Did you get that?
Hey, hey everybody its Lauren Toyota of hot for food
And today I’m super stoked very excited because I’m showing you how to make mini vegan powder donuts
Yes, just like the kind you get at the carnival or the fair in the summer super tasty
Very nostalgic for me, and I’m sure for you as well
Thanks so much to Tefal for sponsoring and collaborating with me on today’s video
It is the Tefal EZ Clean Fryer I’m gonna show you how to use today so that you can deep fry these
tasty little morsels at home
I just think having a fryer like this is essential if you’re gonna be deep-frying quite a bit and you want to deep fry with
Ease, it keeps everything contained. You don’t have to worry about the temperature or having an extra thermometer
It doesn’t splash everywhere and it makes cleanup a breeze
So particularly with the Tefal EZ Clean Fryer
it has an automatic oil filtration system that drains, filters, and stores the oil for future use which means all the oil just
automatically goes down into this bottom container and
You can use your oil multiple times as I’ve mentioned in the past and also in my cookbook
Where I did use a fryer quite a bit and we’re gonna reuse this oil today
We’re gonna start the process again and heat it up to about 365 Fahrenheit to make these mini powdered donuts today
So the first thing for the dough is non-dairy milk and to this you’re going to add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
Let that sit aside then mix together a flax egg so you’ve got ground flax and water
Give it a stir and then set that aside as well and it will thicken in about 10 minutes
And now you want to properly measure two cups of all-purpose flour
So you’re spooning flour into your measuring cup like this
And then leveling it off
Before adding to the bowl
Now add some sugar, baking powder, sea salt, and cinnamon give this a quick whisk to combine it
So now with your thickened milk and vinegar mixture you can add your flax egg
Some vanilla extract and two tablespoons of melted vegan butter
All right, make a little well in your dry ingredients here and pour the liquid stuff in
And now fold it together until it’s pretty well combined
So you’re gonna get sort of a sticky ball of dough
Once you don’t see any dry ingredients crumbling around you’re gonna turn this ball of dough over onto a floured surface
You’re gonna need a good quarter of a cup of extra flour for this bowl rolling out process
This dough is fairly sticky, but you’re gonna just make sure it’s coated in a bit of extra flour
Now don’t overwork this too much
Just get it into a nice soft ball
Kind of pat it down with your hand you’re going for about an inch to an inch and a quarter thick
Make sure it doesn’t stick
You don’t need to roll it you just kind of want to pat it out
Then take a sort of 2-inch cookie cutter and cut
Out as many circles as you can
Now remove all this excess I’m gonna show you how to make the little hole in the middle
So a couple of things to keep in mind here because there’s baking powder in this and it’s activated right now
You don’t want the stove sitting around for too long
You want to be cutting out donuts, poking holes,
throwing into the fryer, and then continuing to cut out donuts and doing this sort of in a repetitive assembly-line fashion
That way you’re gonna get the freshest sort of doughy as puffiest donuts possible. So this is how I’ve decided to make the holes
I don’t know if there’s a more clever way. I think this is pretty clever. I have a chopstick dust it with flour
Stick it down the center now. It’s not a huge hole. These are mini doughnuts, right so I sort of like
fling the doughnut around like this until there’s a good sized
Little hole in the center. I don’t know if you won’t really see it
But it will be visible. Once they cook now to set that aside. These are all gonna go on the fryer at once
And then we’ll do a second batch
So stick the thing in like this and then kind of fling it around
To get an even hole in the center
The thing you just have to keep in mind when you’re doing this is dusting the chopstick because the dough is sticky
but it’s manageable
I mean I don’t know how they do it at those food trucks, but this is my message
Wooden chopsticks are very handy for many things. So you just hook the basket on the side
place your donuts in the basket
So set the basket in the oil
Place the lid on and set the timer for five minutes. The other great thing about the Tefal Z Clean Fryer
Is that it has precise temperature control as you saw on the dial, so it regulates the temperature throughout the frying process
That means you’re not guessing which can be dangerous
And also no oil is splashing around here with one minute left
Give the doughnuts a little flip with your chopstick to get the bottom the same color golden brown here
You can see they’re nice and poufy and then just let them fry another minute/minute and a half
And now you can lift the basket up and hook it again
Just let them sit there for a second while the excess oil drips back off
Then you can remove the donuts onto a wire rack over top of a baking sheet
So let the donuts sit for just a little bit. They will stay warm because they’re very hot
You just fried them
But you don’t want them too hot when you sugar them because then the sugar gets a little bit too sticky and wet I find
So just let them sit for like I don’t know five to ten minutes here
They will remain warm the temperature valve inside
the fryer is gonna let the oil sit until it’s safe to actually do the filtering and no other fryer on the market has the
Safety feature and then it’s gonna drain into this bottom compartment and then you’re ready to store it for future use
I don’t know about you, but this seems a little too easy
We’re almost done. Okay, so I have like a parchment paper bag. You could use a brown lunch bag
very loud
Open it up dump your sugar in
Alright this is the fun part!
Okay, like if you’re a savage like me you would just eat them out of the bag
Okay, well
Hang on I need to… I’m transporting back in time
I’m five years old. I don’t like roller coasters. So I eat donuts all day instead hahaha
Oh my god, they’re crunchy on the outside moist and cakey on the inside
There’s literally nothing better in life than this
How fun is this you could give everyone their like own little bag of doughnuts it makes kind of big bag but
Mmm, I think we’re getting powder everywhere
Because this is hot for food we have to do a little plating sequence so stand by
How sexy are these mini vegan powdered Donuts
Make sure to check the link in the description below so you can get your own Tefal EZ Clean Fryer as well as the
Recipe for these donuts on hoppy food blog com. All right enough. Yackety-yak
I would like to transport back in time to my childhood and eat these babies once again
These are crazy
They’re uncanny. In fact, they’re better than the ones at the carnival because one of the carnival tastes like
Like they’re really bad for you these kinds don’t really taste it they’re bad for you there’s flax in them
Come on
Gettin’ fiber
Oh my god
Mmm now these have to be shared I can’t get all these
That’d be nuts
All right. Thank you for watching guys
Mmm, follow me @hotforfood. If you make these share a photo, a video, a snap, we’d love to see it
Mmm, I don’t let me know what you think thumbs up to this video
Share it subscribe. I’ll be back next week. I’m here every Wednesday
Cooking up vegan love I’m hot for food and hot for donuts and all the things. Okay. Bye

William Babineau


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