McLennan Quick Tips presents Healthy Snacks

Hi, my name is Kenda Mullert and I’m the Wellness
Coordinator for MCC, and I wanted to take this
time to show you how I make a healthy snack.
The first thing I need to do is make sure
I have all four components for a healthy snack.
The four components are a healthy protein,
a healthy fat, healthy grain or fruits, and
a healthy vegetable. So lets see what I’ve
got today. Okay, I have a couple slices of
deli meat, that’s my healthy protein. My dairy
would also serve as a little bit of a protein,
but more so for this case it would be a healthy
fat. So I’m gonna wrap my string cheese with
my deli meat, and munch away. It’s half my
healthy snack. The second part of my healthy
snack is some vegetable slices. I’ve sliced
up some red bell peppers, it’s one of my favorites.
It’s actually real sweet and crunchy, and
then the last part of my snack is a healthy
fruit. I have strawberries in this case. You
can have anything grain, you can have a cracker
or two, or maybe a slice of toast, but all
four things need to be present when you make
a healthy snack because your carbohydrates
are your quick source of energy, that’s your
grain and fruits, so it’s gonna spike up your
blood sugar just a little bit to give you
a quick burst of energy. Your vegetables provide
you the nutrients that your cells so desperately
need to give you sustainable energy. Your
healthy fat is what gives you energy for the
long haul, it also helps create an immune
system that’s healthy and lasting and can
break through the common germs and then the
protein is also gonna help recover your cells
when they get damaged with stress or exercise.
It also has a high level of which means
it’s gonna help keep you full longer, so when
we make a healthy snack remember the four
components. We got protein, healthy fat, healthy
grain or fruit, and a healthy vegetable. Alright,
thanks for joining me.

William Babineau

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