Keto for Gut Healing: Least Restrictive Diet Series

hi Cara from Health Home and Happiness
here we’re talking about what your least
restrictive diet is to get all of the
healing benefits that you need without
being unnecessarily strict today we’re
talking about the ketogenic diet and
we’re gonna also talk about how the
ketogenic diet can but does not always
heal leaky gut and then we’re gonna talk
about who might benefit more from the
ketogenic diet than another dietary
protocol because there’s lots of
different dietary protocols that can
heal leaky gut
so first the ketogenic diet is a diet
that limits carbohydrates enough that
you are in ketosis so most of us
especially United States are in sugar
burning mode our brains running on
glucose and our bio like our muscles are
running on glucose or sugar burning mode
and the ketogenic diet we switch over
into ketosis and then our body is
turning fat into ketones and our brain
and our muscles are running on ketones
hi this diet works super well for me and
so this is what I do and as you can see
I have plenty of energy if anything I
have definitely more energy on the
ketogenic diet that’s a common myth that
without sugar you’re not gonna have
energy or you’re without carbs you’re
not gonna have energy anyways so the
ketogenic diet all this necessary for
you to be in ketosis and be technically
on keto is to lower your carbs that much
so you can live on like keto
frankenfoods or keto junk foods and be
in ketosis and get some of the benefits
of the ketogenic diet where your body is
in ketosis if we want to be at the gut
healing component to that we want to get
rid of food additives we want to get rid
of like erythritol which is a sugar
alcohol and we want to make sure that
we’re adding probiotics to our foods and
so this is something where I like to do
a gut healing or like a healthy cut gut
version of the ketogenic diet so that’s
something that I like to do I like to do
a gut healing a gut healthy version of
the ketogenic diet which I’m going to
continue explain and this
but not all versions of the ketogenic
diet especially if you could type in
like keto desserts and the Pinterest
you’re going to see tons of stuff that’s
not going to be healing leaky good so if
you’d like to get the benefit of the
extra energy that keto gives most people
the benefits of the mental clarity keep
keto gives most people and the benefits
of like the appetite suppression and
getting rid of the carb cravings that
keto gives most people especially in the
case of weight loss or severe mental
health this is something that combining
keto with a few different healing
protocols and I’m going to link to all
of this down below I have an article
called boost your keto and this helps
heal leaky gut as you’re doing Kido so
keto helps heal leaky gut because it
does if you follow a Whole Foods version
of keto you’re eliminating most allergen
tiri eliminating gluten you’re
eliminating grains and both of those are
usually inflammatory for our digestive
system when our gut is inflamed it’s not
able to heal itself as well like where
our bodies are super smart and your gut
can heal itself if given the nutrients
it needs and not in crisis mode which is
essentially what inflammation is and
also Aikido is higher in omega-3 fatty
acids which also lowers inflammation and
so lowering that information really just
gives your body that break it needs to
heal your gut so that you can start
having the immune system benefits the
mental health benefit and the better
digestion associated with healing a
leaky gut so that’s kind of how keto
works you’re providing a lot of those
healthy fats a lot of that protein
needed that your body will use to repair
its own gut and so some fire are three
different things that you can do to
improve gut healing while you’re on the
ketogenic diet is you can add in extra
omega-3s in the form of fish oil and
that will just heal that leaky gut even
more you can add in probiotics and I
like to do this both by a link down
below to my favorite probiotic but you
can do this both in supplement form and
my eating fermented foods and if you
don’t want to make your own fermented
foods I mean like buy a real sauerkraut
and with real pickles out of like the
refrigerator section of your health food
store and those are
to be probiotic rich foods to heal to
give that microbiome that’s down in your
gut some good stuff to work with and
then you can also just be really strict
avoiding sugar and avoiding sugar
substitutes and avoiding like even
little traces of gluten so technically
like you can have like a tablespoon of
gluten or a tablespoon of like wheat
flour in the keto diet because it’s not
enough to bump you out of ketosis but if
you’re healing leaky gut you probably
want to be like just read the labels and
like choose a soy sauce if you soy sauce
that doesn’t have gluten in it tamari is
what I use and so just those little
changes while you’re getting the
benefits most people do keto for weight
loss I do it for mental health so while
you’re getting the benefits of keto you
can also be healing your gut in the in
the process and that’s just kind of like
getting those simple little changes give
you the benefits of both worlds without
having to do like one protocol and then
do another protocol so they’re really
easy to merge you just want to keep
those things in mind so if you keto is
probably your least restrictive diet if
you have weight to lose and you’ve had a
hard time losing weight on another diet
sceeto is usually excellent if you have
mental health issues like depression
anxiety keto is being study and
psychiatrics quite a bit more right now
and it’s showing incredible promise it’s
been studied an addiction if that’s
something that you’ve struggled with and
you need a little bit of help like
mentally to overcome addictions keto can
be great for that if you are someone
that doesn’t want to count carbs and you
don’t feel like you have weight to lose
you really just need to fix leaky gut
probably paleo whole xxx or gaps is
going to be a better choice for you so
it’s just we’re looking for our least
restrictive diet and like it can be
restrictive to carry on extra weight it
can be restrictive to have mental health
issues and so it might be worth it to
you to completely cut out carbs or like
nearly cut out carbs and be on the
ketogenic diet to get rid
symptoms and so it just depends on what
year ago and for for me a gut healing /
ketogenic protocol is my least
restrictive diet and maybe it is for you
if it is for you I have a link below and
I link you to like 6 or I I have a link
below and I can give you like 6 of my
favorite ketogenic recipes and I even
have keto Pizza and it’s all good stuff
that’s gonna be good for your gut it’s
gonna be good for your brain I’d love to
send that to you just click down below
for my recipe booklet if you want to
look into starting keto I’ll have a link
down below for that as well and then I
also have my keto family class if you’re
looking for family friendly foods
because you want to feed everybody in
your family the same food and you don’t
want to be cooking different dinners for
different dietary protocols the
ketogenic or my Kido family class you
can just add fruit to your kids or for
anyone that’s not on keto and they’re
gonna get all the benefits of that
nutrient dense food there’s no weird
foods and it’s all family stuff family
friendly stuff like pizza chicken
nuggets that stuff that kids are gonna
love and you’re gonna feel good not
having to juggle like 5 different
protocols in the kitchen so I’d love to
have you check that out link below again
and if not stay tuned for more videos
we’ll be back soon
thank you

William Babineau


  1. Hello! I asked a question recently about my husband with Aspergers, and we were thinking of trying Keto for him. We've just started, (we're just finishing day 2) and I just want to make sure we're doing this correctly. He has a very physical job, normally eats a lot, and has no extra weight to lose. When I asked my first question, you recommended keeping his calories over 3,500 while doing Keto. Here's my question: In order for him to get enough calories, we're tripling the normal serving amount of food from each meal in your Keto freezer class and 4 days of free sample meal plans. So, his daily net carb intake today was 25 grams. Is that the right way to do it? That is the amount of food he wants to eat so far. Less wouldn't feel like enough. I just wasn't sure if to get the calories high enough we should just increase the fat portions, not the whole meal, so that the carb portions don't get too high. Thanks so much!! We're excited to see what this does for his mental health.

  2. Hello! Things seem to be going well for my husband now that he made it through the adjustment that morning. He found this article online and wanted to know what I thought. I'll link it at the end. It mentions the ketogenic diet being dangerous because it causes acidosis, which harms the internal organs. I told him I thought it was written by misinformed, mainstream dietitians, and isn't accurate. I said I'd also ask what you think. I'd really appreciate your opinion 🙂 Thanks! Here is the article: https://www.foodnetwork.com/healthyeats/diets/2017/03/diet-101-the-ketogenic-diet

  3. Just a quick question… I tried to research and find the answer, but couldn't, so I thought I'd ask here 🙂 I want to make some fat bombs. Are they still okay for Keto if I use one of your recipes that includes honey? I'd like to avoid stevia. Do the nutrition info charts on your blog account for the fat bomb recipe using stevia or honey? Thanks!

  4. My daughter has UC. My husband and I are Keto. She’s lost weight with her flares. Do you think Keto is ok for her? It’s difficult to figure out how to cook for all of us

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