to a vegetarian diet while breastfeeding. I know you did the vegan diet, but it's very different from being vegan. You can still have eggs and dairy. I would love to see you fo this. Also, at some point I would love to see you do the gluten free diet with your husband and kids. Again lovd the series, hope all is well with you and this exciting time. Xoxoxox

    Love from Canada

  40. Definitely was told you shouldnt eat deli meats or unpasteurized cheese so that lunch is super odd to me

  41. Maybe the first meal plan was for people in the obese category who are not supposed to gain more than 5-10 lbs during pregnancy? I feel like thats the only realistic reason for it to be so crazy😂

  42. I eat like 3x more than that first meal plan and I ain't even growing a baby

  43. Chicken livers, prepared correctly, are delicious. I only have one recipe for calves liver that is edible, and it involves a LOT of bacon . . . The German Cook restaurant in San Francisco used to make chicken livers with red wine, mushrooms, brown gravy and onions all caramelized and served with awesome fried potatoes. Unfortunately, they are no longer open. One liver hint, make sure you use calves liver instead of beef liver. But mostly, it is not delicious. Breast of Chicken Normandy uses chicken livers in the stuffing: fancy 1950's company dish, and it is delicious. That is all I got on liver!

  44. The first diet was totally wrong. I calculated the calories and it’s under 1100 calories. Even for the shortest inactive women, doctors recommend 1200 calories. Let alone a pregnant woman who is taller or active. I’m 5’8 and I’m supposed to eat around 1600. That is not enough food.

  45. For liver, I recommend looking up Cuban recipes or buying from a Cuban restaurant.

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