Ivanka trump secrets to staying in shape- diet Plan and fitness, beauty and healthy living tips

What’s behind the beauty of Ivanka Trump?
Seeing this American girl is jealous of the original beauty
Hampi sculptures of condolences are also short
Like a replica of a beautiful beauty,
This American Beauty, A beauty monster who descended from heaven to earth
She is a mother of three children and is about forty years old
Bright, relaxed beauty, shining with adolescence
What will Ivanka Trump do to protect her beauty?
Now let’s find out what Ivanka Trump is doing to protect her beauty.
When Ivanka wakes up in the morning, her stomach is full of water. After drinking water, the routine begins
Consume as much liquid as possible throughout the day.
Ivanka says that the higher the water content, the healthier our skin is
Runs at least 13 miles per day
After that cycling, yoga and meditation. Practicing various types of yoga for half an hour
In the case of body fit, these two principles must be followed
Oats are a must for breakfast when it comes to food
Breakfast is not complete without oats
Breakfast is protein rich.
Ivanka Breakfast is also supposed to be three omega fats
Omega three fats are rich in vitamins and mineral salts
Omega three fats are also heart-friendly, gives us protection from cancers
This is why Ivanka says she prefers omega fats.
When it comes to Lunch, she takes one cup of boiled beans, one cup of brown rice, one cup of broccoli, and soybean.
Ivanka says that this type of food is good for the heart, does not accumulate fat, and does not gain weight
We think that taking too much of carbohydrates will lead to weight gain.
Celebrities and movie stars will stay away from carbohydrates altogether
However, Ivanka is not far from carbohydrates.
Ivanka is said to take in enough carbohydrates to keep our weight under control
Even dinner is a very light meal
In the case of Diet and Fit Ness, caution is needed, so that Ivanka’s beauty is still intact.

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