Quick and Easy Homemade Pita Pizza | Healthy Snack or Meal Recipe

Hi guys!
Today we are going to be making pita pizza’s.
And these are actually a really great snack
if you are looking for something simple and
quick to make.
And for us, we actually find since our kids
are older they are looking for more and more
reasons to help us out in the kitchen.
So, what you’re going to need are just some
Whatever kind are your favorite.
Whatever color.
Two onions, some carrots, some Muenster cheese,
black pepper, Italian seasoning, oregano, salt and
of course, pita bread.
So first thing we are going to do, let’s actually
start chopping up some of the peppers.
Do you want to help me?
Sounds good.
So growing up, did you often make your pizzas
or did you guys order out a lot for pizzas?
We did both.
My dad is Italian.
So we definitely had a lot of pasta and pizza.
Did you know that I my dad is Italian too?
Is that why we look like twins?
It must be!
Because we look the same right?
I’m sure everyone can totally tell we are
Italian too.
I’m sure that’s the first thing they think
of when they see us.
People confuse me with you all the time.
So does your dad speak any Italian?
Does your dad?
Only the bad words.
So would your kids eat all these good veggies
on their pizza?
My daughter will.
She loves peppers and onions and carrots.
She is a big veggie kid.
How about yours?
Yeah, mine are pretty good actually.
They’ve gotten a lot better with it.
They would probably go for peppers and onions
and mushrooms even you could add.
So you know what, I haven’t tried this with
them but I think they would give it a shot.
It seems like it would be a nice weekend lunch
You know when you don’t want to go out and
order pizza.
You could make something like this with the
You know, they would probably love it.
And when they get good enough at it you just
tell them that “Mommy really wants a pita
pizza for lunch. Could you make it for me?” Oh, I love that idea!
So the next thing you just want to go ahead
and slice up your onions.
Thank you very much.
And try not to cry.
So next we have our carrots.
I actually like to peel thin slices of carrot
for my pizza.
And the reason is because your cooking this
for a short time.
Just long enough to melt the cheese.
That if you were to have thin coin shaped
slices of carrot.
The carrot would stay really hard.
It really wouldn’t cook through.
By doing this, and having these thin little
strips of carrot.
It will make sure that they taste really good
and are well cooked on your pizza.
So I’ll go ahead and peel some carrot pieces
and this will be part of our pizza topping.
And really you can add so many different things
to this pita pizza.
We could add mushrooms, we could add pepperoni
if you wanted some meat on it.
Pepperoncini’s I think are good for those
who like spicy pizzas.
Anything really would be good.
This is just the way that I like it.
Ok so we don’t need a lot of carrot.
Ok finally, we are going to start putting
our ingredients on our little pitas.
So this one is for you.
Thank you.
Now just like a deep dish pizza, we are actually
going to first put our ingredients on and
then we’re going to actually put our muenster
cheese on last.
So, whatever your heart desires.
This is the part to that’s great to do with
the kids because you can just lay out a baking
sheet with the pizza and just have them put
all their toppings on top. And you know make
it the way that they like.
Like a pizza bar.
Ok now that we’ve got all of our ingredients.
The next thing are some of the spices.
We have black pepper, Italian seasoning, oregano
and some salt.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Spice it up!
Trade you.
And for the grand finale.
The cheese! Who doesn’t like cheese? Oh yeah!
Thank you.
Just kind of lay it on to cover as much of
the pita pizza as you can.
And you can do one slice or two. It looks like.
I think I’m going to go with one.
Oh actually that was two. Oops.
There we go.
Looks good already.
So you want to go ahead and preheat your oven
to 400 degrees and then let it cook for about
10 minutes.
Ok, so that is it!
We hope it was simple.
We hope you enjoy and we look forward to seeing
you guys again next week.
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Is it time to for lunch yet? It is!
It’s still HOT!
Ouch! It’s burning me!
Don’t really bite. It’s a picture. Oh!
I thought we were really eating. Ok I’m sorry.
Almost done with this Instagram pic.
So just hold the bite.
It’s like me with the chocolate.

William Babineau

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