Losing It For Good: Tracking Local Nurse’s Progress on Keto Diet

SPECIAL REPORT STINGER BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES SHOWING THE SUCCESS OF A WEIGHT-LOSS SURGERY CALLED A SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY. BUT AFTER DROPPING OVER 100 POUNDS..MARCY BONES HAD TROUBLE MAINTAINING HER NEW WEIGHT…GAINING 30 OF THOSE POUNDS BACK. THAT’S WHY SHE TURNED TO THE KETO DIET. I JOINED DR. ANGELA DRAKE FROM ARNOT HEALTH IN TRACKING HER PROGRESS ON THE DIET FOR THE LAST MONTH. FIRST 6 SECONDS ARE NAT SOUND YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’VE TRIED EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK BUT THOSE STUBBORN EXTRA POUNDS JUST KEEP CLINGING ON. “Weight has been a struggle my whole life” LEADING MANY OF US TO TURN TO EXTREMES OR FAD DIETS. “I’ve tried the army diet..I’ve tried the cabbage soup diet..I’ve tried intermittent fasting” BUT MARCY BONES IS PROOF THAT THE KETO DIET..IS ONE FAD THAT MAY BE STICKING AROUND. “When I don’t have as many carbs my whole body feels better I don’t ache as bad and I know it sounds crazy but it’s true” A SINGLE MOM TAKING CARE OF TWO BOYS….AND A NURSE TAKING CARE OF PATIENTS A DAY…IT’S EASY TO SEE HOW MARCY WOULD STRUGGLE TO FIND THE TIME TO TAKE CARE OF HERSELF. “Being a single mom I’m always trying to prepare my meals and have it ready, baseball starts this week” BUT 14 POUNDS LATER…SHE’S CLEARLY FOUND A SWEET SPOT. SOT “I feel good” A SWEET SPOT WITHOUT SUGAR. SOT “I do sugar free jello, that has 1 carb in it” AND BASICALLY NO CARBS. SOT”I’m more aware of what has carbs and what doesn’t..before? Not so aware.” IT’S CALLED THE KETO DIET. THE GOAL IS TO REPLACE YOUR CARB INTAKE WITH FATS AND PROTEINS…AND PUT YOUR BODY IN A METABOLIC STATE CALLED “KETOSIS” SOT “On Wednesday I did go into ketosis and about Friday/Saturday I felt a lot better” IT WAS TOUGH AT FIRST.. “First week was pretty rough” “I had a headache I was really rundown” BUT ONCE SHE STARTED SEEING PROGRESS, THERE WAS NO STOPPING HER. SOT “So you’re almost 10 pounds now for just over three weeks” “nobody’s perfect and you can’t always get it right but you’re practicing every day” “I did sign up for a 5K” “Sounds like enough to keep anybody going..absolutely” AND THE GRAND TOTAL. “196.8…14 pounds since April 1st” MARCY SAYS PREPARATION WAS KEY TO HER SUCCESS. “I work next to Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, Blimpie, Champion..all excellent food but not the healthiest choice” KEEPING KETO-FRIENDLY SNACKS ON HAND SHOULD A CRAVING STRIKE. “The protein chips were really good and the protein crisps – those are sweet- those were delicious” AND TRACKING HER WEIGHT AND PROGRESS THROUGH APPS ON HER SMARTPHONE “On Tuesday I did go over but I was pretty good after that and I just kept at it” LIZ STAND-UP: “The keto diet definitely is a fad gaining in popularity over the last few years, even being the most searched diet on Google in the year 2018..but like any fad its also surrounded by criticism…people questioning if it really works or if it’s even safe” BUT BASED ON MARCY’S SUCCESS…IF DONE THE RIGHT WAY.IT CAN BE SIMPLE, SAFE AND low-calorie, it’s a healthy diet” WHILE SHE DOESN’T PLAN TO KEEP WITH THE KETO LONG- TERM…SHE DOES WANT TO MAINTAIN A LOW-CARB LIFESTYLE. AND SHE’S EVEN MANAGED TO GET HER FAMILY ON BOARD. “My mom, my aunts and uncles are gonna be starting it” BY SHARING HER SUCCESS..MARCY HOPES TO INSPIRE PEOPLE..NOT TO NECESSARILY GO KETO…BUT TO SIMPLY PRACTICE SELF-CARE. “That’s the main part of this because I do want to be there for my kids, I wanna run around with them. It’s our goal to live longer,and more quality lives” TO FOLLOW MARCY’S JOURNEY WEEK-TO- WEEK..HEAD TO OUR WEBSITE MYTWINTIERS.COM FOR A WEB-EXCLUSIVE VIDEO. TIME NOW IS… COMING UP NEXT ON 18 NEWS TODAY:

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