MY LUNCH BAG REVEAL | Take a Peek, Healthy Choices and Snacks

Welcome back. This is “@MISCHLOSS” Life
According to Maria. In this episode
we’re going to be looking at what’s in
my lunch bag… yeah… some surprises and
everything else just open it up to you
guys and let you see, so let’s get started.

Okay guys, welcome back, so here we go. We are going to take a peak.
I find this to be a really good lunch box. By the way, I just got that at I believe Wal-mart for a couple of bucks. Maybe $5 bucks or $6 bucks.
I love this, it very durable, keeps everything cold, so just
so side note, highly recommend it. Anyway
we’re going to go to look into it and
just to let you know you know I try to
be healthy when I’m working. I try to eat
well. I try to more than have a very, very
big lunch out or a big huge lunch you
know just gorging myself because then as
you all know how you get really, really
sleepy and I sure as heck don’t wanna do
a nosedive into my keyboard so in order
to keep my employees happy and my employers
that is, I try to eat light. But you
know maintain a healthy lifestyle so
your blood sugars are regulated and
everything not that I have any blood
sugar issues but you know anyone having
a lot of food will have you know spikes so
we try to avoid that so anyway here it goes.
I’m going to open it up. Hopefully, it will stay open, if not, I’ll have to dig in
here. So, let’s see which one do I want to show
you first? Well let’s go for the yogurt. I love Fage Yogurt,
There’s ones that are 0% and 2%.
I don’t really care I like to have them
either way it just depends on the favor
I love this blood orange flavor. Just
love it and if you see that it’s Greek
yogurt and I discuss this whole
packaging in my other video on my “Eating
Your Bacteria” video so I can certainly link that below, so you
guys have more background on why I eat
so much yogurt but again to get your
probiotics in naturally, this is the best thing to have so
that’s my first one there. And let’s see,
I always have some sort of fruit, sometimes I’m lazy and grab a package from the grocery store. Sometimes, I do cut up my own, but this week I think I was pretty lazy so I just got some apple slices.
take it with me. And the reason I use a ready-made
obviously protein drink is I don’t like
to bring the power and it’s messy and
bring your own milk product and shake it up.
This is very handy. They do run pretty
expensive I think about $8.99 per
six-pack but I do like the Special K
protein flavor I do like the this flavor alot.
this is one of my go-to and it satisfies
hunger like it says. I hope this is coming out
pretty sharply because I don’t know, I’m seeing fuzzy, but then that might just be me in my old
age but, anyway so this is this one it’s
got ten grams of protein, five grams of
fiber. If you can see that, I don’t know if I tap it…and make it a little better for you guys.
And it’s got 190 calories so
definitely a good meal replacement if
you want to have a meal replacement, again this will not
put you to sleep,. It’ll perk you up. It’s got
all your daily required vitamins, so I really like it. Just great to have on hand.
Keep it chilled of course. Back we go here, now if I do want something warm, I usually pick up…let me turn this around…a Progresso Light Soup.They are light enough, they are
endorsed weight watchers. 2 points.
Savory Beef Barly Vegetable, Like this one alot!
Its relatively not bad on sodium it’s
got 470 miligrams. I’ve seen you know soups
that are over 1000 milligrams in
sodium, so definitely this is on a lower end
again not you know sodium free so you do
have to watch it if you guys are
watching your sodium intake and only got
80 calories per cup now it does have a
2 Cup serving so you have to times that by two, 160 calories for this entire can but
you know it has a lot of substance in it.
It has the beef, has the vegetables
and the barley in it which is you know
if you think about 160 calories as
opposed to this little drink here which
is 190 calories, you
know, so you’re getting a lot more bang for
your buck doing some of the soups there.
I just get different flavors. You can shop around, they are available at
Kroger, Publix, and everything .. My go, I LOVE La Croix, that’s how I pronounce it.
I get the Lime flavor. They have different flavors, I also like the
grapefruit flavors so any one of these… 0
calories they’re not flavored they’re
just bubbly water and great for your
hydration. You see it says, sparkling water
Love these! Can’t keep enough of it. No
artificial sweeteners in it. no calories
It’s sodium free. It’s caffeine free! You can’t get better than this. I love this keep it
on hand all the time!
My little treat fell out of here! Where did it go? So this is my treat to myself. Dark chocolate. I talk about
eating dark chocolate a lot. That it’s very healthy
to eat dark chocolate. This of course
has some sugar in it. It’s the Hershey’s BLISS. Love the flavor, it’s a very smooth dark
chocolate so this is my little dessert.
This is my treat. I don’t have potato
chips. I don’t have you know fries. I
don’t have cupcakes. I don’t have any
other type of dessert, but I do love to
pop my chocolate every day again I have
there’s a lot of health benefits to
chocolate a lot of minerals and vitamins
and other nutrients it has in there in a
little caffeine perking me up, you know in the afternoon does
not hurt at all so that’s it guys!
That’s about all I do if I’m staying in and
basically having a quick meal, like a 30
minute lunch. Nothing extravagant. I will
go out obviously with my friends and my
co-workers as I see fit
you know during the week. You know, no man is an island! You want to go out and
have some fun with you’re co-workers. Your friends and your family or whoever is around there.
Or if you are blessed enough to live close to your work area
you can go home and have a nice
lunch. I know a lot of people do that
too, as well. So I hope this video has been
I am going to repack my little lunch bag here. Put it back in the fridge, so I can take it to work. Easy peasy,
working girls have to make do and I
don’t do anything elaborate I will do
a sandwich, once in a while. I’ll pack a
salad or make my own vinaigrette with oil salad dressing
which is fabulous with olive oil and
even some organic apple cider vinegar. So I’ll
do all that but this is what I had for
today so I just want to open it up to
you guys and let you know, you know, what I do
and it’s again nothing extravagant and
nothing that anyone else can’t accomplish
if they just put their mind to it.
So have a great day, have a blessed day.
Keep well, keep hydrating, take all your vitamins
eat your probiotics and I’ll catch you
guys late! Please Thumbs up! of course and
leave comments below as to what your
favorite lunch foods are to take with you that are
healthy and nutritious and let’s start a
discussion! Thanks a lot again guys catch
you later. bye bye

William Babineau

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