Keto Day 21 Update Week 3 Results | Before and After Photos

hey guys welcome back this is day 21 so
that’s gonna be my week three key to
update and have some kind of weird and
also somewhat exciting news to tell you
guys so 21 days in and I have lost 5.2
pounds which is not huge compared to
what a lot of other people have lost but
wait until you see the before and after
because this is really gonna be a vlog
that’s gonna show you that like looking
at the scale as your only measurement is
just not accurate so this week I kind of
played around a little bit with my
macros so there were certain days where
I would eat higher protein higher fat
higher carbs and my weight was kind of
all over the place this week I probably
could have had a bigger weight loss but
it’s just more important to me right now
to just kind of tweak my macros and play
a little bit but in the next two weeks
I’m really I think I’ve kind of found my
legs sweet spot so now I know what I’m
gonna do and then my prediction is that
I will see pretty substantial weight
loss over the next two weeks but guys
I’ve also started intermittent fasting
and so I started doing two bulletproof
coffee everyday so I’ll have one at
about 7:30 in the morning and then
another one around about one o’clock in
the afternoon and guys seriously I have
been able to not eat and then I’ll work
out right so I work out at like around
2:00 and then I’m breaking my fast at
about 3 o’clock put like two hard-boiled
eggs and then about 5:30 or 6:00 I eat
my huge meal so accidentally I’ve kind
of been doing the one meal a day outside
of you know obviously the bulletproof
coffee is in the hard-boiled egg but my
hunger is like almost non-existent which
is super weird so some of the other kind
of strange things that I’ve noticed so
my hair I’m actually getting ready to go
have it colored this morning um so it
looks kind of lit because I haven’t
washed it in four days and leaving the
comments below if this is happen to any
of you guys but here are two things that
I have noticed for sure that since I
started especially the intermittent
fasting side of it well I guess this
bulletproof fasting because I’m not
eating food but I am drinking the
bulletproof coffee guys look I mean four
days and my hair would normally be so
greasy I’d be blind and you guys with
the shine but as you can see yeah it’s a
little bit oily but nothing like it
normally would be so again leave in the
comments below if that’s something
you’ve noticed
I’m definitely aware that that is
something that does not normally happen
to me normally the day after I washed my
hair it is hashtag nasty so that’s why
my hair is almost always up like in a
messy bun if I’m not watching it that
day second weird thing that happened and
by the way guys when I trained yesterday
I was training in a hair it’s crazy I
just got back from the gym but I did
want to let you know that today was the
first day that I trained in a fastest
date but I have not eaten since last
night at 6:30 and when I started working
out was 1:30 so that’s 19 hours fasted
and guys I just killed my workout like I
definitely did not feel a dip in
performing at all so I am super excited
about that just punch a weird thing I am
not sweating at all when I work out and
I’m put in the same workout that I
previously put in which is a grueling
and intense workout don’t get me wrong I
do know smell good after this workout
but I am NOT like dripping sweat the way
I normally am so that’s super weird to
me too but my weight like you’ll see I’m
going to show you a little picture right
and in that picture what I was doing was
I was capturing every day my macros my
calories and then what the progress was
the day after and you’ll see my weight
was like like up down up down up down
and a lot of that again as I was kind of
like tweaking with my macros I’m playing
with them a little bit but yeah still I
lost one point eight pounds this week
for a total lost in 21 days of 5.2
pounds which puts me slightly closer to
you know my goals so I still have like
another 15 maybe 20 we’ll see um a
pounds that I want to lose but guys
there’s no way that I’m gonna stop doing
keto at this point I have so many of my
friends and people that follow me on
social media that are now doing keto as
a result of being like what is Rafaela
doing like what is keto and so that’s
exciting and that motivates me and if
you guys are doing Kido definitely leave
your progress or concerns or whatever
down in the comments below I love
interacting with you guys stay tuned to
the end of the video because I’m going
to show you a whole bunch of before and
after pictures and they’re pretty good
so stay tuned for that real quick right
here I’m just gonna show you this is me
weighing in every morning
and I did notice around days 16 ish that
I was like carbs starving and I am
definitely at a place in my life where I
listen to my body so I was like okay we
need to eat some more carbs so I had a
bunch of like more asparagus and some
peanuts the things that I wouldn’t
normally eat so my car just went up
really high one day and then I felt
great the next day couple days so I
think and I’ve seen some stuff about
this every ten to fourteen days you do
kind of need to do it like a carb refeed
but that does not mean you know blow it
through the roof and go to 200 grams I
think I have 70 grams vs. and again they
were all from pretty natural sources so
be careful about that but I did feel
loads better in the days after but
Energy’s been amazing Sleeps been
amazing mental Clary is just me I feel
like I’m living in like a 20 year
younger version of my body and so guys
let me show you some before and after
pictures so this is nine weeks ago and
then today
and this one is six weeks ago and then
and then finally this one is three weeks
ago and today
so as you guys can see I mean the scale
5.2 pounds you know that’s not a huge
difference but look at what’s happening
like body-wise you can see that like my
arms are leaning out like under here I
mean it’s just I’m just sharing this
with you guys so that you know like hey
just keep going because there is
progress whether whether you don’t see
it in the inches when you measure
yourself or you don’t see it on the
scale but if you can see it visually who
cares because aren’t we really all
worried about what people can see what
we can see in the mirror I don’t walk
around with a number right here that
says this is how much I weigh I walk
around in this package so this package
is looking better I don’t care what my
measurements are I don’t care what the
scale says
so just nothing to think about and my
final point that I wanted to share is
and this is just for me something that I
have noticed I know that I like probably
you know every woman and maybe some men
on this planet I kid from my weight
basically for the last three years I
didn’t want to weigh myself I certainly
never would have shared what my weight
was with my you know anybody my social
media following my significant other
nobody it was like the world’s best-kept
secret you know and I think a lot of
people feel that way but let me tell you
what happened the minute I started
sharing with you guys
number one accountability right when you
know what the problem is you know what
they say what gets measured gets moved
so and you know there are a hundred ways
that you can say that but knowing what
that number was and knowing that I put
it out there into the universe and
knowing that that was not the number
that I wanted forced me to move forward
and suddenly you know as I shared with
you guys day after day I was less afraid
of the number and more just like hey
guys I’m on this journey like you know
gazillions of other people and this is
just sort of my progress this is what’s
happening and it was very freeing in a
way where it was like my body in my mind
okay let let’s get rid of this wait this
is not where you want to be I don’t know
if any of you watch any of my vision
board vlogs but part of this weight-loss
is on my vision board it’s you know me
at my ideal weight three years ago and I
was very lean a very tone when I was
training for bikini bodybuilding and I
want to get back to that so all of this
is me feeding into that vision board and
and say okay here’s kind of like where I
want to be and here’s where I’m at but I
guess my point in that long ramble was
when you face where you are the chances
of you moving towards where you want to
go going back to the Lynch date
because I can’t sit here and you know
gaff off and and like screw up and be
like oh let me have you know all this
these carbs or these 10 extra drinks or
whatever because I know that y’all are
watching and you know you’re what’s this
girl’s progress gonna be is she gonna go
the distance so I’m gonna go to the
distance I’m gonna see y’all in my week
for update and I’m gonna have a couple
different things coming to you
throughout the week because I was in a
pinch the other day and I had to go to
the dollar store I was taking my
daughter and her friend shopping for her
birthday and I was starving and out of
food so we went to the dollar store and
I did find a few things there that were
pretty keto friendly which shocked me
and of course you know I stocked up on
them so I think I’ll have a video coming
out this week about you know keto at the
dollar store if your guys are interested
in that because they were all actually
really really tasty um but outside that
I will see you guys in week four again
don’t forget to leave your comments and
questions down in the section below and
if this is valuable you want to stay
with me on this journey please consider
leaving a like a comment or subscribing
and turning on that little bell so you
can receive notifications when I upload
my new vlog and I’m gonna say the thing
that I say every single week because I
say it to myself every single day do me
a favor don’t quit and just keep going
I’ll see you guys in week four
bye my day I guess this is 21 update
so here we go I don’t know you can see
any progress I mean my inches are
definitely like coming down it’s not as
fast as I would like but it is certainly
happening so I’ll try to put a clip of
the first one here if I can find it what
we’re definitely we’re definitely
leaning out okay guys as promised here
are some pictures that I just wanted to
show you a couple you know progress
pictures so this is from yesterday and
today and you can see definitely
progress is being made especially in my
with my arms around my jawline my waist
is getting much more narrow and then
these little gems are this is from five
or six weeks this one’s five weeks ago
sorry so here is five weeks ago and you
can see like it was it was not it was
not great and then here is three weeks
ago and guys I’m not showing you this
because I’m trying to make you guys go
oh you were not in good shape I’m
showing you this cuz so how important it
is to take your progress pictures
because it does happen it may not happen
quickly but it is happening and so this
is three weeks ago and then today and so
you can see there’s a pretty substantial
difference and then this final one this
is me three years ago at my lean weight
in the middle nine weeks ago and on the
far right yesterday so kind of showing
you where I’m trying to get back to
that’s it see you guys the next one bye

William Babineau

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