Reddit AMA: What’s Your Favorite Healthy 5-Minute Snack?

Carlina1289 asks,
“What is your favorite 5 minute snack to make?”
So we’re going to-
Eh, that wasn’t a very good catch, so let’s try that again.
So, first we are going to peel some apples
and oh, oh got myself there.
Oop, really got myself.
Okay, so very carefully we are going start peeling some apples.
We’re going to peel two apples, use something like gala or macintosh or something crisp and not mushy.
Honeycrisp or whatever your favorite kind of apple is.
We’re gonna throw those in our blender.

Along with about a half a cup of

fat-free Greek yogurt
and a little bit of ground clove, bit of allspice, bit of nutmeg and some cinnamon.

Add some ice cubes…
and let’s blend.

Pour into a tall glass.
Gotta drink it with a straw…

And it tastes JUST like apple pie!

William Babineau


  1. Ratatat is the ideal music choice for instructional cooking videos.

  2. "Something crisp like McIntosh"
    wtf? I love your videos. You are entertaining and talented. But McIntoshes are definitely in the mushy, not crisp category.

  3. What difference does it make if it's fat free? What was the sugar content???

  4. Hey for anyone wanting to know he just responded in the discord q and a that you just just a half teaspoon of each spice

  5. this shit ain't five minutes, do you know how long it takes to clean up everything afterwards? specially that blender.

  6. Oh so that's how you got that bandage on your finger.
    I was thinking about it for the past 20 videos that I've been binging.

  7. I'm shit with spices 🙁 I wish he said exact measurements because I know if I do it I'd add way too much of something

  8. if you get apples that are really tart like i did add a tablespoon or two of honey and it takes away the tart

  9. I did this with gala and everything was as you said but it taste like shit whats up???

  10. I don't even like cooking videos, but for some reason I'm binge watching this channel.

  11. I make a similar smoothie but I add a little vanilla protein powder and some slivered almonds. If you need a little sweetness you can add a spoon of honey

  12. A yo you know what would be great? Maby trying out the foods from orange is the new black

  13. Awesome and simple – I would just swap the Ice for Japanese green tea ice cubes ~

  14. Love this channel and everything like I can’t explain it it’s just perfectly fucking amazing

  15. Pork picnic 😥😲💩😨💪😱😧⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳😡😊😡😊😠😱😨😱😨😱😟😟😵😩😥😲😲😧⌛⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳😊😨😡😱😨😱😁😱😁😱😠

  16. I used a plastic pasta grabber to push the apples down, now I have to buy a new pasta grabber…

  17. Just made this simple recipe that is almost impossible to screw up.

    I screwed up bad.

  18. The smoothie place i work at has an apple pie smoothie. Its real good, we use apple juice, yogurt, ice, a teeny bit of banana, cinnamon and a squeeze of lemon.

  19. Btw, fat free greek yogurt is worse than regular yogurt, its because after taking out the fat, they lose flavour, so they add a bunch of chemicals that are bad for you and sell that as the product. And fat isn’t even the problem, its sugar and sugar free coke and stuff is also just as bad.
    If you wanna be healthy, eat vegetables and salad every so often

  20. Dude I wanna make this rn. Except I don't have none chobani. I guess I could just take the yogurt off the top and leave the fruit on the bottom

  21. I make banana ice cream pretty much the same way! (It was shown on YSAC too, but I knew it before that)

  22. Just tried this today.. gotta say the spices are way too much, it was like drinking potpourri. I added a banana and more yogurt and it helped but I wish I used maybe half the spices. Maybe I need a better blender idk..

  23. I just made this today. It didn't turn out great. I followed the instructions closely, I don't know how to improve it.

  24. What does he mean when he says Macintosh are not mushy. The biggest thing about Macintosh is that they are much softer than other apples. That is why i love them so much

  25. What’s with the hands in the beginning, I’m not complaining I love it

  26. I was expecting you to throw in just a slice of apple pie but I’m actually kinda glad bc it’s gluten free therefore I can try it!!

  27. Why do you only call me when you’re high plays subtly in the background


    The good version that's deep-fried, like from Bennigan's or the Blue Bayou restaurant at Disneyland…..

  29. Can I put sugar and butter in mine? I dont know why I am asking, as I've already done it

  30. gonna throw that in the blender puts slice in mouth me: ok i guess that works too

  31. I'd advise full-fat yogurt, since nonfat yogurts tend to have a ton more sugar to compensate for flavor, and fats are easier to burn than sugars. Otherwise, this is the tastiest smoothie I've ever made.

  32. Alternative: i cup of apple cider 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream and a few splashes of lemon juice and cinnamon 😮

  33. Babish, love ya! Please do a binging with babish multiple recipe video with food from chowder

  34. Oh man there’s nothing I love more than stumbling across old Babish videos I’ve never seen before

  35. just discovering your channel, starting from the beginning. you like ratatat i see. can't wait to watch more

  36. Ok but i think we can make this better!
    we're gonna start with purchasing some Japanese-decade-treated tempered glass to make our own blender jug….

  37. Hey man love your show recently subbed but been watching for a few years now ! I know u get a lot of suggestions… anything keto?

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