New Healthy Food Program Aims to Lower Healthcare Bills

And what’s interesting is, as a society, we live in a sick care system. We wait until you get sick, until we’re willing to pay for things. I love that you’re looking at this now formally in a study because maybe, just maybe, five, ten years from now instead of waiting until you’re sick, we will use techniques like this to keep people well. This study, how is the project going to be involved in it? Until we actually can prove the cost to the health care system, of making this investment, it’s not gonna go to scale. So, this is a project that we led in California, to get the California legislature to fund a six million dollar three year pilot. So, we will be proving about a thousand patients in California who are leaving the hospital with congested heart failure, with 12 weeks of nutrition, and four visits with a registered dietician. And we’re working with probably a team from Stanford and UCSF to go into the medical claims database and actually measure the health care cost savings for those patients. And the idea is to go back in four years and measure. (audience applauding) Thank you. Well, I can certainly tell you that I hope your results go the way I think they will. Because until, as a society, we realize that this is not only good for people, but good for our country’s budget, our state budgets, this won’t happen. And so this study, if it proves that you can save money by doing things like this, all of a sudden we can shift some of the money we spend on sick care to truly spending it on healthcare. Let’s put health back in healthcare, everyone! And Cathryn, it starts with people like you. (audience applauding) So, keep up the great work.

William Babineau

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