Keto Meals On The Go | Five Guys Burger & Buffet Breakfast

Hello and welcome back to my channel
today I’m gonna share some keto meals
when you’re on the go, so a couple of
days ago we were in Oxford and we
enjoyed breakfast and lunch which was
keto diet friendly and they were on the
go, not home-cooked, now I always
encourage home cooking wherever possible,
sometimes you’ll find yourself traveling
or out and about for whatever reason and
you’ll need a meal and so I’ve got two
awesome ideas that are my go-to
starting with breakfast and now if
you’re staying in a hotel with a buffet
breakfast and you get that included in
your deal then you’re in luck because
with buffet breakfast there’s so much
choice and the hotel we were
staying at we had a buffet breakfast and
this is what I chose, there’s loads of
keto options, look at that tin of beans, not keto, we’ve got scrambled eggs, mushrooms,
there’s veggie sausages there, sausages and bacon I can make a nice
keto breakfast, couldn’t you and I went for
mushrooms, sausages, scrambled eggs, tomato
and to bring up the fat content with a
little bit of butter and so that was a
nice big breakfast which fueled me for
hours and so we were staying in Oxford so
we explored the city a little bit
and look around and all the beautiful
architecture and a couple of the sights
to see and then when it was lunchtime I
went for my favorite go to lunch when
I’m out and about and that’s burgers, you
can always find burgers wherever you go
pretty much around the world and you
just ask for it without the bun and in
Oxford they just happens to be a five guys
so I got to experience my first Five
Guys Burgers I went for a cheeseburger
so there were two patties, a whole lot of
cheese and I chose a little bit of
mushrooms and some onion as well and
some tomato sauce and mayo on the side
as well and it was a beautiful lunch a
really awesome way to have a keto meal
when you’re on the go and and you could
go to other fast-food outlets or even
sit-down restaurants will definitely
have burgers
and that’s just another option when
you’re on the go is to have a burger
without the bun, I found in some places
they might even make a bun out of
lettuce and then you’ve got a lettuce bun
other times they’ll stick it in a bowl
like I had at Five Guys and there’s just
so many options and you can really just
have your favorite burger just without
the bun and of course without the fries
and shakes and all the other carby
friends that come along with it and so
then we just spent the rest of the day
wandering around Oxford we went to the
Natural History Museum which is a must
when you’re in Oxford, you’ve got to go
to a museum and that’s the one we went
to but that is today’s short and sweet
video with loads of ideas for keto meals
when you’re on the go
leave a comment as well let me know what’s your go to when you’re out and about
on Keto, what are your go to meals, I look forward
to reading your comments and remember to like and subscribe for more yummy
inspirations and we’ll see you again
soon bye.

William Babineau


  1. Hi, Thank you 😊 for your hard work 😓 and time 🤗 I don't eat pork … can you make something else to substitute???
    Thank you 😊 always look 👀 forward new ideas 💡

  2. In the Southern US, we have a lot of chicken restaurants. I usually get a load of wings (not breaded) with some form of hot sauce on them which is one of my favorite foods!

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