Lazy Keto I Weight Loss Vlog

I really don’t know why I do this it’s
not like y’all can’t see the sky
yourself but just in case you’re like
cooped up in a room or in a building
this is what the sky is looking like
yeah Oh sunlight okay all right bye good
morning y’all so we are about to start
meditating hopefully I can hear me
because we are getting our grass cut
oh yeah
somebody somebody
alright y’all so currently here in the
cemetery about to say hi to some of my
family members and also like you know
what you can actually do a nice little
cardio session in the cemetery just let
y’all know that like I’m not talking I
like running around in here now that’s
kind of weird but just like walking and
just speaking to everyone alright y’all
so I gotta get mentally ready for Zumba
class today I really did not want to go
to Zumba class but I’m gonna go because
I have a goal in mind and I gotta
achieve it so
I’m currently editing a new YouTube
video yes hashtag YouTube consistent
Queen over here and yeah I have a
nice little keto and low carb friendly taco
going on right now so this is a
keto friendly wrap that only has 5 grams
net carbs in this I have eggs
cauliflower rice which is just a great
substitute for just regular rice ground
beef bacon and sugar-free ketchup and
I’m just gonna be drinking water over
here yeah nicely I have way too much
sugar-free ketchup and yeah I don’t know
how this is gonna go I typically just
use like you know hot sauce but we’re
out of hot sauce
I found myself putting a little bit of
hot sauce on this but yeah that didn’t
work so yeah that’s what I’m having
hey YouTube family so my mother and I
she’s over there on the side hopefully
she’s not smacking too loud as I can
here over here smacking it’s so good
anywho y’all not too long ago um let’s
zoom bow
feel like I’m about to die of course you
know that’s all fine and gray and just
wonderful I’m actually over here talking
to my mother and editing this video
they’re gonna tell you how this to
editing version myself probably didn’t
yeah I don’t think I do
so y’all fun fact that hurt oh yeah
so starting to laugh first I am going to
do for real real going to do a 1 month
of no cheat days none of that slacking
stuff on keto none of that like hardcore
going ham on keto y’all I feel like
it’ll be really cool to document and
yeah I just want to prove to myself that
I really can’t do it now y’all I don’t
know if I’m going to be doing it where
oh my like I was saying before I was
rudely interrupted by my mother over
here blowing her nose ever so loudly
like I don’t know she’ll even blow her
nose now essentially when I blow her
nose oh yeah
breeze yeah I fully don’t even remember
where I was going with the conversation
now but I don’t know well I mean I am
gonna be tracking I don’t know if I’m
going to be like tracking hard hardcore
I got I got shit I feel like it would be
more interesting if I did do that so
yeah but yeah y’all I will let y’all
know more about that in my next video so
just be on the lookout for that because
I feel like it really would be really
interesting plus it’ll help motivate me
more and honest stuff so I mean if you
want to join me on it you can I would
love for you to so um yeah if you are
new to the channel welcome to the fam
the movie here documenting my keto weight loss journey
your girl is sharing everything so go
ahead and click that subscribe button +
the notification bell as well so you
won’t miss out on any future uploads
here right now I am currently uploading
three videos a week so you can’t expect
a video from me on Mondays Wednesdays
and Fridays – my returning YouTube
family thank you so much for watching
this video as always if you don’t hear
it from anyone else I love you so stay
blessed and I will see you in the next
video which will be Friday alright you
guys we love you tell the people you
love them mama this I found love ya
oh well guess I’m basing your voice
today don’t you alright you guys love
you bye

William Babineau


  1. Oh gosh. Okay. Publix I forgot name but has a wrap now 3gcarbs. I looked up a printable chart for 100 days keto starting Saturday to keep me cheat free and fire till my birthday. Yeah

  2. You were really working it out girl. Good for you. I'm not sure how you're gonna take this but can I just say you are not at all fat. I would consider you to be average size. And I would love to be your size. But anyway nothing wrong with exercise to stay healthy. Be blessed.

  3. Ty for sharing. Im going home in August and om gonna go to the cemetery and visit my mom. I get it….

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