Hey YouTube family so what is good
what’s going on how are y’all doing
today is actually Saturday y’all so I’m
going to show y’all like what I eat in a
day like when I’m on basically not
working out and since we are over here
being consistent for real on strict keto
/ lazy keto y’all yesterday would be
interesting I’m actually about to go to
the nail salon get my nails done I’m
making my feet done as well
not me I need to get my feet done as
well because honey they look like bear
claws for real y’all see these nails
like honey Wow yeah embarrassing I have
been drinking my water y’all getting
that h2o n if you have not been doing
that go ahead and let’s get a little
slip in okay 1 2 3 let’s go
yeah water so good I don’t understand
how people don’t like water y’all like
it’s so good and I I know it’s like some
people say like it doesn’t taste like
anything I can’t say what it tastes like
y’all but when I drink water I be like
where have you been on my life honestly
y’all I’m just a simple gal like the
simplest things just make me happy like
I don’t understand why I’m single like I
don’t get it y’all my soulmate probably
in a whole different City a whole
different state whole different country
maybe even a whole different planet like
don’t know what he’s doing like come to
me where are you what are you doing
seriously what are you doing maybe he’s
watching this y’all well this is kind of
embarrassing though okay all right so
yeah but it morning no mama
okay y’all my mother’s in the car now
yes I am such a wonderful day to share
with my daughter yay Hayley praise Lord
Jesus good morning hope y’all are doing
fine I am going to have a great day oh
yeah show me your muscles flex for Oh
fling so jealous hallelujah Oh Joe god
is good I also were here at the mailbox
hopefully my Kido crate has come in
fingers crossed
yeah yeah let’s talk about how hurt I am
so I got a package but I can’t get it
cuz y’all my mom took so long getting
ready today y’all so long I don’t know
what she call herself doing but um yeah
it took so long to get ready and so the
post office on Saturdays they closed
early and so yeah so yeah let me tell ya
my mom was expecting a package so she
the people down trying to get the
package this he thought it was her
package but is my kiddo crazy alright
y’all so first meal of the day I have to
Quito pancakes well actually two and a
half feet Oh pancakes with some natural
creamy peanut butter then y’all I
attempted to make some sugar-free like
keto friendly syrup y’all and yeah it
tastes good it’s just not like as thick
as syrup is supposed to be because I
didn’t have all the ingredients but yeah
I tried whatever okay so um I have two
eggs two sausage patties three
strawberries I’m just drinking my water
but I’m really cracking up with myself
regarding this um
syrup y’all like I don’t know I tried
are y’all so I got my nails done yeah
okay I’m so happy now like the other
nails y’all just killing my whole vibe
like and I am drinking some coke zero
y’all just today has been a long day of
doing absolutely not a darn thing okay
y’all so you can clearly see that today
is like in I don’t care day but look at
these shoes what do y’all think y’all
like them thinking about getting on hey
okay let me stop ya finally getting this
carwash Hey oh she looks so happy right
now the eyes be so scared of car washes
without a little oh my gosh YouTube
family so we are back to in tonight with
some halo top dairy-free candy bar ice
cream so good just so good y’all like I
really need to try the other flavors but
we don’t have that many um dairy-free
options at my Walmart so that’s my
I just need Walmart to get on board with
my dairy-free ice creams like I don’t
understand why they play games like let
your girl be great so I can share with
y’all what I think about them and play
so I can try them because I want to try
to like yeah you know

William Babineau


  1. Wow!!! Momma got muscles! GOALS!!! Also those shoes were cute!! I love the look of heels but hunny I look like a baby dinosaur learning to walk when I wear them. Lol! I'm not light enough on my feet to balance on those darn things! 🤣😂💜

  2. Hey girlie. I need to get my toes done too cause hunny you dont want to see my bear claws lol. I need to get my H2O in also. I love your mom she is so cute and proper. Had money I see them muscles. Another great video.

  3. Your are one of my favorite youtubers and I thank you for that. Your inspirational to me and your helping me to reach my goals.

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