Keto 101 – Coffee and Ketones

[Music] so when should I utilize Kido cream for maximal benefits I know a lot of people utilize it in the morning with their coffee or just mixed in hot water but you can also bake with this and utilize it in conjunction with making an amazing recipes that we have to allow you to maintain that low carb lifestyle Coffee elevates your ketone levels typically it does much more than make us feel perky right away that’s a good thing keto cream is mint and formulated to increase endogenous ketone production which is your body’s own ketone production and this is meant to be used in conjunction with other formulas but beyond that you know coffee is one of those products that was demonized like salt or fat and people’s heads explode when you tell them that that’s probably okay and that you should have another cup of coffee what are functional fats well our keto cream has a proprietary blend of functional fats we’re delivering a great fat profile so a lot of times you’ll see people only utilize MCTS and leave out the coconut or vice versa we include both because there’s benefits to coconut shortening powder that has the lauric acid which is antimicrobial and we have the MCTS which prolongs ketosis so utilizing this in conjunction with your ketogenic lifestyle and all the other support products that we have allows you to maintain ketosis for longer so how does keto Cream restore your native state on top of the functional fat technology we have other ingredients that support you really optimizing your human potential and that is our four phase collagen peptides which really allow us to deliver enhanced tendon repair ligament repair and things like that and on top of that we have our patented C med 100 which we know helps with DNA repair to help bring that synergistic formula together Coffee is organic so coffee elevates your ability to exercise effectively and so athletes drink coffee or they’ll take caffeine as a supplement before exercise or before performance I think by far the most pleasant way to get your caffeine though is in coffee and coffee is a complicated substance caffeine is only one of the aspects of coffee that elevate performance caffeine is just one of them it’s not the only coffee is a super complicated compound and the roasting process has a lot to do with it and the nature of the beans if there are Rebecca beans or Robusto beans Arabica tend to be the high altitude beans and they’re typically thought of as higher-quality and they don’t give you such harsh sort of and jagged feeling robustos is grown at a lower altitude and is typically a big caffeine hit and kind of rough but you know a lot of people like that [Music] [Music] you

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