Keto-related though Good afternoon guys
tomorrow is the first day of October
which means ketober and I’m gonna try to
do it oh my gosh this dentist hello yes
oh awesome awesome
thank you so much alright bye-bye
ya’ll like how I was aggravated and putting
on my aggravated voice and then I answer
the phone and I’m all like hello with my
customer service voice oh what I was
gonna say though is I kind of stupidly too
– I think scheduled dental appointments
for both of the kids for 8:00 a.m. in
the freaking morning and a dental office
that although isn’t that far away the
traffic to get there is just gonna be
the kids are both gonna probably be in a
bad mood because they do not like
getting up that early and getting up and
and going and generally when they have
to it’s for doctor’s appointment and
their dad will just take them super
quick like bright and early in the
morning he’ll just take whichever one
has an appointment and then I will stay
home with the other and no big deal easy
peasy but this will involve me solo
taking both of them to the dentist for
first appointment to this dentist and
you know exams and all of that and I
really don’t know what I’ve gotten
myself into but the point is that they
have been calling all freaking all
freakin weekend they’re sending me the
text verifications and it’s like text
yes to confirm or text stop to freaking
stop this or cancel or whatever I keep
texting back yes I do lowercase I do all uppercase like I never get a
confirmation back that they got it and
so I’m just let’s do this one more round
it’s still a little it is French
toast but it’s still a little little
cold this kid wants French toast like
all the time and no it’s not homemade
nutritional good for you stuff that I would
make for her it’s microwave I can’t even
focus on talking and doing the microwave
at the same time so anyway I made this
appointment and now they keep texting
and then calling so also three phone
and from different numbers and different
and I’m beyond frustrated because I keep
trying to confirm so I’ve like called
so finally this morning
I call and I leave a voicemail with the
scheduling person and I’m like hey I
think your verification system is broken
because like y’all keep callin and and
I’m gonna tell you what every phone call
and text message it was like getting me
this much closer to like canceling the
appointments altogether because no part
of me wants to take these kids to these
appointments by myself
and my husband has appointments
scheduled that morning and he’s in town
but there’s no way he’s not gonna be
able to take me oh look at these bags
Brexley kept me up last night speaking
of teething I mean I gave her everything
I did everything and she there was no
appeasing her so that’s what we’re working
with today anyway I just rambled on I
don’t know if I’m gonna edit this or
just slap it together because for
Ketober which I’ve never done before I
mean well let’s be real I started my
channel almost a year ago I’m not quite
to a year of when I started posting
videos I don’t think I need to check
and see when that anniversary is and
then there was like a sporadic you know
kind of posting there for a while when
my mom was sick and then when my mom
died so I’m really just in the last
month month and a half maybe gotten back
to posting steadily and have really been
sticking to like once a week and doing
the keto meals on Sundays which I
obviously film throughout the week so
you’ll probably see a lot of that for
ketober and updates on weight loss
like I’m so close to hitting my ideal
weight and at that point I would just
hit you know maintenance but let’s
be real I’m like close enough that I
mean y’all see what I cook on Sundays
those are not like I mean if you were
eating like one meal a day and like
fasting all day those are perfect and
comforting and delicious meals but if
you’re eating all day like those meals
are not gonna necessarily get you where
you want to go if you’re like eating
breakfast lunch and dinner and you’re
eating such high calories um even though
like the carbs are so low in them
so I’m thinking about doing a fast to
get my self you know where I want to go
like in the past I would just do a three
day look I know it’s in there hmm
you’ve got cheese crackers on your teeth
so I usually when I fast I do a fat fast
you know I’m gonna have to cut this up
and put it into the freezer for a second
because I take it out the freezer and
then I have to put it back in the
freezer because it gets so freakin hot
there’s just like no perfect middle
ground here hot it’s very hot so in
the past I would do a three day fast to
kickstart that’s what I did last time
when I
hit like a plateau I think my
plateau was like I don’t know like 150
ish forever I feel like I was stuck at
And when I weighed myself this morning I’m
136 point whatever um this morning and
ideally I would like to get down to 127
again that is the weight that I feel my
most healthy at but now that’s my weight
I feel the most healthy at when I am
fully like toned up muscle like lifting
weights you know so I was doing really
well doing weight bearing exercises I
was working out every single day
faithfully like would not go to sleep
without working out even if it was like
1:00 in the morning I realized I hadn’t
done my workout yet
I’d get up and do the damn thing so when
the hurricane came and of course that
put me totally off schedule and the last
thing I wanted to do in the south with
no electricity was to get up and start
sweating so and the reason I had
faithfully made myself do it
every night even if it was like 1:00 in
the morning and I hadn’t done it yet was
I knew as soon as I fell off that train
that it’s just a slippery slope for me
at that point like I have to stick to what
I’m doing so like I never stray from
Keto that’s not an issue for me at all
because when I started Keto it was to
treat and prevent the escalation of type
2 diabetes where I just had gotten
gestational diabetes with two of my
I’ve been pregnant three times lost the
first baby so the second and third
pregnancy I developed gestational
diabetes and I developed it extremely
early in pregnancy like within a matter
of weeks with my pregnancy with Blair
they tested me at
ten weeks yeah I took the test at ten
weeks and failed it and had already
developed gestational diabetes with her
that early and I was only I had only gained I
mean I had gained because as soon as I found out I
was pregnant I was like nom nom nom I think I was 140 145 ish maybe at that point
because previously I had been right
around 130 when we got pregnant for the
first time and I gained some weight
during that pregnancy and then we lost
that baby and I just never took that
little bit of weight that I’d gained off
and then just being depressed and
everything else I’m sure I was living
off of fast food and it’s like just
totally unhealthy like junk food just
carb city so I once that happened I was never small again so anyway any of you
that have watched this far because I’m
probably just gonna slap this up like it
is I’m filming it today instead of
tomorrow so I can get an early start
I’m not gonna hold myself accountable to
stick to Ketober but I’m gonna try but
let’s see if anybody even cares to see
me come on here and ramble about what I
weigh in the morning and what I’m doing
for the day I mean that’s kind of boring
right I don’t I don’t know like so
anyway I am getting ready to oh is it
ready okay let me get it I am getting
ready to I know you all see my meals on
Sundays when I do I usually cover four
keto what’s for dinner meals that are
most of them I would say are kid-friendly or you can adapt them
to be kid-friendly so I cover those and
a lot of you might be like well if you’re keto how are you keto
and you’re not meal prepping well I do meal prep what I do is my
husband just came in from Costco
speaking of that you can just set that
down on the stove so I do meal prep in a way I will cook at least two of the meals
that I show you guys on Sundays I
cook those at the beginning of the week
I will usually cook two of those meals
in the same day okay to fuel me to get
to the point to cook the rest of the
freakin meals so and to make sure that I
always have food in the fridge ready to
go and obviously I show you guys four
meals and then you know we eat leftovers
for like the second half of the week but
we supplement too
so anyway my husband just came in let’s
show you a couple of the things that he
just grabbed from Costco real quick so we
have a big huge thing of ground beef I
keep so much of this in the freezer we
never run out of that and then he got a
big thing of pork shoulder country-style
ribs boneless 2.79 a pound a lot of
people are like oh it’s not that much
cheaper at costco per pound than my
grocery store that may be true sometimes
I bet you the quality is not as good for
the price you hear my dog she’s just one
of my dogs okay beef loin New York strip
steak I’m gonna take a couple of these
and slice them up to make some steak
quesadillas I don’t know if I’ll do that
this week or next week but I asked my
husband if he had any requests and that
was definitely one of the things that he
would like let me show you guys real
quick too I filmed a little clip I was
gonna show it on Instagram yesterday but
Walmart’s clearance aisle I swear
their clearance prices and their
clearance aisle used to just be whatever
but the end of summer I found like a
really great almost $300 swing
that we got for like 78 maybe we got it
for 50 50 to 70 dollars for outside area
and yesterday I got all of these bikinis
bathing suits for three dollars each for
separates $5 for the one piece I just
tried the one piece on today I’m
absolutely in love with it I wish I had
it in multiple colors it’s very very
flattering and anyway keto-related
though on their actual clearance aisle
which that’s where I’m telling you
they’ll be like oh this is on clearance and then you look at the tag and it’s like
oh we shaved seven cents off of this cuz
we’re gonna put it on this aisle to make
you buy it and think it’s on sale so these
are half-price of their normal price
they’re normally a dollar fifty they
have them for 75 cents and they are
these little dressing bottles with flip
tops okay BPA free there’s three in a
pack 75 cents I got this pack and I was
like Suzanne you don’t need two just get
one no went ahead and got the second
pack because this one will be for my
husband because I really don’t want to
share containers with him because no
telling how long mustard will sit in one
of these so i got my own pack so when I
go anywhere that I’m gonna drink coffee
or whatever else that I need to take
like a keto I could take a keto ketchup
with me if I were going out to eat and I
really want ketchup because we know
that that’s full of sugar so boom keto
ketchup in the purse
boom heavy whipping cream in the purse
boom got my torani sugar-free syrup I need to get on trying these skinny syrups
everybody’s trying in the purse so
anyway check your walmart clearance
aisle 75 cents well worth it portable
keto products to go stay on track see
you guys tomorrow bye

William Babineau

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