Kitchen Hack Testing 11

(yells) (laughing) – Sorry. (triumphant music) I think you might need your step. – Me too. (laughing) – Mrs Barry and I like
to delve into the world of food and kitchen hacks, so that you don’t have to. And maybe, and sometimes, we come across some
ones that are like, yes. This is okay. – And then other times. – They fail. But today, we’ve got some fairly nice ones that I think will be good. And we might end with
quite a romantic ending. Mm, scented. (sniffs) – I’m a bit scared now. Romantic ending? – Mrs Barry, I’ve had
en-oeuf of your egg puns. – En-oeuf? – An oeuf, it’s French for egg. Sorry, her brain’s scrambled. Look, this is a pan of water. Can you get the heat going on that? – Oh dear. So, apparently, if you want a golden egg, you’ve gotta shake it
for two to three minutes. – Just like that? – Yeah, gently though don’t crack it. – All right. All right, okay.
– Wait, this is cracking. – [Barry] Is it? Oh yeah, we normally put a hole in it, whoops. Well for the purpose of this, you can put a little hole in it can’t you, like with a needle. – Oh yeah look, yours is leaking. What did you do to it? – [Barry] I must’ve dropped
mine in a little bit. No that’s all right. – [Mrs Barry] What did you do? – I dunno! So we’re gonna give it 10 to 12 minutes, and we’ll need this water for another one. On the topic of eggs Mrs B, this is my anti-shell egg kit. Shall we investigate? – Okay. – I tweeted about the fact we
were doing this hacks video, and someone replied to that tweet, y’know, it was very nice of them, and suggested that you can
use a sieve over a bowl if you’re not very good at cracking eggs. And I’m not saying that you’re not Chlo, but what I want you to
do is crack this egg really badly over a sieve, and the sieve should catch
all of the egg shell. – I don’t think this is gonna work. – [Barry] Why? – Because I don’t think all the egg will go through the sieve. – I just wanna try it. – [Mrs Barry] Get some shell in there. – [Barry] Get some shell. Yeah, break it up with your hand a bit. Both break it up with
your hands, that’s it. You cracked that egg really
badly and there’s shell in it. – [Mrs Barry] Oh no! – [Barry] What do you think? Is this gonna work? The eggs staying in it! Lift it up. – [Mrs Barry] Ugh, see? – [Barry] There’s a bit of egg
white dripping through slowly but that yolk isn’t gonna go anywhere. – [Mrs Barry] No, it’s not. – Now let me tell you, at about half past midnight last night when I was kind of half asleep
looking at the tweets back, right then, that sounded
like a good idea, but. – You didn’t think that through did you? – No.
(whooshes) – Doesn’t have a motorbike,
but he does avocado. – Help if you hold it up. – Oh.
(laughing) – You don’t get it.
– I don’t get it. – He doesn’t have a motorbike, he does ‘ave-a-car-do. – Yeah, avocado, what’s that
got to do with a motorbike? – I don’t really like
avocados at the best of times, but this is a way of dicing an avocado, even though there’s a
really cool way anyway of just scooping out with
a spoon all that stuff. But apparently using a
baking rack, a wire rack. – These are quite hard. (grunts)
(crunches) (grunts) – I think you’re right you
know, these are just ripe. They’re gonna be quite firm. – [Mrs Barry] Yes, should’ve
got soggy, softer– – Well they don’t sell
them at the supermarket, it doesn’t say soggy! – [Mrs Barry] You’ve
gotta give ’em a squeeze! – She’s got this thing
that I look like some guy, what’s his name? – Chris Ramsey. – Chris Ramsey. – [Mrs Barry] He’s a comedian, you look a little bit like him. – All right, yeah but. Actually people think you look like Linda Hamilton from Terminator. – I’ve no idea who that is. – Rah! And you’ve gotta do it, ah! – ‘Kay.
– Go. (softly screams) There you go, Linda Hamilton. Ready, we going? – I think you should hold onto the bowl. Oh you are. (grunts)
Sorry. – Look at that! Oh my gosh. – Oh look! – You just had that moment there. – That’s not worked. – Yeah it has! – It’s not diced though, it’s mashed. – Yeah but you just scrape it off. ♪ Scrape it off, scrape it off ♪ Right three, two, one, go. (slams)
(grunting) – Are you all right? You look completely (mumbles). – That’s all right. – I can’t do it!
– Go on! Get in there! – You didn’t get soft enough ones. – It’s fine, it’s avocado, that’s fine. I think that this. – I think it’s successful. – It’s actually pretty good! Got a few chunks there. – Considering our, what’s
it called, our track record. – It’s done it into nice
sort of square shapes. That’s a good one. Behold ladies and gents,
a bowl of cold water. – [Mrs Barry] Oh no. – [Barry] What? – Mine cracked too. – [Barry] Well we shoulda
put holes in them, it doesn’t matter. – [Mrs Barry] Look, look at that! – [Barry] I can’t see you at all, it’s all steamed up! – It’s like some kinda
Stranger Things creature. – [Barry] Is it? That’s mine, is that mine? – [Mrs Barry] No, that’s mine. – [Barry] Oh dear. Ultimately it should be shaken up. If we’ve not shaked it up
enough, that’s user error. You have to shake it for way longer. Or, you could just crack it, and beat it, and have an omelette,
rather than an egg omelette. I mean who wants an omelette anyway. – Yeah. (scoffs) – [Barry] It’s so last year. – So last year. Don’t know if this has worked. – I’m not hopeful. – And I’ve got another hack to try. – Another hack? – Another hack. – Oh my gosh, how many hacks
are we throwing at people? – I’m gonna try and peel it
with the back of a spoon. – You’re gonna try and peel an egg. – Yeah. – With the back of a spoon. – You can push it up inside the egg, and it should just. Oh, look at that!
– That is coming away. I’ll tell you what you’ve done there, you’ve created a nice white outer shell, and a massive yolk. – Oh yeah, look. – Look at the size of that yolk! – Right.
(tapping) – Golden egg! – Is it?
– No. – That’s just the yolk! No. – That didn’t work, we didn’t
shake it up enough, obviously. (blows) (screams) (blows)
That’s gross, stop. (blowing) That’s not working, you’re just– (chokes)
Everywhere. Ta-dah! – Oh look a empty–
– Quick! – That tastes like a bouncy ball. (wet mouth noises squelching) (whooshes) – You’re looking very peachy today. – That’s not bad. – Not bad. – But I’ve got one, okay? – ‘Kay. – You can’t peach a dog new tricks. (groans) I’ve got a little confession
to you actually Mrs B. I do not like the texture of a peach. – Yeah but you don’t eat the outside. – I just hate it, it’s like furry. D’you know what it reminds me off? (grunting) Like that. – [Mrs Barry] The dogs are coming! – That’s what it reminds me off. – [Mrs Barry] Doesn’t look weird at all. – I mean it’s the texture.
– That’s what I have to live with. – Okay this hack … Will help you, apparently, peel a peach. We’re gonna poach the peach for about a minute and that’s it, and that sort of, what’s gonna happen you’re gonna do the warmth, and then we shove it into a bowl of ice ’cause it’s gonna go hot, cold. Like jumping from a
sauna into an ice bath. Yeah it’s just simmering, woo! You can see–
– It’s hair. – Well, everyone apart from, that’s watching the video, you can see this sort of glossiness now. The furriness is almost gone. (gasps) The furriness is in the water, yeah. Maybe, like the boiling water, singes the hair from the peach. Is it it hair? Fluff. Peach fluff.
– Are you gonna time this? – [Barry] About a minute roughly. (whacks) – No, ’cause it’ll go everywhere. (thuds) See? – [Barry] Oh yeah. Right, so, the coldness
should hopefully make this go, ah ready for this? Ah! That feels good. So that’s gonna cool it down rapidly, and I think, you know
when you’re in the bath? I wonder if it’s gonna do that, you know it’s, your
fingers go funny like that, not that the–
– You go all wrinkly. – Skin’s gonna come off, but, I think it’s that thing of
the heat with the expansion and the suddenly the shock is gonna wrinkle the outside skin and hopefully, hopefully,
gonna pull it off. We’re gonna let this cool
down for a couple o’ minutes, and whilst we do that. – We’re gonna do another hack. – Mrs Barry, I love you
from my head tomatoes. – Ah, I was gonna say
something about that. – Were you? – Tomato, no, I can’t think of anything. I love you from my head to my tomato? – Well, let’s ketchup with Mrs
Barry and her puns in a bit, but this is gonna be
a very appealing hack. – I just said that wrong. To my tomatoes. (snorts) (laughs) – Nope, let’s carry
on, no one will notice. The skin of a tomato I
don’t mind, it’s smooth. It’s kinda like a bauble
on a Christmas tree. But apparently, if we make a little cross at the bottom of the tomato and bung it in the microwave
for a small amount of time, it didn’t say how long for, it might be 30 seconds,
it might be three hours. But then you’re gonna just
cook the tomato aren’t you? – [Mrs Barry] Oh my gosh. – And apparently the
skin will just peel off. – I think 19 seconds will be enough. – Well let’s find out, we’ve got three. – Otherwise we’re gonna
have a exploding tomato and I have a nice white top on. – [Barry] This is how surgeons prepare. When they’re training at
college they just use tomatoes. – [Mrs Barry] Do they really? – [Barry] No. (laughing) (slams)
– 1O. – [Barry] 10, all right. 10, nine, eight, seven, six. No, I can’t count. I can’t count! All right. (microwave humming) 10 seconds,
(beeps) you’re happy with that? All right, I think it’s gonna need longer. – Yeah, okay. – [Barry] I’d go for the
full 30, let’s do this. – I don’t know, I’m too scared! – [Barry] Well do it at 20 yeah? – Okay, I’m gonna stop there. – [Barry] Try that one. – Just pinch it?
– From the other end. – From the other end? – [Barry] See, aw yeah you can feel it, you can see how it, ah! (exhales) So let’s give that 20 second one another 30 seconds, ah! (slamming) (beeps) – They’re gonna be like
radioactive tomatoes! – [Barry] Oh wow. – [Mrs Barry] See, now they’re bubbling. You’re meant to just–
– Still not soft enough mate. It needs to be in there longer, you’ve gotta man up and let it bubble. I’m gonna make a big old incision
in this one, like you did. And I am gonna go for
two minutes, all right? This one–
– Two minutes. – Yeah. – ‘Kay.
– Yeah. – No, I don’t like it. It’s exploding, you need to stop it.
– It’s not exploding. Oh right, oh wow, yes. She has no fear of heat. Her name is Linda Hamilton. What are you thinking? – I’m thinking what would
be the purpose of this hack? Why would you wanna take the skin off? – That is the story of
these videos generally. That’s why, that is our role today. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Ah, ah, ah! Right, d’you know what? Do you know what, we’ve
got cold water here. This is the best thing to do with it. (plops) Straight in there like that. – Okay. No, you’re gonna make the
peaches all tomato-ey! – Yeah but there’s still,
look, look, look, look, there you go, look, look, look, it’s supposed to go like that. – Yay, it’s coming off! (splashes) – Ay!
– Hey! – I’m. (sighs) You’re supposed to be left
with the tomato like that. – There you go, that worked. – Yeah? – Yeah. – Yeah, ‘course it did. There we go. (cracks)
(yells) (laughing) Sorry. (mumbling) Oh, look at that, it’s
like bursting a spot. Ow, that’s really hot inside still.
– That’s burning. (hisses) – Okay, not a fan of that one. – Can we put the tomatoes away now please? Let’s see if the peaches have worked. – Okay, let’s. Well I think mine is nice and ice cold, and, (gasps) is that an air bubble? I think there’s a bubble. – Let’s see. Oh yeah!
– There’s a little bubble in mine! – Mine isn’t. – Now, I think if we did what
we did with the tomatoes, made a incision, it would have helped. Oh my gosh.
(gasping) – Yay. – That sort of worked. – I think maybe mine needed a bit longer. Because it’s still really hard. – Oh, yeah. – Unless I dig my nail in. – No, mine’s the same. Would’ve worked if we’d boiled
it for 10 minutes maybe, and actually poached it like you said. But this literally said
to it for one minute. And we did it for about three or four. – [Mrs Barry] Mmm. – Hmm. (calm piano music) Well that was rubbish. When the kids in the (mumbles), Tropic like it’s hot. Tropic like it’s hot. Tropic. – Okay. – ‘Cause it’s a tropical fruit. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – This hack, we got one each okay, this is going really popular at the moment where you take the top out of a pineapple. And apparently you don’t
need to do the whole coring thing out and
then take the eyes out and have really really nice fresh– (laughs) Sorry, really fresh pineapple. (laughing) Apparently, you see these, I don’t know what the name is for these, these sort of segments, but they should all individually snap off like spears of pineapple. Rather than like doing
all the other bits to it. – If they do, this is an ingenious way to eat a pineapple. – It is, isn’t it? Kitchen stinks of egg. I like when you get to the point where you just rip that
head off of it, yeah. Just snap it off. It’s coming, there you go. – Yay, I didn’t think I
was gonna be able to do it. – Oh wow, that’s amazing! So apparently what we’re supposed to do is just snap off each of these
segments as they go, so– (gasps) Did you do it? – Yay!
– That sort of worked! – Looks like a tooth. (grunts) No, no, no, from the outside. – From the out, what, push up? (grunts)
– Yeah. – I just ruined mine! No. – That is really sour. (spits) Ugh. That pineapple is not okay to eat. (grunting) – It said ripe and ready as well, so it should be ripe and ready. – Come here, let me have a go. – Do you know what you should do, is if you’ve got a
pineapple and you’re like oh yeah, I can’t do it, it’s not strong, you should, it’s got the
lines along the bit here, you could just go like that. – It’s a bit of waste,
it’s be quicker though if you do it the other way.
– And then you just go like that, and just pull it out. That is what it should be doing. – Yeah, maybe if they were riper, it would probably work. – But you can see how, maybe you need to just
get a first few done. (grunts) No. (laughs) – I think it’s just not ripe enough. – Yeah. – Damn you supermarket. – Damn you! Why don’t we live in Hawaii or wherever these grow pineapples? Where do they grow pineapples? – Hang on.
– Wales? – I think it’s a good hack that would work if they were riper. – I mean we’re getting bits off. And when you taste ’em,
it’s not quite ready. No. – No, I do like, I really
like this hack though. I think it’s a good one.
– I think it would work. – I would try it again. – It’s the last one. – Yes, we’ve just got time to squeeze one. – Oh! Yes. – Equals dangerous.
♪ It seems to me ♪ ♪ You lived your life ♪ ♪ Like a candle in the orange ♪ We’re gonna make a
candle out of an orange. How’s about that, how do you
think we’re gonna do this? There you go. (laughing)
You’re gonna go get a birthday cake
candle from the cupboard and just shove it, I know
what you’re thinking. – So is it gonna be an
orange scented candle? – I think so, with it being an orange. (laughing) Come on Linda Hamilton. Ease the peel off, okay, can you see how I’m running
my thumb along there? So I’m gonna make an
incision all the way along to create two cups of orange– – Do you make Pacman? – Do you make Pacman, yes
Becky you make Pacman. Yeah, do a line all the way ’round. – All the way? – Yep. – You didn’t do it all the way. – I know, I regret that now. Look, all you wanna do is get your, you see, how I’m getting that? And I’m gonna, you
wanna try and if you can get the orange out of there. I’m sure there’s a hack in the microwave to do this easier or something. – Hmm, didn’t we try that before?
– You say easier. – Have I done it wrong? – There’s one bit, you see that bit there? Sorry. (laughs) See that bit there? – Yeah? – That’s your candle wick. – Ah, that’s clever! – Yes, but you’ve done
it differently to me. Actually you might have
done it the right way. You’re gonna cut out that flesh. Whatever you do, you wanna
keep that stem in tact okay? So use your little knife and cut away, I’m gonna try and do this another way. – But we need to keep the flesh. – No you can eat the
orange Beck, don’t worry. You can eat your candle. D’you know what I think we’ll
stick with Mrs Barry’s one, because we just, y’know. There’s no need to see two is there? (laughs) Damn. Now, see how that is still
protruding out Mrs B, you’re doing a cracking job. Yes, look at that. Right, so what we’re gonna do, can you see the orange juice in there? – [Mrs Barry] Yeah. – [Barry] We just wanna drizzle it out. – You’re welcome. – Thank you, you saved my life. How do you think then that this is gonna turn into a candle? – Do you have to fill it with something? – Yes. – It’s not what that large bottle of cooking oil is over there, is it? – Yes, we fill that with oil, right? – Right? – And then we light it. And there’s a candle. I just hope that it smells of oranges. Ready? (clicks) We light this and apparently the wick, or the, y’know the bit or the orange here, it’s gonna take a little while to catch. But when it does … So I’m keeping this going, I haven’t pulled it out there yet, let’s have a look. Nope, needs a bit longer. When it does, it should
last for about three hours. – How do we put it out? – Well, like any other candle Beck. I’d imagine you blow it out. (laughing) Ring the fire brigade. Hello, I’ve got this
orange on fire in my house. – Do you wanna swap? – Do I wanna swap? So you want me to just stand there. It sounds like you’re doing a job. Oh yeah, what do I do? Oh, I just stand there looking
really upset and confused and concerned, oh yeah I’ll do that. (clicks) I did say it would take a while. It’s like a teenie little flame, we’re nurturing it. Don’t breathe. Kids, if you’re coming in be very careful, do not make any wind. (laughs) – So what purpose does the oil play? – Well the oil Becky acts as a fuel, and after two to three
hours it will run out. And then that’s it I think. – That’s it? – Yeah, kinda like that’s– – Okay.
– It’s playing the role of the wax.
– Oh! – Hey is that cool, is that cool. (blows) – Yeah. – It was cool? – Yeah. (giggles) Smells stinky. – Doesn’t smell of
orange actually, does it? – No. (laughing) – It just smells of burnt oil. – Yeah. – Nice.
– I smell it. – Yeah, thanks for blowing it out Chloe. I’ve just lit it again, look how good that is now. – That’s a massive flame. – [Barry] That is roaring away. That’s a massive flame,
I know I’ll pick it up. I wanna see. Let’s open that cupboard. – [Mrs Barry] Okay, this one? – [Barry] Oh look at that,
just close it a little bit? – It works!
– Ah, look! And it gets more romantic. The orange zest becomes a bit transparent, it looks kinda cool. – I love it. So that’s another batch
of stonking hacks done. What else do I need? – I don’t know, is that
your favourite one? – This is my favourite. – Yeah, that was good.
– The pineapple. – I think the candle, which is still roaring
away there, amazing, so a couple of hours life in that was my favourite one. What’s your favourite one of all time? My favourite moment was when you tried to wrap the iron in foil. I think I will never ever. – The one with the blow
torch and the bottle of wine. – Yeah, we’ve done that
a few times actually. – With the cork. – But there we go. I hope you enjoyed this
video, thanks Mrs B. – You’re welcome.
– For being a good sport as always, you can get off
the stool now if you want. – Can I put the pineapple down as well? – Yeah.
– Thank you. (laughing) You told me to get down. – So thanks for watching, don’t forget to have barrel full now, check out the rest of the
hacks on the playlist. And we’ll see you again next time. Thanks Mrs B. – Bye! ♪ Check your level player ♪ ♪ No matter what your style ♪ ♪ The kitchen’s for me ♪ ♪ Sideburns moustache, goatee ♪ ♪ Maybe all three ♪ – Look how big that flame is, wow. (blows) Once you’ve got it charred like that, it is so quick to light it. That’s insane! (laughs) Why don’t you try it for yourself? Citrus candles. (blows) (sniffs) It basically does just smell
like a barbecue though. (mumbling)

William Babineau


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  39. You left the peaches too long in the cold. boil a min, ice bath quickly. then rub with some paper towels ot table cloth and it rubs right off. The reason is,the hot water melts the pactin that holds the flesh and the skin together. What you did was melt it, then.. re set it solid with cold bath that long.

    Are you usre that microwave tomato is right?

    I thought you were suppose to cut them and then do the same as the peach. Boil and cool fast.

  40. Barry, you can do the same thing you did with the peach to that darn toe-mah-toe. 🤠

  41. Video idea: how to tell if various fruit are ripe. Then retry these with ripe fruit.

  42. The tomato 'hack' isnt a hack just executed slobbily.

    You place then in boiling water for 1 min then into ice water, skin contracts and slides off.

    They are then used to make sauces with no lumps or pieces of chewy skin.

  43. cracking an egg in a siev IS useful… just not for that. If you (cleanly) crack an egg into it and let the watery parts of the egg white drip through, the firmer parts of the white will not and you can then poach it without getting so many of the wispy bits.

  44. the orange works way better if you don't cut into the flesh because the juice gets it wet and makes it hard to light

  45. The tomatos u need to cook them in water for 15 to 30 seconds and cool tham fast in ice or cold water

  46. Barry it might help to have ripe peaches. That will work with ripe tomatoes. Thanks for the laughs

  47. The REAL tomato hack: You boil the tomatoes to blanch them, just until the x starts coming open, then shock it in ice water.

  48. The tomatoes are like blanching them as you did with the peaches. But the reason is to make a dish with tomato dice that you don’t have the skin on. Such as salsa which tastes better with blanched tomatoes

  49. I read that the pineapple that peels in the popular hack video is a certain type. You can't do thus hack with regular pineapples which is why it didn't work.

  50. I don't like the texture of peach fluff either, but after I wash them, I rub it with a coarse towel and the fluff is pretty minimal.

  51. When I’m canning peaches I blanch (drop into boiling water) for a minute, then into ice bath. No worries. Do the same with tomatoes. Has to be at rolling boil.

  52. Barry, to tell if pineapples are ripe, just look at the colour. If they’re green (like the ones you had) they are not ripe at all. When they’re ripe, they’re a browny-yellow colour.

  53. pretty sure the tomato one is the same as the peaches. blanch in hot water and then cold water

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