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  1. She lost her cartilage from taking antibiotics. I know because it happened to me and there was a huge lawsuit recently against it.

  2. Extreme diet for extremely sick people like her. Happy for her but for most people just beef and salt will kill you.

  3. 7:30 “no known allergies”, but isn’t that list just pointing to allergies?

  4. I have the exact same name as her spelled like it and everything (except the last name ofc)

  5. This is what Frank Tufano has been doing blogs for years. But because she is Jordan Peterson daughter people are paying attention.

  6. Flowing medical establishment advice just drive us straight to the grave faster.
    The medical system it is a sham, a system to sell drugs and make $$$$.

    The best doctor is yourself, get informed, test the foods stay away from toxic foods.

  7. I think you just have to wait to see you are on a wrong pathway .
    When other things creep up switch to high carb raw vegan and try the difference.
    thanks and get.well you are still.on the bypass road

  8. How refreshing and inspirational, Mikhaila!! You give me SUCH HOPE that perhaps I'm still feeling terrible while eating a nose to tail carnivore diet because I'm allergic/sensitive to raw egg yolks, wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Sardines, the fresh lemon I eat to help remove oxalates safely from my kidneys, or the raw liver I eat each day? I'll give myself another week eating these foods, as I did finally just remove romaine lettuce yesterday after being vegan/raw vegan for most of my adult life…I'm now 58 years old. I've taken the past year to gradually remove plants from my diet after doctors told me last summer that I would die in the near future if I continued the vegan diet and I HAD to start eating red meat and fish to bring me out of the starvation mode that my body was in. I was totally unable to absorb nutrients. I've been completely exhausted, brain fog, sore stiff joints and muscles, neuropathy in my swollen feet and ankles, hair falling out, unable to gain weight. I'm 5' 8" tall and currently weigh 96 pounds. Praying the carnivore diet will reverse the damage that plants and other foods and environmental exposures have done to my body and put me on the path towards healing and being filled with vitality once again. I also have the homozygous genes for Celiac and MTHFR. Wondering if I'm also extremely sensitive to most foods and will I only be able to thrive on pasture raised beef or wild bison and salt… Thank you SO much for sharing your story with the world, Mikhaila!! You're saving SO many lives! You are a Gift from God! 💖

  9. Just don't eat sugar or grains or fruit. Even blueberries and strawberries have deadly carbs…

  10. One thing that you might not have considered but being of a Northern clime, you might well be VERY deficient of sunlight and the prodction of Vitamin D3, it has so many facets of cellular effects that list along with your problems. D3 and K2 together as supplement might help you and Dad. Sunlight or plain old UvB is something to try, costs sod all to do it but all my researches have led me that way. Look up Vitamin D the sunshine vitamin , by Michael Hollick , on youtube he explains so much about the genes effects.

  11. I have all the same symptoms that she has but just in a much milder form. Time to go carnivore. I never knew that the gum bleeding that I get from time to time and tends to not go away for a while is autoimmune related.
    I've learned so much from this video! Thank you!

  12. Wheat is not food, wheat is not food, wheat is not food, wheat is not food, wheat is not food, wheat is not food, wheat is not food, wheat is not food…
    Effect of Gliadin on Permeability of Intestinal Biopsy Explants from Celiac Disease Patients and Patients with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
    5. Conclusions

    This study demonstrates that gliadin exposure induces an increase in intestinal permeability in all individuals, regardless of whether or not they have celiac disease.

  13. Thank you and your dad should be very proud you are so wise.

  14. Jordan Peterson isn't renowned for being a clinical psychologist, he's infamous for being an arsehat. That said, I'm glad that Mikhaila and her father have found a diet that addresses their respective health issues.

  15. You know, the medical industry should be ashamed of themselves. Thats what they are, and industry. They have become drug pushers for big Pharma. how could any frigging doctor not help this girl??? or use COMMON SENSE???? makes me so mad 😡 I take on my husbands cardiologist at every possible opportunity, I think he would love me to stop coming to all of my husbands appointments, I questioned him about cholesterol and you know he cannot disagree that the body needs it but their training brainwashes them to see it as the antichrist!

  16. I hate the people who try to frame this as she is saying this is the holy grail of nutrition. What she describes are her own experiences and experiments that despite modern medicine creating more hurdles, have led to her being able to control a massive health issue. All she is saying is sometimes you need to be more proactive in finding solutions to your own issues. I'd say if I was on the cusp of having multiple joint replacement surgeries I'd give it a punt just from listening to her experience. Sure there are those that would say you're just replacing one set of issues with another but wouldn't you want to choose those that debilitated you the least or that you have the most control of???

  17. Reallly bad diet. Cutting out dairy is fine, but consuming mainly meat, salt and water is not. All the healthy and essential compounds from vegetables and fruit are missing. Also, most people don't have an issue with gluten, they do in fact have an issue with highly glycemic 'refined' grains. Try whole grain products.

  18. Yes, you have to sacrifice eating out when you clean up your diet because one of the most important things to avoid is ALL oils and most restaurants use oils for cooking except really expensive ones. Fortunately that saves you a ton of money so you can buy some good quality foods from the stores 👍

  19. The binge eating thing I agree with completely, but it's difficult when you're living with family.

  20. I watched few Petersons lectures over internet some time ago, but just now after reading comments Irealised it is the same person on the picture! His daughter story bring a whole new level to what hes teaching.

  21. This doofus Jordan Peterson is a status quo shill. His status quo just happens to be one from decades ago

    With all his supposed insight and intelligence, this moron got on all those pharmaceuticals and put his kid daughter on them too? Lolll

    You can get degrees but it won’t make you smart folks

  22. If you could do childhood all over again what age would you go Carnivore ?

  23. Jordan should be proud to have brought up such a gem! I'm glad to hear they have both improved their health situation…

  24. Thank God for her sharing. This is making an incredible difference. I'm 70 and my body is getting powerful and ripped.

  25. Instead of 'going out to eat', go out to exercise. The Greeks were big on a social gym culture, there's bush walks or going down the beach too. Absorb some sun, share the experience with friends. Bless.

  26. I’ve got my ideas/theories on it, but the people I tend to look up to the most/see as the most intelligent seem to have anxiety and depression

  27. I have watched hours of Jordan Peterson and it’s such a joy to see his daughter! Great job Jordan!

    And what a HOT Mom! Jeez, I want to look like that at 47, how amazing!

  28. i was listening to dr berg on youtube. he describes these symptons also and reccomends keto diet with intermittamt fasting.

  29. Western medicine is 90% failure. These clowns can't cure a damn thing, but sure can prescribe a medication to mask symptoms. Both my parents are dead and both were on multiple medications that slowly robbed them of their lives. I've seen too many people prescribed so many medications it boggles the mind. It's disgusting. Many doctors are just fucking pill pushers. Not that we don't have any need for the medical establishment as it does have its place. It's just it's too much of a money-making industry now for doctors and big pharma. Also, this type of diet is not for everyone. I don't do well on it at all. My body had multiple symptoms that were only resolved on a vegan diet. I still don't believe a long term meat diet is optimal since human biology requires a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, phenols, sterols, good fats, good carbs, amino acids, fibers, etc that are not provided with a carnivore diet. Too many clinical studies have proven that fruits and vegetables can reverse disease and aging, et al, Dr. Ornish, Dr. Longo, etc. and that too much protein accelerates aging and disease. Research it. It's the gut that determines physical and mental health. Whatever your choice, good health to all….

  30. Mikhaila, I was recently diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis after spending 20 years in complete misery and blinding pain. You and your father genuinely have saved my life. I cannot thank you enough for doing the digging for me to discover a diet that has helped heal me. I start biologics Monday and but the diet change alone has already taken so much of the redness out of my skin, lifted a CRIPPLING depression/daily anxiety, and allowed me to actually walk. Aside from the physical relief, having the peace of mind from knowing that I truly am sick is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. I know you’ll never see this, but I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and my older brother (also diagnosed).

    You are my HERO. God bless you, and God bless the Peterson family.

  31. So I'm curious about the nutrition aspect of this kind of diet, is it supplemented with vitamins? or you just do a wide variety of greens with the beef to cover those other nutrients?

  32. I wonder if you were vaccinated?
    All these issues are far more common in vaccinated children.

    What’s in a Vaccine?

    Future generations will struggle to believe that in the Information Age we injected healthy babies with these poisons repeatedly in the name of health.

    Aluminium: highly neurotoxic and lots of it in most vaccines. 'Aluminium has been linked to all sorts of brain disorders.' (Dr Chris Shaw.) 'Aluminium sets the immune system on fire.' (Dr Suzanne Humphries) 🔥🔥🔥
    ‘When we looked at autism brains we found critical cells to be full of aluminium.’ Dr Chris Exley
    Formaldehyde: ‘A toxic chemical with a strong, pungent odor and a variety of associated health hazards.’ (remember the pickled frogs in the science lab?) 🐸🐸🐸
    Human foetal DNA from aborted foetuses. This can confuse and distort the immune system of the whole body creating autoimmune issues such as cancer. (Dr Theresa Deisher) 😐😳😰.
    Animal DNA: including cow, monkey and even insects 🐵🐮 🐛
    Polysorbate 80: is a surfactant which allows toxins to cross the blood/brain barrier, linked to infertility in mice.😓💉😨😀😀
    Monosodium Glutamate: the exitotoxin you prefer to avoid when eating cheap Chinese food. 🍜
    Glutaraldehyde: disinfectant so strong you need hazmat gear to use it. ☠️😱😳
    Glyphosate: Because vaccines are not organic, the gelatin they contain has been found to be contaminated with this weed killer ingredient. (Anthony Samsel).
    In August 2018 it was ruled to be a carcinogen in a US court. 🍂☠️🍂☠️🍂

    The current Australian vaccine schedule, (starting with 30 vaccines and well over 3 milligrams aluminium before the age of 12 months) has swapped predictable childhood diseases (now harmless when correctly treated) with long term chronic conditions including asthma, allergies, Crohn’s disease, eczema, ear infections adhd, (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder), autism and SIDS.

    Dr Paul Thomas: live data from his practice.
    The vaccine free are far healthier.

    Today doctors in Australia will inject these ingredients into new borns and babies only two, four and six months. This schedule has NEVER been long term tested for safety or effectiveness in any official studies.
    All the smaller studies we have found around the world show very clearly that the vaccine free are far healthier.

    'You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say you did not know.'


  33. What is WRONG with our food that we can't even tolerate organic normal healthy carb foods? I mean greens? I suggest Round Up contamination, bit it may be something else.

  34. I think this story was interesting. I am a vegan and I am perfectly fine with the vegan diet. From my understanding, not everyone can eat the same as everyone else. Because everyone is different. I consume a lot of soy and I am perfectly fine. Many people who are Japanese Korean also consume a lot of soy. I think the main point is using your own judgement. Find a diet that fit perfectly fine with you.

  35. How does she cook the meat? What about cooking fats like olive oil and butter?

  36. In the long term I worry this will be a cancer promoting diet, especially without any green vegetables. Also depending on how the meat is prepared and cooked. She should introduce more variety again as soon as possible. For anyone who can tolerate other foods they should eat as much variety they can bar refined foods. Never overeat anything.
    Also she should take vitamin D to 5000 to 10,000 IU per day depending on blood tests. Being deficient in that (common in Canada) can alone predispose to immune dysfunction including autoimmunity, arthritis and cancer

  37. I’m
    Super sensitive. May need to eliminate dairy. Than you so much

  38. lol. isn't western medicine wonderful.
    Doctors are.stupid. literally. Stupid.
    they kill there patients and do not realize what they are doing. That is pure ignorance. Pure stupidity.
    I had the same experience. I healed myself.

  39. Her childhood pain, and doctors everywhere are doing it to other kids NOW with these problems.

  40. I feel so blessed not to have these problems and that I can eat gluten and fruits and vegetables without any problems.

  41. Such a gem this one… This whole family is working on saving the world. Lots of love.

  42. Did you get the ton of childhood vaccines pushed on most children ? In my state it is mandatory to go to daycare or school. We are fighting to get it changed, Dr Sherry Tenpenny here on Youtube for those who do not know the dangers of vaccines.

  43. I am happy that you are healthy now! Some great anecdotes here too. Here is my story: I switched to a relatively low meat diet (typically only with my evening meal, about 3 to 4 oz of meat per meal, and about 3 to 4 times per week) and eat predominately plants including grains. I stopped eating processed foods as well; well nearly, chocolate is still pretty hot and tempting. After making the switch I lost my dad body, found my abs and felt strong enough to join a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competing against guys in their 20's (I'm pushing 50). My story is anecdotal too but hey, I did smash the Hulk and Thanos!

  44. But hey did you try vegan diet? I've heard on the internets that this diet consisting 70% of pure fructose is good for you!!

  45. I hope that she was tested for Lyme's disease. this causes many health problems. and is a serious problem. Jean.

  46. A three-day hard dry fast(no food or water, don't even touch water ie. no bathing, brushing teeth, etc) killed my sugar cravings dead.

  47. I would be willing to wager a hefty bet that Mikhalia’s issues are childhood vaccine related…

  48. Happy you are now ok.Been through the feeling that i will die and have been now almost a year carnivore and never felt better.Only stiff hands left to heal but will get there.take care

  49. God bless this beautiful and sexy woman. She's got a great mom and dad obviously and she's blessed Dr P with a grandchild, how inspiring is that. God bless and keep and protect that whole loving family. So rare these days to find functionality in family. Praise God in heaven.

  50. tbh with constant anxiety like a year ago and even now, the only times it truly went away was when i'm fasting for 2-3 days or eating just meat.

  51. Bless her heart, she went through some really tough things, but they ended up helping us massively.  Thank you for sharing this. 😉

  52. Unusual to see so many positive comments about anything on YouTube. Nice to see. Good luck to the Petersons.

  53. That joke about her dad crying on stage was just wholesome :'D put a huge smile on my face

  54. I like this presentation. I'm low carb and favor meat and feel good eating vary little veggies. I'm happy.

  55. That's weird to look at Mikhaila's mother . She have a body of young lady and face look slightly older .
    Btw. It's huge compliment!

  56. I went on an old meat diet for only 3 days. I had to stop because it did a number on my digestive system, and it took me a week to recover. But for those 3 days, I wasn’t hungry.

  57. so i had blood sugar problem, it happened after i stopped working. for about a year, if i eat carbs the BS goes upto 360 even though i stopped consuming sugar. i had to eat medicine(gluco red forte ) for about a month to reduce the BS to below 150. if i eat even a little bit of sugar it will again go upto 300 and above. i have to take the medicine to keep the BS under control.

    it changed after i started a low carb diet, my meal plan is as follows
    2 halfboil eggs made with ghee + 2 slice of wheat bread(50g carbs)
    100g beef + 50g beef liver +50-100g beef fat + 2 slice of wheat bread or 1 chappathi and 1 slice of bread as lunch
    a steamed banana + egg in night.(rarely)
    i also eat salad sometimes(a mix of cucumber, lemon, apple cider vinegar, carrot, onion)
    in first week, my BS went from 360 to 125 and in next week it went to 115. the measurements 115 and 125 is taken after eating a high carb meal in wedding and eating ice cream. u cannot avoid carbs in festive occasions. this result is after i stooped taking medicine.

    i want to go full keto, but my mother is not allowing it. she is a doctor, and they are the hardest type to convince.

  58. I recently cut out all carbs after experiencing similar problems. I feel way better and it’s only been a month. Getting a lot of probiotics through yogurt.

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