My Eating Disorder Story | Bulimia Recovery – Skinny to Strong 我的暴食症故事

Today, I want to share with you my journey to bulimia an eating disorder that I got around two years ago
And how I recovered from it
I want to make this video because I know that a lot of times for those of you who are also struggling at your own journeys
sometimes you can feel lonely, you can feel like people around you don’t really understand what you’re going through I hope that by sharing my story
You would know that you’re not alone, and there’s hope there’s light and one day you’ll be okay
I’m not embarrassed anymore to talk about it because
It made me who I am and it led me to where I am right now in my health and Fitness journey
To eventually reach this mindset that my worth does not come from how much abs I have or how skinny
I am and now along the follow a research his diet
I live by work out to eat
And I just want to give myself permission to just be
Happy and enjoy this one life that we have a little bit background about myself
This part might be a bit repetitive for those of you who have already watched my 24 week
Weight loss journey video. Which is a quick recap during my teenage years I never really work out
I was really lazy and then going into college
I was partying day and night and getting drunk passing out every few times a week. I ate
Whatever junk foods that I wanted to and I end up having some health problems in around
2015 and 2014 and I was in and out of the hospital for a few months
That’s when I realized I needed to cut back on the drinking but fitness was still something that never moving across my mind
especially difference
How weak I was at the time and then my health situation has got better, and I just downloaded the Instagram back
Then I was going through and seeing all these crazy transformation of girls
Losing a lot of weight
slimming down or getting abs thin in a really short period Of time and some of the
before picture could look just like how my body looks at the time
But in their after pictures they all transform into these fitness model bodies
I never thought
I could ever look fit or anything, but if all these girls could do it, I thought maybe I give it a try as well
That’s how I started my set of journey of working out and eating a clean diet at that time
I had no knowledge when it comes to health and fitness so a lot of it was just from googling butter bread says what to
Eat and what not to eat to lose weight
How to get abs I was still determined to look like all these beautiful fit girls one day whom I?
Idolized on Instagram every week I was in progress photo to see if I might mention called transformation
And I would spent endless hours
Just going on Instagram comparing others
Transformations to my own freaking out including that about myself thinking what am I doing wrong?
But I’m not achieving the same results and I start eating too much not training enough
It is time to make more drastic changes in my lifestyle?
And I was so consumed with the idea that if I could have the same amazing transformation in my body
I would somehow be happy it was all that
I wanted and I let all this get into my head and then quietly took over and I started to get into this
doctor present place of self-doubt
Investigation to lose more fat eye surgery increased my workouts to six to seven times a week and sometimes I would squeeze
three workout sessions in a day also care not when it comes to food as also need to eat a hundred percent clean all the
Time in order to keep losing weight as the press myself so much from eating all the foods that I used to love and I
Have them naturally a huge appetite
I normally eat more than my
So during their space that which are starving all the time even a little bit of sauce and oil on a piece of chicken breast
After autumn or hot water to wash it all sometimes about work lunches or dinners
I would just eat some nuts or a few pieces of apples beforehand, and then during the whole meal
I would sit there with everyone eating the yummy food
I would just sit there in water
And refusing to eat anything most people thought
I was so weird and they couldn’t understand it and during this phase
I got really defensive every time when people add why eating too little why are you getting too skinny?
Why you so obsessed with eating all this healthy food, and I was just like why all these people judging me?
Why should they leave me alone like they don’t understand. What a healthy lines are really
Despite the fact that I kept dropping weight no matter what I saw in a mirror I felt fat because I was a completely irrational
Unhealthy and Distorted idea of a healthy body image
And you didn’t understand why I couldn’t look like all those girls that I saw Instagram
And why the transformations are so much better than mine it all went downhill from here
I started to feel guilty about every single bite of food that put into my mouth even a spoonful of rice
Was contributing to making me feel fat and all the work out efforts would be going to waste to answer to make myself
so amused because i was so scared I would get fat from
Food and I didn’t talk to anyone about it because it’s all I knew that it was healthy and is wrong
I was so ignorant at the time that I didn’t even realize the long-term physical harm
that I was doing to my body I could we thought that I found the perfect solution
For me to one day reach my body goals ironically. This was also the period of time that my
Transformation photos or getting more attention on Instagram
And I thought wow this working land finally getting closer to my goal is to become one of those ig fit girls
I told myself that if I could look all good and awesome on social Media then I must be happy but
We found I was miserable
I hated my body when I served by myself in the mirror and I started to feel like
My social Media was all lies because I pretended to be this healthy and happy person
But I was really not
This less is around happier and the moment that I snap out of it and realized that I need to change was when I finally
Decided to tell my boyfriend Chad was at an all-you-Can-eat buffet and after months of so much depression
And eating just all clean food when I saw French fries. I just could not stop eating it
I kept stopping – to my face and obviously I felt super guilty up though
And so I went to the toilet and I threw up
Now I came back to the table
He asked me why I was there for so long, and I finally decided to tell the truth
He was a first shot to here and he was very surprise that I didn’t think it was a big problem
And that’s when he started to be out all the potential health problems that I could have including Chronic stomach health problems
Fertility issues esophagus cancer heart attack even just teeth problems at that moment. I was like holy shit
I didn’t know that
I could make myself so sick with this simple action of just throwing up after eating it was some time for all this
Information to slowly sink in and the recovery didn’t happen overnight
I would say this was at least the beginning of me realizing that I was harming my body
And it is in no way making me feel happy healthy and strong
I’ve always believed in the power and shame ups of mine
And it knows it if I can put my mind into it the recovery journey might be long
But it’s not impossible i was very lucky to has the support of my boyfriend
And we set goals to slowly reduce the frequency of throwing up after meals
And so we allow myself to be less restrictive when it comes to eating and also instead of working out every single day
I learned to give myself rest days
Resumes were you reading about facts help a lot
knowing that I do need to eat more from my body to have sufficient energy to fill my workouts and to be a muscle and
That my body does need rest days for muscles to recover and to keep growing so that I can progress in my fitness journey
What took the longest was the change of mindset that my was was?
About how much I weighed how good my ass look or how many like much estimation photos good, but it’s not body confidence
And there’s no point to keep comparing myself to other girls online or offline
This is the only body that I’ll ever have and I just caught up on it and day by day of this little effort here
and there is going to add up and
Until it becomes part of who I am I did not start to love my body all of a sudden
Well, I just wanted to take it step by step
and to embrace it
Just a little bit more every single day it not being more than two years since my recovery. I no longer follow Richard’s diet
I tried and didn’t work for me, and I know that
I’m not as lean as before, but I’m happier
And I’m in a much healthier
Relationship with food and that is relatively healthy so that we eat mostly home cook food but on the weekend and on vacation I do
Let myself to eat whatever yummy food i want the key now for me is balance, and it is a sustainable weight
I want a chance to live and enjoy my fitness journey
but recovering from an eating disorder does not mean that you’re
Magically healed and those negative feelings would never come back occasionally
The guilt and shame so there but I’ve also learned that it is okay to have these feelings
Embrace them be honest with yourself and learn to appreciate your own flaws in a different light then seek help is needed so that you
Can work through the struggles to slowly build on your confidence and your self-love
Recently I myself have been working with one website
call better health than online customs of it
And I have wanted to try therapy for a long time
Now look around in hong kong but typical counseling cost a lot more and it can also be inconvenient
So this is a much better option for me
basically you sign up and then you answer a questionnaire so that they can measure you with a licensed therapist who is
Specialized in the area that you need help on for example like me who has to be
mystery and a lot of anxiety in ship all depends on whether you’re religious your preferred language and the gender of the service as I
Can match my counselor immediately reach out to me?
And that’s how we started our messages, and you can also choose video chat or talking on the phone
But I myself more comfortable with just messages for now has really helped me a lot to stay positive
and to do with any chuckles than I have and
It’s just amazing to have someone very to talk to any time I know that
I’ve already helped over 600,000 people already, so if you’re interested, I’ll make adaptable and I’ll live I work out to eat
I stay active. I ain’t responsibly against this is my journey my recovery it might not work for everyone
So you need to listen to your body and she’s a lifestyle that works for you
I think it is very important to remember that there is no quick fix. I know that whatever we go online
We see it as an amazing transformation photo
sometimes people get that patience and consistency are
Key to reach any fitness goals the truth is even now most days when I look at the mirror
I don’t see visible progress
you just got to trust the process and sometimes it is six months or even years into the
Transformation that you want you might not be able to beta every day
I don’t make it a habit and part of your lifestyle and give your body the time that you need to reach your goals not
Extreme measures if you’re struggling I hope that after watching this video
You know that you’re not alone
And if you need someone to talk to you should always be just me on Instagram
And if I can do it you can do it too

William Babineau


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  19. What effects it will actually bring if u make urself throw up after meals ? Even if making urself to throw up a small portion? :)) anyways glad that you recovered !! keep it up and enjoy ur life !!

  20. When I was 16 I had an eating disorder myself. I started counting calories at first and after lowering down to 900kcal I slimmed down pretty fast but also got weaker. I didn't realised it until I was around 60 kilogramms (my height is 168cm) and I would only eat two apples a day and going below 300kcal. I never saw myself as skinny. I always thought I was fat even though my best friend started crying because she was worried for me.
    Now I am 21 and yes I have gained all the weight back but now I am not afraid to eat anymore. I enjoy the food I eat and I eat quite healthy but tasteful. And I am more motivated to work out then I ever had. Before, I only worked out to loose calories, now I work out to get strong.
    I don't regret this path. It has opened my eyes

  21. I understand how you felt I feel the same way currently I had a normal healthy diet and weight but one day I saw my stomach in the mirror and it saddened me so I began to start working out normally by doing workout videos on YouTube my stomach was perfect for a few days it was toned and flat but I knew I had to keep working out to keep it that way so I did things were going well until my toned stomach went away I had no idea why so I thought I should eat less and workout more so I did I went from 113 to 101 I was devastated that I had let myself get this under weight I was ashamed…i wish I wouldn't of done what I did I still haven't fully gained the weight i lost but it's hard I promised myself I wouldn't work out so much but it's my passion I love feeling the burn in my stomach when doing ab workouts and seeing results after but when I step on the scale I see that I have lost weight my problem is i want a toned stomach but i want to gain weight as well I'm just in a loop of losing weight and gaining from 104 to 106 then back down again I don't know what to do

  22. I know It’s a late comment, but my friend has bulimia, her mother found out so she’s getting professional help and I’m so happy, but as her friend, I feel really bad like when she told me I didn’t know what to say, and I didn’t really help her…and I still have this feeling of guilt and feeling that I’m not helping enough, ofc it’s not much I can do, she’s getting help and I can see her recovering, but do you have any advice about what I can do, can I really do anything? Is there something I shouldn’t do like, I know that there are certain things I shouldn’t say, I know It’s a hard question to answer, and It’s different from each individual person…and this comment is getting messy, but yeah…

  23. Thank you so much for your brave video. While eating "clean" can help people live a healthier lifestyle, I find many obsess over it into an almost eating disorder-like fanaticism. I try to eat healthy but I won't beat myself up if I have a cheat snack or meal when I really want something. Moderation is key and living on chicken breast and broccoli with no seasoning sounds like a pretty terrible waste of my life.

  24. 很喜欢你节目可是看不懂英文,为什么有的有中文翻译有的又没有呢

  25. I am slowly getting to know you, but mostly through doing your workouts everyday. I love your personality (and Chad's). What i appreciate about your workouts is that they are practical, short, and you do them with me! Also, you do not have the big Instagram booty, hips and lips that are unachievable for Asian girls like you and me. However, your are PRECIOUS!! Your body and your attitude are Bangin! I hate that I relate with the 'unhealthy' you. I think also, if I achieve a certain look I will be happy. I had a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift last month and next month I'm getting my breast done. After this beautiful transformation I am still so sad! Instead of being more confident I am more self-conscious. There was a time when I was a healthy thinker and I'm working hard to get back there. Thank you for being honest and transparent for your viewers, I appreciate you beyond! Thank you thank you thank you! Being honest and transparent for your viewers, I appreciate you being! Thank you thank you thank you!

  26. You are absolute inspiration Emi. I have been suffering with Bulimia for almost 6 months now, it certainly isn’t the fasted recovery and I have experienced multiple relapses. I hope I can one day get over my obsession with food and free up more time for my hobbies, family and education. This video has shown me that I am not alone and that I can one day learn to love my body, enjoy my food and live a health lifestyle. The way you and my other people do.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

  27. We need to be kind to ourselves. All of us. Because let's face it. The pressure on young people these days is insane. Thank you for sharing, I hope you are still staying strong and healthy.

  28. I found myself binding for around 3 months intermittently. I can't control myself from eating those junk food. I can eat a big pack of potato chips or cookie or else right after a meal, though I have already felt full. I don't know what should I do to control myself. Though I have tried to talk to my friends, it seems like useless and I still carry on the binding. I really want to get rid of it but I have no ideas of what can I do.

  29. This is very inspiring! When I was in High school I had struggles in my life, I was forcing myself to do something that I was not supposed to do. I told myself that nothing great comes easy, but now. I am in college and I eat whatever I like. I am determined because you showed a lot of confidence in your goals.

  30. Hello abby can you pls share your thoughts or experience on this.I have a problem in sleeping fully in my recobery bulimia binge and purge type:( even though i am already weight restored. Can yoi share your tips. Iam hittinh the bed at 10pm amd drink a cup of milk then eat some crackers but sometimes i cant stop eating. It will turn into binge like 450 calpries then will try to fall asleep. After sleeping for 2 hr or 1 hr i will be up again. Aometimes just to get apple then go back to sleep sometomea i cant and still keep on eating:( trying to eat earlier now. Like 930 am or 10 am. Waking up at 6am to do yoga and preparing foods for my husband. Around 830 i will do 30 mins pilates. Pls help

  31. I got so emotional watching this, like, oh my God, this is truly what i felt the all time. When try to live healthy like eat clean and go to workout, other people don't understand and it makes me feel so disappointed when they judge me and my life but after a few times i think that i shouldn't care about people. I think why i should think about others, it's my life and i love it the way i do. I think i've really a long journey to go, but it's okay because i enjoy it so let it go. Thanks for sharing Emi ! Nice to know you. I really mean it and i wanna tell you, you're so beautiful and gorgeous !! That abs too !! 😄😍🔥

  32. This is great. This must have been a very difficult journey but it is surely inspirational and I hope it can help someone. Also ed are unfortunately getting more normal and that is surely a call that we have to talk about them more. Thank you for putting in the effort to make this❤️

  33. Emi! I am suffering from binge eating (I do not purge/throw up) and i'm really desperate for help.

    Has BetterHelp worked for you? May I know the name of your counsellor? I'm really skeptical about an online counselling service…

  34. This video is so emotional and inspiring, sometimes people don't understand what 'skinny' people are going through, and that being too thin is just as unhealthy as being overweight. 💕💕

  35. I actually suffer from bulimia now…i have for a year…ive started fighting back and i want to form a healthy lifestyle and be active…ive hurt my family for a long time, any tips on ways you started like a certain plan??? Thanks means alot

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  37. Omg! This story is so similar to how I’m right now! I’m letting it all in my brain, and I’m actually feeling kinda tired of it. All I want is my body to to fit and nice, and I’m only 13! I feel like it is taking over my life, and I hate it, but still I will not stop working! I will work hard till I can see some results. And I am eating healthy, and I don’t skip meals, but I just think to much, and sometimes cry myself to sleep. You are such an inspiration for me, and you are one of my role models😊😍

  38. I am at the point where I have no control over my ED, and I am trying my best to find a way to go to a therapist.. Y'all guys who make these videos keep me motivated so thank you! You were always beautiful, by the way. You are beautiful no matter what!

  39. Yeah I have to enjoy my one life but it's hard doing that when u don't like wat u see in the mirror.i rather love myself and be happy than enjoy the food😥

  40. Set the playback speed at 1.25. Helps for me, might help for you. Just a little suggestion…

  41. Hi, I’m really impressed how u did it. Well I drink everynight. A bot of wine. And a so call alcoholic. As I love to drink! And I can really really drink! But I quit after I got preg 12years ago. Picked up like 7 years ago after my divorced. It hit me to Rock bottom and I lost 15kg in 8mths w no eat n jus drink. It’s total hell. Fm 64kg I drop to 49kg. It maintain even though I start to eat but really little but still drink everynight. But recently I started to kip putting on as I think my age 46 now. Metabolism is gg Dwn & I totally no exercise. Start to take slimming pills… diet.. I dun taje breakfast but only coffee, tea. Lunch is like steam veg, boiled eggs, salad kinda stuff. Min carbo like bread, biscuits. No dinner as it’s replaced w wine or beers… I snacked during my night drink… but try to cut… I started to follow yr 10-20mins work out every evening at home after I rch home fm wok…. but infuj think I’m losing those belly fats! I’m 167cm, 54kg. Can u help me? My diet ? Or a plan for my work out schedules? I know I hv to quit the drinks.. but it’s sooooo hard cos I hv insomnia.. that’s the reason for drinking to sleep. And even too it up w flu pills as drinks alone or pills alone doesn’t help me to sleep…
    I used to b a bulimia wen I was in my mid 20s but overcome it. I’m so depressed w my belly fats and it’s bring me Dwn so so bad.

  42. 半年前原本是為了健康才開始運動,結果變的過度計算卡路里又一直怕自己胖然後運動過度,就是即便身體已經很累很累還是不停強迫自己繼續運動,結果造成反效果導致帶狀泡疹,連醫生都說你發病發得好快,很喜歡最後你說的應該傾聽自己身體的聲音,才能持久下去,現在也朝著work our for eat改變,非常感謝你的分享!

  43. I started purging I know the side affects but I'm not really encouraged to stop.. How can I stop even if I've barely started?

  44. I'm regretting getting into that so much. I just can't stop anymore. It's like a drug to me.

  45. Thank you. I am suffering from anorexia and bulimia for 6 years now. I was eating only 100kcal a day for 2months during anorexia and then I starved myself so much I fell into bulimia. Recently I recovered a little but I believe it's not curable. It will always be in our minds and harms we did to our bodies will show up for some time.
    Also our mentality and understanding this world is different than others.
    I hope one day we all can recover fully not forgetting about the lesson we got. Anyway thanks to this we are who we are now, right?
    Emi, congratulations for finding the strength in you and thank you for helping me to recover and keep my body in the shape I would like it to be.
    Love you♡

  46. You should've built a bit of muscle first before cutting weight, if you want those instagram fitness influencer type of results. And keeping track of your weight every morning and also your macros is very important. What you did was more like of a crash diet(been there done that), I suggest you try IIFYM or Flexible dieting! That helps! As long as it fits your macros, then your good to go. Eating less=healthy <– biggest misconception in the world lol smh.

  47. “It’s okay to have these feelings”

    I’m resonating with this (not for bulimia or health issue)
    it’s a gentle reminder

    But that aside, thank you for sharing such a personal story Emi

  48. Hi Emi,
    I discovered your channel some days ago now, and I also follow you on Instagram. I never leave comments or anything on social networks but now I feel like I should.
    I'm sorry you had to go through these things, but I'm happy you recovered from it. You deserve it.
    The truth is that I also always had a problem with my weight, body, appearance in general. I had bulimia also, not as terrible as some girls but still, and I stopped because I didn't want to worry my family. Recently I did it again, and I was so afraid to go back in this again. But somehow I think that, thanks to your channel I can try to do something right for once. I pratice my workout and stretching with your videos everyday, and I'm sure it will help me. I'm still in a bad state of mind, always feeling guilty and trying to eat as less as possible cause I don't want to gain weight. But I hope that it'll be fixed. And I'm sure your channel will help me to feel better in my body.
    All in all, I just wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart cause you're the first who manage to make me feel this motivated, cause I want to succeed as you did, to recover as you did, to be happy and healthy as you are. So thank you a lot, and I just wanted you to know that you're inspiring and helping a lot of people and that it makes you a really good person.
    Have a good day or night, goodbye 🙂

  49. trust me people suck, me i can't even workout becouse of people and their shit talking and acting like they care about you like why are u hurting yourself by workingout and you are suffering yourself😐 fuck you people

  50. thank you for sharing EMI! you are such a strong beautiful person..inside AND out 🙂

  51. I was always pretty comfortable with my weight until about a year ago. I was sitting at 140 pounds (I’m 5’4 so a little heavy) but I was never that insecure. And then I met my boyfriend. He has two little sisters (14&16) and they’re both extremely skinny bc they’ve played sports since they were toddlers. They always talk about the fat girls in their school and how gross fat people are. And when they bought me a T-shirt if they went traveling it would be an XL when I wear a medium. But it made me feel huge. I started noticing everything. My thighs. My face. My stomach. My arms. I developed an eating disorder and I’ll go 2-3 days without eating. It fucking blows my dudes lmfao.

  52. Hashtag #ChangeWithEmi to update your progress and see how everyone is doing on Instagram! Let's motivate and support each other in this fitness family (:

  53. I'm so sorry for you❤️
    But are you sure it was bulimia and not anorexia purging type? No judgement but for me it sounds more like that
    Great video ❤️

  54. Hi Emi, you're an inspiration! More influencers should be talking about this and making people realize that getting fit is important than getting plain skinny! Hats off to you for sharing your personal journey.
    Love (:

  55. It was so inspiring,I still having an issue with eating something that not what I plan to eat in normal day,I feel guilty after I have a big meal,even having my mom homemade birthday cake for me,I did made myself throw up after I ate it and I feel so upset about it because I know she put her heart in it and I just wasted all of it😞😣😢

  56. Hi Emi, this video is very inspiring. I had the same problem as you when I had my fitness journey last year. I loss 20lbs within 12 weeks, but after that I was struggling on maintenance. Every time when i eat "bad" food, I was guilty. Good to hear some advice and agreed, foam rolling and stretching are important where I skipped when I trained too.

  57. Hi Emi, I am currently worried about my body image. I drink chia seed for breakfast, small portion of meat and veg for lunch and oat smoothie for dinner. I also do a HIIT cardio workout. Is it too extreme to have a diet like this?

  58. Sounds kinda like me right now, I try to squeeze in at least 2-5 HIIT workouts a day to lose weight, I eat less, whenever I eat more than what I felt was okay then I try to force myself to vomit though I always failed every time and couldn't make anything come out so I guess technically that doesn't count as bulimia for me. Some days I only eat once or not at all and there were a few times when I didn't at all for like 3 days.

  59. Omg I’m recovering from anorexia and bulimia.. I’ve been watching you for months and I didn’t realize you went through similar experiences. Thank you so much for sharing your story

  60. I don't have an eating disorder but i used too.. i wish i could look as good as you! You look great Emi! You came a long way, be proud of yourself!!!

  61. I think before you were skinny but you didn’t look healthy. Now you still look small but you actually look lean and fit not just skinny. I wish more people would realize that skinny =/= healthy and we shouldn’t encourage people to just be skinny because it can encourage things like EDs.

  62. You know what ? I am healthy , my wieght is also , but in my school, so many girls are skinny and they call be fat …..i feel so terrible, I want to be slim 😢😭😭 I'm only 13!

  63. I’m currently trying to get over an eating disorder that I’ve had for 3 years, I got better for around 6 months after dieting so hard that I got way too skinny and felt so weak, I decided it was time to stop starving myself so I went Paleo but I recently moved back to my home country and let myself go I keep trying to get back on track but I’m falling back into my eating disorder it really never goes away but the fact that I can’t get back on track and I’m stressing out because people are telling me I’ve gained weight in my thighs it’s bringing me even lower

  64. few years ago I had a bullimia illness. I can't stop eating till my tummy full. but finally I regret because I ate too much then I vomit the food.

    I had bullimia about 9 months. I lose 9 kg. but after that. I got worse. I work out in the morning no breakfast and had lunch also I work out. then in the evening I work out. I work out about 6 hours in a day but only had my lunch. and I losed about 15 kg in a month. but I dont regret it becuase finnaly I can be skinny. but now after 5 years I giant weight 10kg.

  65. Facing ED for about 2 years no matter how much weight I lose but it's never enough for me….

  66. Im struggling with Bulimia rn. One sec Im telling myself to “eat because you’re 16 you should be enjoying youth and food “ or “eat because you’re happy just for this once you can eat all you want” or “im so sad I will never get that body so I’ll just eat this” then the other minute I’ll run by the toilet to throw it all up because I feel so damn guilty, fat, annoyed,full, or heavy.

    It’s just, Bulimia eats your mind up without you realizing that it’s also slowly making your body weaker.
    Bulimfreakingmia makes you wanna lock yourself up in your own room because you just feel so bad about yourself.
    So to us, suffering. I wish we’ll get out of it.

  67. I'm still struggling with bulimia and I feel like I cant get out of it and I feel trapped but I hope someday I'm better..

  68. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  69. This was so emotional. You help me so much with my situation. It’s very relatable and thanks to you I lost 13kg. And you inspire me to be healthy and now I have a good lifestyle.

  70. You inspire me so much to recover and everything you're saying is something I can completely relate to. I'm so happy you've recovered and hearing that you can now eat foods you want without beating yourself up like crazy, gives me hope that someday I can do the same. 💛

  71. I’m really late but I’m 14 and currently going through an eating disorder recovery! I wanted to feel good about myself even though I’m actually gaining fats around my whole body, my weight before the recovery was 47kg and 170cm now I’m currently at 170,53.5kg, they people wanted me to gain till 56.5 which I think I quite a lot of weight to put on. I personally do not mind gaining weight my only concern is my belly, I can’t stand my belly fats rolling down when I’m sitting, I can’t stand how wide my waist are. My waist used to be 22inch before the recovery now I’m at 25-26inch which is very huge.

  72. Thank you for sharing. I just finished intensive treatment for anorexia a couple of weeks ago and I’m struggling so much. The fact that you recovered inspires me. 💕

  73. Thank you Emi for all the videos. Through your determination and your support, you indirectly save my body and me from eating disorder. After following your tem days session fitness, I finally restart to feel my body and to LOVE it 🙂 now I will go on with fitness 🙂 thank you for existing and thank you Chad to be the greatest boyfriend for Emi! Be both blessed! 🙂

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