William Babineau


  1. This man must receive at least 3 awards in his life or it will be a underrated doctor.

  2. Only with Dr. Gregor do you refer to a mostly dry reading of peer reviewed medical literature as ending on a "cliffhanger"

    Well done sir, well done.

  3. I think BLV is found in those farmers, but along the lines of thinking that so far other animal leukemia viruses such as dog and cat; as you've previously published. Do they play a protective or harmful role?!  😛  or is there a further twist…

  4. Milk is poison for humans. John McDougall talked about BLV in milk long time ago.

  5. Do an video on MAP in crohns disease! Itll blow your mind and it fits with your plant based diet ideology

  6. We all have to be thankful for Dr. Michael Greger fit it's videos. It's by far the most trustworthy way to get the best information that can save your lives 😷🤒🤕😍😘

  7. leite é veneno não tomem não tem calcio vaca tira calcio do capim commam verduras não tomem veneno

  8. damn no dislikes, you know this a good video, or at least people are listening 😛

  9. Fantastic info. The case keeps building against milk. About 15 years ago in 8th grade, I was discussing the negative health effects of milk and people were laughing at me. Always found the stuff gross

  10. Agh, always with the cliff-hangers!
    Anyway, I'm just releasing some frustration.
    I love these videos! Super informative and evidence based. Thank you Dr. Greger, staff and volunteers of Nutritionfacts.org

  11. I saw the next episode at a sneak preview…. turns out Buck Rogers jumped out of the rocket a second before the crash!

  12. Well isn't this fascinating! Great topic! I feel horrible for the chimps though!

  13. I'd like to hear Dr. Greger's take on the CrossFit war on sugar. Their many facebook pages and posts are a goldmine of shady study references and anecdotal citations.

  14. Wow. Your team really sets the standard for medical information presentation in investigative reporting. Great work. Thank you.

  15. A landmark study study that we'll cover next….. which is actually 13 years old… can't wait for that one…

  16. As Jim Morris once said, "Milk is for babies… Baby calves. We are the only species on the planet, that consumes another species milk." Next thing we'll be consuming rat milk, cat milk, or dog milk. Yummy? Not quite…

  17. Reason 1,001 to give up dairy. Reading the China Study was enough for me. Then, learning how cruel the dairy industry is….never, ever touch the stuff. Non-dairy, vegan…nothing lost, all gain.

  18. Can you post the link to part 2 or send it in your email posts please.

  19. Just heard about this supposed "virus" for the first time today.
    Been consuming healthy, wholesome milk and milk products in copious amounts since birth, and now I'm 50 years old.
    I don't have Leukemia yet, though….
    Just wondering exactly how long this supposed "virus" takes to work: Is it 51 years? Is it 100 years?
    Either way, I'm not too worried, and I will continue consuming healthy, wholesome milk and milk products, because the lacto-vegetarian diet is superior.

  20. Aaand new studies : "Bovine leukemia virus discovered in human blood"

    " Thus, BLV has the potential to be an
    important initiator of cancer in human tissues, and the
    data reported here further strengthen the evidence that
    BLV infected cattle pose a likely risk to humans"

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