Salad In A Jar Recipe – Healthy & Low Calorie Lunch Recipes – Lose 1 Kg In 1 Week

hey guys today I am gonna show you how to make
salad in a jar, a lot of you asked for healthy lunch ideas and this salad is packed
with proteins and is healthy and low calorie. This salad will keep you full
till dinner time. Salad in a jar can be left in the fridge for three to four days so you can
prepare them in advance and then when it is time to eat them just shake the bottle
and pour into a bowl. Sprinkle some salt or chat masala if needed, and lunch is ready.
For this recipe I am using a 500 ml or half litre mason jar. I always like to put a
dressing down at the bottom the reason for that is with the dressing at the bottom all the stacked up ingredients does not get soggy so it’s very
important to put the dressings at the bottom. So, into a mason jar I’m adding in
3 tbsp of low fat curd or yogurt and add in half tsp salt or as needed and give it a mix. Top it with half of a diced cucumber. Sprinkle half tsp crushed red chilli flakes you can also use green chilies, instead. Add in 1 diced tomato. 1 tbsp roasted and salted peanuts. 1 chopped onion sprinkle one tbsp of chopped coriander leaves on top of the onion Add in 1/4 of diced red capsicum, you can also use green capsicum Lastly, add in half cup of boiled chick peas or channa. I pressure cooked the channa with salt To make room in the jar, just tap the jar a few times or press the ingredients down with a spoon Peanuts, channa, and yogurt will give the proteins needed to make you feel full . You can refrigerate this for at least 2-3 days carry this salad jar to work and have a healthy meal at office or if you are on the go. To serve the salad just shake the bottle, so that all the ingredients are mixed and transfer to a bowl sprinkle salt and chat masala to taste

William Babineau


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