Keto On A Budget Grocery Haul I Walmart Grocery Haul 2019

Hey YouTube Family, so today we are doing a Keto Grocery Haul here in Walmart.
We are doing like a hashtag Keto On A Budget so our goal is to spend no more than $100.00
I just got done with Zumba Class, soooo yeah just go ahead sit back
relax grab a snack if you will and enjoy
okay also mom’s is here with me we’re
gonna first get some strawberry okay now
y’all we have three cucumbers they are
58 cents
yeah next we’re going to get some reps
for some good old like keto tacos or
whatever so we see some that are four
grams net carbs we see some that are
six grams net carbs with the five gram
oh there it is five grams net carbs yeah
so happy this is my favorite one so far
from them that well that I know of so
now we’re going to the vegetables yeah
so we have broccoli we have one bag of
sweet peas. Sweet peas can be somewhat keto friendly
but they do have a good amount
of carbs in them I mean if you just do
it where it fits your net carbs that’s
cool whatever
I don’t eat sweet peas a lot I just you
know randomly typically I just stick to
like broccoli cauliflower green beans
those types of vegetable yeah the
vegetables we ended up getting are the
cauliflower one sweet pea bag some
broccoli and some okra because what is
life without okra
now y’all we are about to get two whole
chickens yeah they are 92 cents a pound
Wow what is math
we are going to get some smoked sausage
they are 5.98 you know this is like a
life saver especially on a days where I
just really don’t feel like cooking put
some smoked sausage and some water let
it cook and then eat them now y’all
we’re about to get the beef smoked
sausage hopefully I can hear me I don’t
know hopefully it is the family pack and
it is 5.98 so we need some almond milk
Walmart is playing games where is my 30
calorie almond milk oh I’m so
right here right here what is keto
without eggs I don’t know but um yeah so
we’re gonna get some organic free-range
eggs you know always when you get your
eggs you got to look at them and open
them up and see make sure there’s no
cracks in uncle I don’t need to get any
coconut oil but I just want to show
y’all the type that I get typically um
so this is what I get is this one I get
I don’t know it’s normally a little bit
come on Walmart let me be great look for
my sweetener y’all for like my keto
pancakes a lot of stuff I have the pure
organic stevia yes this is a lifesaver
what would life be like without this I
don’t know
it’d probably be horrible why don’t you
get some barbecue sauce so we are trying
to decide between the sugar free
barbecue sauce that’s original or the
Hickory barbecue sauce flavor which one
do y’all thing boom boom boom we’re just
gonna try agree yeah let’s try a green
today if y’all were interested in the
nutrition facts for two tablespoons it’s
10 calories or grams of fat two grams of
carbs and 0 grams of protein hey also
for sex I’m I just have some cider
vinegar pork rinds I haven’t had these
in so long so so long say yeah I’m done
to indulge in these yeah this has
nothing to do with the keto grocery haul
but I want to show y’all I got some
Epsom salt because I worked out so much
my money just that muscles can’t handle
it so yeah this is lifesaver y’all I was
always like so sore and once I started
soaking in Epsom salt y’all like I feel
so much better now alright y’all so are
you ready for the grand total of
everything it was 92 dollars and 14
cents plus I got that Epsom salt and we
got some deodorant and yeah like I mean
I’m very proud myself like hashtag keto
on a budget so y’all if you are new to
the channel welcome to the fam I’m over
here documenting my keto weight loss journey
and your girl is sharing everything
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straight keto and lazy keto so join me
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expect a video from me on Mondays
Wednesdays and Fridays to my returning
YouTube family thank you so so so much
for watching this video as always if you
don’t hear it from anyone else I love
you so stay blessed and I will see you
in the next video which will be Monday
alright y’all stay blessed I love y’all
and stay safe okay and yeah talk to you
on Monday! Byeeeee : )

William Babineau


  1. I told you we’re twins. I’m eating that bbq sauce while watching this video with some sliced beef. And half a little bit left of those salt n vinegar pork rinds.
    Also get lazy, hate cooking and eat sausage. 😂

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