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hey everybody and welcome to another
episode of low calorie cooking basics this is the show or I teach you the
tools tricks and tips that I’ve learned over the years for how to cook and eat
on a calorie budget this week we’re taking a look at my favorite
alternatives for soda as many of you know I’ve talked about it in the past I
used to drink a significant amount of Mountain Dew and just soda in general
realistically probably one to two liters a day seven days a week when I was at my
heaviest and over time I’ve slowly dipped that down you know I’ve talked
about how I switched to diet soda as an easy swap in the early stages and you
know I used to still have diet soda on a pretty regular basis but these days I’ve
been craving it less and less there’s nothing wrong with some artificial
sweeteners in moderation if it’s something that can help you save on your
calories but I generally try to minimize that as much as possible I tend to
notice I get a bit more bloated if I have a lot of artificial sweetener so
just over the last couple of years I’ve been trying to phase them out for the
most part I’m just gonna go one by one down the list before I get into my
official picks here I’m going to skip over the obvious water coffee and tea I
love all of those drinks they’re all great options but they are so different
from soda I wanted to focus more on fizzy or drinks to give you that same
satiation that’s soda normally would first step would be seltzer water or
soda water this is an obvious one but really really tasty and you get all the
carbonation without any of the extra calories or added ingredients so while
we’re talking about the Seltzer I wanted to take an extra couple of minutes to
show you a couple of different flavors for salt air that I really like I’m
first one being Angostura bitters bitters and soda is something I had
heard of but never really tried I’m a big fan of any that herbaceous sort of
taste with any drinks you know from tea and coffee and different things like
that I found this to be really really tasty to detain to that
if you don’t want anything super plain so you just add a little bit of those
bitters you can change it to your liking obviously but makes for a really nice
drink the other option being just adding any sort of fruit deer water it’s gonna
be plain still water if you want or if you want to go with carbonated water I
personally like the idea of carbonated water because you’re trying to replace
your soda habit you just get a little slice a lime in there squeeze the rest
there are a lot of flavored water options out there nowadays too there’s a
little Croix which was actually started in the Midwest
Lucario’s around all the grocery stores in Michigan before anyone had really
heard about it and my wife and I drink most of the time we’ll just drink the
seltzer plain but either these two options are both really tasty if you
want to add in some extra flavor next up this has been a new obsession of mine
and that is kombucha kombucha is a sort of fermented tea that people will spice
in flavor with all sorts of different flavors this one is just a super Irby
what is it in here lavender chamomile rose so you have a really good floral
flavor I’m not talking about this brand specifically but kombucha in general is
super delicious there are a few extra calories in here and there is a little
bit of sugar in here so this isn’t a zero calorie replacement to soda but
this in giant 14 ounce bottle is is only sixty calories which is super reasonable
and far less than most sodas the other reason why for me it’s okay to deal with
a little bit of extra sugar you know the kombucha and any fermented
foods will really have a good positive impact for your gut health it can help a
lot with digestion and having that good bacteria in your body and those
probiotics can be very very helpful you know I’ve had kombucha before but I
recently tried this brand in this flavor and just absolutely fell in love with it
and I’ve been buying probably a bit too much of it lately but it’s
good and I would urge all of you go out there and try kombucha if you haven’t I
know it sounds like this weird hippie drink probably coming from Portland here
but try it if you haven’t had the chance it’s super delicious
alright and the third and final option I’m gonna group both of these in
together and and that is unsweetened energy drinks I used to drink a lot of
energy drinks in addition to the absurd amount of Mountain Dew I used to have
every single day but in recent years with Lacroix being popular and all of
those different options being more popular I’ve been seeing more and more
completely unsweetened but still flavored energy drinks come onto the
market these two are my two favorites by far
they’re both really delicious just a little bit of a different taste I’ve
seen highball around back when I lived in Michigan I’ve never actually seen
this brand before until I moved to Oregon so I’m not sure if it’s a local
thing or not but highball and Runa both make unsweetened zero calorie energy
drink so you’re not having to deal with any extra artificial sweeteners I still
think it’s delicious you get all that satisfaction no soda without any of the
sugar or any of the artificial sweeteners that was all I had for this
week everybody hopefully you all learned something and maybe haven’t tried one of
these and hopefully you go out and try it I strongly recommend all of these
different drinks after years and years and years of being just completely
addicted to soda and Mountain Dew now if I had the option I would choose any of
these over a mountain Dew any day of the week so keep that in mind run out to the
store if you want to give these a try I’ll be sure to link if I can find these
on Amazon I’ll link them in the description but I’d love to hear what
was your best method or a replacement for soda for those of you that have
gotten rid of your soda addiction or just don’t have it anymore
what worked for you let’s get a good discussion going for everybody but as
always be sure to subscribe if you’re new put out new videos every Monday and
Friday and be sure to like the video if you enjoyed this helps me out a ton
but until next time I’ll talk to you all later have a good one

William Babineau

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