LCHF | Low carbo keto recipe | Beef Broccoli Mushroom stir fry

Today we are going to prepare
a dish with beef, mushroom and broccoli
we thought of preparing this dish because
nowadays many people
prefer to take low carbo diet
for them,
not many easy recipes are there to follow
even when we decided to follow LCHF diet,
easy to prepare dishes were very few
that’s why we decided to prepare this dish
In this dish, mainly
three ingredients are used, one is beef
then broccoli and then mushroom, only these three ingredients
are used in this dish
First, we have to marinate beef
we have taken a very small quantity here
We have taken a 100 gms of
beef, 100 gms of beef cut into
small pieces, very thin pieces
to marinate this we need
soy sauce
half teaspoon soy sauce is needed
then, pepper as required
this is crushed pepper, not finely powdered
we will add this pepper
then we need salt as required
now we will mix this
we will marinate this fo 15 to 20 minutes
To prepare broccoli, beef, mushroom
first, we need broccoli
we have some broccoli florets here
first, we will cook this broccoli in little water
we can cook broccoli by steaming also, but now to cook fastly we are putting in
water and cooking broccoli

little water
pour very little water as required
salt as required, firstly we have to
cook this
broccoli is being cooked
Now we will heat another pan
and will add olive oil, we can also use butter
but here we are using
olive oil
to this a pinch
of sugar is added
oil is heat now we will add garlic
finely chopped garlic
almost 4 garlic is there
4, 5 garlic is there, finely chopped
to this, we will
add the marinated beef, with soy sauce and pepper,
we marinated beef, very thin slices
of beef, so it will be cooked easily
will add it

we will put the flame to low and cover and
cook beef
our broccoli is cooked now
we will keep it aside
our beef is almost cooked now
to this, we will add sliced

we have taken 8 button mushroom
small 8 button mushroom is used
will increase flame for sometime

we have added salt when we marinated beef
so add salt if only required

this dish with beef
is suitable for those who are following low carbo diet
and can be prepared easily, mushroom
is used in a low carb diet,
broccoli is used in low carb diet,
also, beef is used in the keto diet

we have sauted this with mushroom
so now broccoli
that we cooked will be added to this

when we marinated we added salt
when we cooked broccoli we added salt, so no need to add salt
so taste and if needed then only add salt

to this now we will add little soy sauce, don’t add too much
because we have already added soy sauce when we marinated
so add very little

little pepper to sprinkle

our dish is ready, we will have it hot

William Babineau

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