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– Hey everyone, I’m Liz. – I’m Julia. – [Both] And we’re the Nolan twins. – Welcome back to Squared. (upbeat music) – If you’re new here, welcome. We post new videos every Wednesday. And if you like videos like this one, give it a thumbs up. And if you haven’t already,
subscribe to Squared down below. – So today, we’re gonna
share, with you guys, our favorite healthy snack. Whether you’re coming home from school, the gym, or it’s not
quite lunch and dinner, this is the perfect in-between snack. They’re really easy, they’re really quick, and they’re really delicious. – So, let’s get to snacking. – So, the first easy recipe we’re gonna do is cucumber boats with humus. And I like this because
I’m not the biggest fan of pita chips, so I like
to slice up my cucumber and then dip it in the humus. This is spinach and artichoke humus. It’s really good. So, the first thing we’re
gonna do is peel our cucumber because I don’t like all the skin. And if you do like a little bit of skin, you don’t have to peel the whole thing. And then, we’re just
gonna thinly slice it into about a quarter of an inch thick pieces. So, you take your cucumber
slice, add a little dip of humus, and you’re good to go. – It’s really important to
always wash your produce, so apples are washed. So next snack is my favorite,
apples and almond butter. We love to use granny smith green apples. You could do red, but
I just love the taste of a green apple. It’s sour, sweet, and delicious. So, I’m just gonna start
by slicing my apple. So now that I got my apple sliced, we’re gonna start assembling. But I like to make my
apple and almond butter into a little sandwich. I’m a weirdo. So, I literally take some almond butter, smear it on one side of the apple, take another, make a
sandwich, and then eat. And that’s it, it’s so easy, simple, delicious, and healthy. So, this next snack, Liz is preparing it, but it’s gonna be turkey
roll-ups with cucumber spears, red pepper spears, and carrot spears. – [Both] With a little bit of humus. – This is a nice healthy
snack and there’s no carbs. – Guilt free. Okay, so I did a little
bit of my chopping. I just cut every piece
really thin so the carrot, the red pepper, and the cucumber. Obviously, my hands are
washed, and wash your produce. Then, we are going to
take our organic chicken. – Without antibiotics. – So, we’re gonna lay out
our turkey and then spread a little bit of the
spinach and artichoke humus on one side like that. And then, we are going
to take our ingredients, so as many as you wanna use. I like a lot of cucumber,
so do I’ll do two cucumber, two carrot, and then– – Two red pepper. – Two red pepper. And then, you just roll it up. – Yum. This roll came out perfect, so I need to dive in
and taste my creation. – You have humus on your face. Thank you guys so much for
joining us in the Nolan kitchen. We hope you enjoyed these healthy snacks as much as we do. – And if you have any
healthy snack suggestions, please comment below, because
we love trying new recipes. – If you wanna see
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