Navratri Diet Plan for Weight Loss in Intermittent Fasting Style | Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast

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Hi Guys, welcome back to my channel Vibrant Varsha.
In today’s video, I am going to share with you – Navratri Diet Plan for Weight Loss
This Diet Plan has a twist
If you do this diet plan in an Intermittent Fasting Pattern,
then along with your fasting and you see fast weight loss.
Do you want to lose weight fast in Navratri?
Then follow this diet plan during the Navratri Festival.
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Many people keep fasting in Navratri for 9 days.
and end up eating Sabudana (Sago), Fasting Chips, Laddu’s, Puris…
and after 9 days they see weight gain.
If you want to do fasting and also want to lose weight fast?
then do Navratri Diet Plan in Intermittent Fasting Pattern.
Before starting Navratri Diet Plan in Intermittent Fasting style,
watch my video on “A to Z of Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss”
Let’s start Navratri Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan
this diet plan will help you in weight loss and also in losing belly fat.
In morning, empty stomach, drink Detox Water.
In Detox Water,
take lukewarm water and add 2-3 drops of lemon in it.
After some time take Green Tea – 1 cup,
try to take without sugar.
In Intermittent Fasting, take your first meal as per your schedule.
In First Meal have Cantaloupe Smoothie
Muskmelon Smoothie
I have shared the video link in the description box below.
In the same fashion, you can also make Apple & Banana Smoothie.
Take Apple – 1 no. & Banana – 1/2
with skim milk or coconut milk
or use almond milk.
and mix in a blender.
and here is your delicious smoothie ready.
or have Rajgira or Amaranth Porridge.
I have shared the recipe video link in description below.
Either you can take Fruit Salad,
or you can either have fruits, like
Apple / Pear / Orange / Kiwi
You can have any one of this seasonal fruit.
In between your first meal & last meal,
if you feel hungry, then
prefer Fruit Raita,
or Fruit Salad,
make sure to add dry fruits in a fruit salad.
All through the day
have Almonds 5 to 10 nos
and walnut 1-2 nos.
Either you prefer cucumber,
or you drink Buttermilk.
In your Last Meal have
Buckwheat Flour Rotis – 2 nos
You can either have Amaranth Flour Roti
or Amaranth Flour Paratha.
or else you can have
Barnyard Millet Flour Roti or Barnyard Millet Rice.
Along with Rotis, you can have
Pumpkin Recipe or Pumpkin Raita
You can either take coconut sauce (chutney)
During Fasting period –
to keep yourself hydrated, consume more water, a minimum of 8-10 glasses a day.
You can either take buttermilk,
or you can drink lime or lemon water,
or you can drink coconut water.
Along with this diet,
if you will not able to do workouts, then you
must do at least 30-40 minutes’ walk.
During Navratri Intermittent Fasting –
Do not eat outside food,
and any fasting chips, Laddu, Puris or Sabudana (Sago)
you don’t eat.
Avoid juice,
because when you take any fruit juice,
then fiber present in the fruit is lost
so instead of fruit juice, you take whole fruit,
and sugar is also very high in fruit juice.
From Navratri Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan –
How much did you lose weight
just let me know in the comment box below.
Before starting this diet plan,
take your Before Photo
and after the diet is over, take After Photo
and see the difference.
If you want to share your before & after photos with me,
so my Email Id is shared with you in the description box below
Email me your photos,
in my next video, I will definitely show your weight loss achievement photos.
Precautions for Intermittent Fasting –
Those who have diabetes or have heart problems or on any medication,
so do not do this diet without consulting your doctor.
Those nursing mothers or pregnant women,
they should also avoid this diet.
Tips for all!
In intermittent fasting, in between first meal and last meal,
try to eat low carb,
Fasting doesn’t mean that you have the license to eat anything & unlimited
– no, eat-in calorie restriction (RDI), check your portion.
Try to take low carb.
If you do Keto Diet along with Intermittent Fasting,
then you will get the best results.
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Thank You.

William Babineau

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