KULFI RECIPE without Condensed Milk | How To Make Kulfi | मलाई कुल्फी | थंडई कुल्फी

Hi there! my name is Dr Kajal and welcome back to Creative Cooking If you are new to my channel, then make sure you subscribe, I am going to post 2 to 3 ice cream recipes so you get notified whenever i post the recipe & here you see i have got kulfis ready
I can’t wait to share this recipe with you so waiting for, lets get started for making Malai Kulfi we will need milk this milk
has got extra Malai or cream and I am using raw milk well this is very important because Malai/ cream has not got separated
here we are taking one litre of full cream milk in a pan Before boiling the
milk will take one fourth cup of milk in a bowl and add one half teaspoon of cornstarch
now mix it well and make sure that there are no lumps , we will keep this aside for
now I will bring the milk to boil it should be a slow and steady boil and keep stirring it
at intervals with a spatula now you can see the milk has become approximately 700 ml this
reduction of milk is very important to give our Kulfi a creamy texture to this we will add
1/4 cup of sugar and 3 tablespoon of milk powder with spatula mix everything well
Milk has become thick and
dense the colour also has become yellowish which is good and this will add to natural
sweetness to a kulfi the milk solids also gets collected on the sides of the pan so
scrape of this dried milk solids and add it to the thickened milk
now I will cook this milk mixture for 2 minutes now add cornflour milk mixture which we
had prepared earlier Cook it till the milk becomes of this thick consistency but it should be
pourable consistency now we will take half of this Kulfi base and pour it into the bowl and
let it come to room temperature for making thandai Kulfi will add thandai syrup to the
same Malai Kulfi base and cook it for 2 minutes then switch off the flame and allow it to
come down to room temperature I have got your Kulfi moulds they are easily available in the
market since we have prepared two types of base for kulfis so I am going to pour Malai Kulfi
base into these four and thandai Kulfi base into another four
Tap mould & place Kulfi stick
and seal tightly thandai Kulfi base has also come down to room temperature we will pour
it into the moulds inside the mould
We will set it in freezer for 12 hours for overnight if you do not have
a Kulfi more than you can take a plastic container filled with Kulfi base, seal it using an aluminium
foil and place a wooden stick I took them out the next day and kept out on the table
for 5 minutes Kulfis came out easily and absolutely yummy
you can also sprinkle some Almonds and pistachios to make a royal so I hope you guys enjoy my today’s
session at creative cooking if you liked it then give t a thumbs up and subscribe to my channelThis is Dr Kajal
saying bye for now but soon I will see you in the next one

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  1. Wah!! Very good…simple and easy way to make kulfi ❤️ like the simplicity of your recipe making 💯

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