Jillian Michaels Keto Diet Response – Ketogenic Diet is Dangerous?

So you may have seen in recent headlines
stories about the ketogenic diet being
dangerous but is that really true find
out in today’s video hi my name is
Stephanie from Fast Track to Health
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so I have a Facebook group called
fast-track to weight loss and I did a
recent poll to find out why some of the
participants in the group were not
really saying much in comments or
posting about their weight loss and such
things so when I asked in the poll what
are some of the reasons one of the main
reasons I got was that people are afraid
to try keto and intermittent fasting and
then a few days ago I saw a story about
Jillian Michaels claiming that the
ketogenic diet is dangerous so I
wondered if you know perhaps people are
getting the wrong information from
celebrities about this diet so I wanted
to address that in today’s video
so in Jillian’s video she talks about
the keto and and gives her opinions on
why it may or may not work in some cases
and I’m not gonna go through the entire
points that she made one by one I just
don’t want to make my own points about
it so you know one thing I really
believe in is that diet bashing isn’t
such a great thing to do because there
really is no one diet that’s right for
everybody we’re all biologically
different and individual so one diet may
work for one person and not for the next
so to say that one diet is just overall
bad I don’t agree with doing it that way
now as far as the ketogenic diet goes I
think there are many advantages to it
and I definitely do not think it’s
dangerous or unsafe and I personally
have seen results with it in my own
clinic in my own personal life now I
personally don’t follow the ketogenic
diet 100% all of the time and I don’t
think that people should just do one
thing all of the time but there are a
lot of great concepts that come along
with the ketogenic diet first of all you
we’re not getting enough healthy fats in
our diet overall because fat has been
the enemy going back many many decades
we’ve all been afraid to eat fat and
we’ve just been basically eating more
sugar and that has led to many of the
epidemics that we have today with
obesity heart disease and many other
things so fat is not the enemy and I
believe it’s becoming a little bit more
clear but it’s still not mainstream
information and I think that’s where
people get tricked into thinking that
that fat is still scary and dangerous we
shouldn’t be eating it so you know
that’s that’s one of the misconceptions
I think that’s around the ketogenic diet
for people who are doing and doing it
successfully obviously they know better
but for many people they’re just afraid
to eat more fat they think it’s gonna
make them fat but when we in reality
it’s eating all the extra carbs and
sugar that that are making us have
weight issues so overall I don’t think
that keto is bad what about you are you
doing keto right now tell me in the
comments below I’m curious have you
tried keto are you doing it now is it
working for you so I have come across
people that it’s not working for
especially a lot of women now there are
different reasons for that like I said
we’re all biologically individual so you
know there’s no one right way for
everyone but you know for some ladies
you know they have a hard time with it
and I think also a lot of people when
they get started they may not know
exactly how to do it and they might be
going overboard with the amount of fat
that they eat because when you think of
keto the first thing that pops into
people’s minds is oh I can eat all the
bacon I want all the cheese I want well
not exactly I think if you overdo it
with eating too much fat then you’re not
going to burn your own body’s fat at
some point I think in the beginning it’s
important to slowly eat more fat and
incorporate healthy fats into your diet
but if you continuously eat too much fat
you’re never going to really burn your
own body fat if weight loss is your goal
obviously now there are other reasons to
do keto and the original reason was to
help with brain function and epilepsy
and things like that but yeah weight
loss obviously right now is the big
reason that many people
are doing keno so like I said now there
are other reasons why it may not work
for people if you have like liver or
gallbladder issues you don’t have a
gallbladder fat digestion may be
compromised for you so adding in the
extra fat might make it a little more
challenging now obviously there are ways
around that there are certain
supplements that you can take etc etc
but like I said it may not necessarily
work for everyone
whereas there are people right now that
are really thriving and what we do a lot
in our weight loss group is we combine
the best of the keto diet with fasting
and intermittent fasting and when you do
both of those together the results are
better than if you did fasting with any
other type of diet so we’re seeing
really good results when you combine the
two concepts and my personal opinion is
like fasting is really one of the keys
to making everything work so dietary
wise you know I like to incorporate
flexibility into people’s eating plans I
don’t believe that carbs are always the
enemy and I think people should eat
carbs now and then especially healthier
carbs I don’t think they should eat the
junkier carbs like like refined sugar
but I do think carbs do have a place in
people’s diets now and then so another
thing I wanted to mention and and I know
with people like Jillian Michaels she’s
really encouraging people you know that
exercise is like the most important
thing and yes I agree that exercise is
important but I do think that what you
eat is a bigger piece of the puzzle
especially we’re trying to lose weight
so in my opinion I think it’s about 75
80 percent diet and what you eat and
about 25 percent or 20 percent of
exercise so exercise is great it helps
but you can’t work out enough to fix a
bad diet so I think having a good diet
and figuring out what’s right for you is
always the best way to go now in our
clinic we help people figure out exactly
what that means because like I said
there really is no one diet that’s right
for everybody so we do a very
individualized program working with
people one on one we look at their
hormones we look at their toxin level we
look at very
factors and to help them find the right
plan that works for them so basically I
wanted to let you guys know that that’s
not the enemy and there are different
plans from different people so I
encourage you if you haven’t tried keto
or keto like concepts you might want to
give it a chance even if you don’t
follow it to the tee and you don’t eat
the exact percentages of macros it’s
still something worth trying because
there are a lot of benefits to it and
especially weight loss so if you haven’t
already tried it you might want to
consider it so in any case I hope you
guys enjoyed this video and please
subscribe to the channel if you haven’t
already thank you for your time and I
will see you in the next video thanks

William Babineau


  1. Everybody and their uncle is talking about Keto ever since Jill…well voiced her opinion…

  2. I never liked Jillian Micheals. This 'controversy" is all to promote her new book.

  3. I do keto and intermittent fasting
    I've never felt better, I have lots of energy and my food choices are plentiful.

  4. I bet Jillian Michaels is in ketosis but she can not admit it because her career would be over.  Look at where she gets sponsors and endorsements.  That dictates what she has to say to the general public.  Keto requires some discipline and only works for a small segment of the population which is difficcult to sell to the masses of people to get rich.

  5. I’m 66 years old. I started keto September 2018 when I found out I was prediabetic. I am of Italian decent. My relatives including my mother and father lived in a small village in the mountains of Italy. They had one cow and raised chickens and ducks for meat and eggs. They grew wheat for bread and pasta. They cured meats so they can have them in the winter months. And basically only had vegetables and fruits for a few short months during the season. Grains were the cheapest thing to grow and store through the whole winter. So grains became a major part of their diet. Both sides of my family have diabetes my grandmother being the worst had to have both her legs removed. Everyone on both sides of my family are long lived. The men lived into their mid to late 80s the women into their low to mid 90s. Even my grandmother lived till she was 93. Obesity does not run in my family. I’m one of those fat skinny guys who was able eat carbs most of his life with no problem. I had gained a lot of weight around my middle and my chest and thought it was time for a change again. I started keto with intermittent fasting and This is what happened. I lost 22 pounds. My blood pressure normalized. My A1c normalized. My acid reflux disappeared. The nerve pain in my feet disappeared. A mole I had growing on my face for the last 20 years disappeared in the first two weeks. I have more energy and started going to the gym. I’m gaining muscle when I never could before. And one more inch off my waist and I’ll be down to the size I was in my 20s. The thing I’ve noticed the most about the keto diet when it came to my weight was that I only lost fat not muscle. Being my age that was a concern. So let Jillian Michaels sell her videos and her fat burning pills all she wants. Calories in calories out does not work. Did that my 40s I’m became almost a skeleton. I’ve become fat adapted on keto and occasionally will eat some pasta and bread. The only thing Jillian Michaels will accomplish from her anti-keto Rant is she’s going to be the biggest loser.

  6. I have been following strict Keto, tracking, fasting. sleeping, walking 3 mile/day , no dairy or artificial sweeteners and no weight loss. I began keto in July and this is January. I am 58, post menopausal and trying to lose 25 pounds. I have spent my entire adult life trying to eat no fat and counting WW points so maybe I have messed my metabolism up with perpetual dieting? Diane in SC

  7. I was plateauing on keto but far better than I was on processed foods and grains. I have been on only animal products (carnivore) since september 2018 and from day one I felt so much better I could hardly believe it; this is for me.

  8. Jillian Micheals is basically saying eat a nutritiously balanced diet and exercise which seem smart. Diet bashing??? She says Keto is good for weight loss but should only be used short term.
    Why do you assume that people that cut back on fat will replace it with sugar? Anyone that is eating a balanced diet will replace fat usually with mostly fruits and vegetables.
    There are more groups of people than just Keto Dieters and the morbidly obese and most comparisons of diets usually show the same results.

  9. 4 things no Keto advocate ever wants to discuss:
    1. Any non-industry funded, well controlled, scientifically peer reviewed study involving large numbers of people examined over a long time period.
    2. WHO pronouncements on red meat
    3. Anything related to animal rights or the environment
    4. Their own blood work.

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