Keto Diet Before and After | Body Composition | Patient Profiles | TT | Week 8 (Case Study)

– 20 pounds in two months.
Wanna know how she did it?
So do I, let’s go!
(lively music)
Welcome to today’s patient profile.
And once again, we have
TT with us for week eight.
Week number three of keto.
Today we’re gonna talk to TT
about the same thing that we usually do
and essentially try and figure out
what we can learn from her experiences
that could potentially benefit you
and your experiences for weight loss.
TT, once again, I appreciate you
taking the time out of your day to come
and visit us and get your scan in
and awe at the results with me.
So with that being said,
you are now, as I stated earlier,
you’re now eight weeks in with me
and you’re on your third week of keto.
– Yes.
– So why don’t we talk
about how things have gone
from a nutrition standpoint this week.
I mean, I’m sure, are
you still meal prepping
every Sunday, is it?
– Yes, I am.
It is every Sunday, but
this week I did it Monday.
Some things had happened.
We regrouped, figured out today’s the day.
But this week, my meals were
broccoli cheddar soup, chicken
broccoli and cheddar soup,
chicken salad, cold, with cilantro,
green onions and celery.
– I’m getting hungry.
– Me too.
And salmon croquettes.
Yes, which I figured out, or figured out,
looked on Pinterest,
instead of using bread crumbs,
you can use pork rinds.
Get ’em all small, what’s it called?
Grind ’em, I guess you could say
and then use that as the binder.
So that’s what I did and
that’s what I ate all week.
And I did have some sugar-free
cream cheese frosting a
couple days this week.
But other than that, I hit
just about every number.
I probably went past on my protein,
but it wasn’t by much.
And I’m pretty sure I was really close
to hitting the numbers for my fat.
And then I was well under
30 grams of carbs every day.
– Good.
– Yeah.
– Good, and you were hitting
your water every day?
– Yes.
I was drinking way more water
than probably I should have been,
but I was also on my period,
so it is what it is.
I was actually thirsty this week.
Then yesterday, I drunk a lot of water.
After I realized that, I was like, man,
how many of these did I drink?
I think I had four 48 ounce
bottles of water yesterday.
I don’t know why.
– When did you start your period?
– Tuesday.
– And it ended?
– And it ended yesterday.
– So if you guys remember–
– Tuesday through Friday.
– Our entire goal, or the goal
that I stated last week rather,
was simply for TT to be able
to hold her weight this week
because most women find that
they will gain some weight
with their period and it makes–
– Not this time.
– Makes complete sense.
We can’t skip ahead.
– Okay, sorry.
(both laugh)
But I don’t have results yet.
– Right, right.
So what has your window
been this last week?
What have you managed to do?
– I have stuck with 16 and eight.
So 16 I was fasting, eight hours eating.
– Okay.
– Yeah, ’cause when that
12 o’clock came around,
my body was like, all
right, let’s do this!
There was a couple days
I went slightly over
just because, work,
but other than that, I
stayed at 16 and eight.
– Okay.
– Yeah.
I think I was supposed
to try 17 and seven.
I was more hungrier this time.
Okay, so thinking about my last period,
last month where I was
just intermittent fasting,
I wasn’t as hungry when
it was time for me to eat,
but my period this time around,
doing keto and intermittent fasting,
I was like ready.
I was ready before I was ready.
And that’s what it was.
Although I think the foods
that I made this time around,
or my first meal that I ate
lasted me a little bit longer
before I felt the need to eat again.
Like a soup, which is what I eat every day
right with my window open,
broccoli cheddar soup,
it was like one of those homey meals
that made me feel warm and comfortable,
and I think my body felt that,
and I took a nap after I ate every time.
I’d be like, okay y’all, got the ‘itis,
it’s about to go down and I’d
go to sleep (murmurs) minutes.
Other than that, fasting was normal.
– How about, so I think a difficulty
that a lot of people have with keto,
or rather anticipate having
is maintaining an aversion
to sweets and to desserts.
Have you found that to be an issue?
To not have candy, not have
donuts, not have gummy bears,
or have you not craved
those things at all?
– Only thing that I’ve
craved is gummy bears.
Every now and again, like
I’m walking around like man,
them Albanese gummy bears
sound real good right now.
I was thinking about it
today, it was really funny.
But instead, I wait till I get home
and eat some cream cheese frosting.
Mind you, I don’t like cake that much.
Like I’m the type of person
that will eat the frosting
and be okay with not eating the cake.
Or if I had cake,
I would eat a hell of
frosting with my cake.
I’ll be the person trying to get all the
icing and stuff off of the bottom of it.
So that sufficed any
sweet craving that I had.
But on my period, naturally,
I do crave sweets.
So I probably indulged a little bit more
than I wanted to a couple nights,
and that’s okay because I’m here now.
And, yeah.
– Okay.
You wanted to go into–
– I did! (laughs)
– She wanted to go into results.
All right, so…
– Sorry, that was funny.
– So let’s talk about
week eight in the gym.
Any surprises in terms of PRs
or new abilities with
new movements or skills?
Or just kind of how did you feel
your energy level was through the week?
– Energy level was fine.
One thing I did do this
week is not drink coffee.
And I know that it’s for energy,
but I got energy regardless
off of coffee anyways.
But it didn’t make a difference this week.
Why, I don’t know.
It’s just my body is used to whatever.
I was glad that it didn’t
change too because naturally,
I’m probably gonna go
back to drinking coffee.
But I’ve been fine in the gym.
I’ve only did, hit some heavy numbers.
Not like super heavy, like I like to do,
but we’re going for reps.
That is a struggle of
mine to do heavy reps.
– [Nick] Heavy weight for reps?
– A heavy weight for reps, yeah.
Yeah, I probably did
a couple things wrong,
but that’s okay. (laughs)
I made my own stuff up sometimes.
But, I mean, shoot.
I had a good week.
I didn’t feel weak at all.
I didn’t feel like I couldn’t last
throughout a workout, any
of the workouts that we did.
So I give it a thumbs up.
– Okay, good, that’s good to hear.
All right, so we are now
at week eight results.
As I stated earlier, this is three weeks
into keto, eight weeks total,
two months that she has
been working with me.
So TT lost 1.8 pounds of body weight,
and 1.2 pounds of that being fat mass.
She has lost 0.2% body
fat over the last week.
She’s down 0.4 inches off of her waist,
0.6 inches off of her stomach,
and is up .1 inch on her
hips since week seven.
Since we started working
together eight weeks ago,
she has lost 20.6 pounds
of total body weight,
19.3 pounds of which was fat mass.
And she is now down exactly 4% body fat.
She’s down, in total,
2.1 inches off her waist,
1.7 inches off her stomach,
and 2.8 inches off of her hips.
Losing 10 pounds a month, TT.
– I don’t think I’ve done
that my whole journey.
– Someone’s not playing games.
– Yeah, no.
– No games.
– No games.
Look, this is serious.
Playing no games with
y’all or this weight.
– So obviously, we’re not done,
but if you know anybody who is
either considering or just
starting their journey
into either intermittent
fasting or the ketogenic diet,
share this video with them
and help them along their journey.
Until then, we will obviously
be back with you next week
demonstrating even more
impressive numbers, I’m sure.
And I can’t wait until then.
– You guys can follow me
on Instagram at tt2strong.
– All right, take care.
– Bye.

William Babineau


  1. Do you feel like losing 20lbs in 2 months was too fast? What do you think of TT being able to get stronger as she loses weight? Let me know!

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