LIVE IT: Vegan Cauliflower Stuffing

(upbeat theme music) – [Chef Cory] All too often the holidays can be full of high calorie, high carbohydrate indulgent foods. However it doesn’t have to be a season to stray from
a healthy lifestyle, nor do we have to compromise on flavor. (easy theme music) Here is a lower carbohydrate alternative to a traditional bread based stuffing, and we’re here to prove
bread does not have to be an essential part
of a tasty stuffing. The base ingredients are the veggies, so when preparing the stuffing, we wanna keep the veggies big enough so that when they are done baking, we know what we’re eating. (easy theme music) Look at all these beautiful fall colors. The cauliflower will get soft and tender, while the celery and carrots will stay slightly crunchy, and with the chewiness of the raisins and the crunch of the walnuts, this dish will sure to be
a treat for the palette (easy theme music) Aw, perfect. Be sure to roast the veggies until the tips turn brown. This is chef Cory saying happy and healthy holidays.

William Babineau

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