Most productive cattle breeds in the world | Highest Quality Milk Production👍👍👍

Jersey Championship How beautiful they are! Best of the Bests They are competing for first place Which one is more productive? Their slogan is: Less consumption More Production Little Fragment from Jersey life circle The average weight at birth is 25 kilogramms The Jersey Heifers can Become Pregnant at 15 Month old. İn moderate conditions they give 4,84% butterfat and 3,95% protein. They give 5000 liters of milk per lactation. The average weight of the cows is 450 kilograms. The average weight of the cows is 450 kilograms. Cidago height: Males-130 cm, Females-120 cm

William Babineau


  1. I love Jersey cow, thanks for sharing the video

  2. Quiten la musica y espliquen algo sobre el ganado que están presentando

  3. very true jersey cow survive in Asian country . but not truth 100litter figure.

  4. Dutch Cows give way more milk then those cows this is a joke right best milking cow 😂🤣😁

  5. Soy un princiante en lo q es ganado lechero y es muy lindo lo q se ve en este programa los felicito a todos los integrante de ganado lechero bendiciones para todos

  6. Fuck off…..these cows are unable to walk properly due to huge fore udder by making big with artificial injection boosters, look at their pain

  7. nice one mate and a half hours ago by the time to time to time to do it is the best

  8. Sorry I am a expert and jersey are not the best Holstein are the breed that produce the most milk in the world

  9. Why the hell you need music for this beautiful video you ruined it all videos video

  10. Спасибо вам за таких прекрасных видео Я очень люблю коров

  11. Мне бы такую корову,люблю коров!Хотя бы теленочка из этой породы!

  12. Бир туган бундай пароданы кайдан тапса болады сонда видиона рахмет улкен

  13. Namalu chumma 4 litters karanfadu bcaz of gaaika popular Bihar 😄

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