Stop Eating Oatmeal For Breakfast! Oats Are NOT Healthy

So if you’re concerned about consuming excess estrogens and other endocrine disrupters
rancid carcinogenic toxins and
Powerful mineral key leaders that actually strip vitamins and minerals out of your body
Then you definitely want to continue watching this video
you probably want to take oats out of your diet oats contain large amounts of excess estrogens that
Disrupt your hormonal balancing you don’t increase estrogen activity in the body. They also interfere with our hormonal
Reproductive balance as well as contain mineral q aiders that strip minerals from your body
so in today’s video i’m going to show the evidence and explore the research evidence peer-reviewed research that’s showing
the vacuum of these exact claims
And by the end of this video you’re gonna understand that you may want to take boats out of your diet if you want to
live a healthy life
First off
I really think it’s important to identify
exactly what good health truly means because a lot of people say this or that food is healthy or this or that it’s healthy in
But they don’t really have a definition for what health is a lot of people take their their diet cults and they build their identities
Around those sort of things. We’ve got to rise above that. We have to actually define on a foundational level in the body
What is truly healthy and when you try and do this, actually what you find is surprisingly simple
there’s actually two things that are responsible for health and the body the first is you need to correct all
Micronutrient deficiencies your body can’t function properly if it’s deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. You can’t have any deficiencies and
So therefore anything that would promote a deficiency in the body is considered considered unhealthy
The second thing is hormonal balance
your body needs to be in a state of hormonal balance and what that means is actually that there’s two classes of hormones in the
Body, there’s protective hormones and stress hormones
So hormonal balance is characterized by the proper
Ratios between the two so you want to make sure that your reproductive hormones aiyoo protective hormones your thyroid hormone
Which is protective hormones, you know the different types of thyroid hormones
These things have to be in a good healthy level in men. For example high testosterone
There’s a nice nice thing and you see a lot of benefits from that sort of thing
And have to their ratio dependent between the protective ones. Do you actually have to have low stress hormones things like cortisol estrogen prolactin?
SHBG these things cannot run out of control or else you’re gonna have a lot of problems with your hormonal balance
now if you disagree with this fundamental idea that the body is healthiest when it doesn’t have deficiencies and when it’s in a state of
Hormonal balance then we foundationally just disagree about about health which that means that you think that the body
runs properly when it does it when it is deficient in
micronutrients and you think that the body runs properly when it is out of hormonal balance when it has
low, reproductive hormones and high stress hormones
If this is what you think then good luck. I mean nothing I can do for you on that one
but if you agree with me on the state of good health and you’re watching this then it’ll naturally come together of
you this framework that we’re operating within and so if something goes against
Micronutrient deficiencies goes against hormonal balance technically is considered unhealthy
And this is a good way for us to develop a way of thinking that actually helps to promote our our healthy habits
So in this case though by this definition and I’ll show you all of the evidence because there’s quite a bit of it
Oats are not healthy. So let’s dive into the research. So right here on Weston a price org we see
Phytic acid content in oats so phytic acid is actually a powerful mineral key later and it’s very high quantities and oats
Don another video here on the channel talking all about phytic acid
I’ll talk about the the content of phytic acid in beans in brown rice things like that that are all proven to
To chelate these minerals to strip your body of these minerals and cause massive wide-scale deficiencies
So this study right here shows that because of the dense nature of the negative phosphate groups when consumed it actually readily attaches to mineral
Ions rendering them unavailable for the take by the body
now this study states actually that
phytate has a strong chelating property and allows for poor bioavailability in the gastrointestinal tract of
Multivalent metal ions, especially zinc calcium and iron we see this a lot
So watch the phytic acid video to talk about this stuff a lot of these major deficiencies
And this one we talked about how phytic acid renders many essential minerals to be poorly bioavailable
It also talks about the mechanism even talks about how combine two proteins in certain ph levels on page 212 of this book
They state that the fact that the strong chelating effect of phytic acid
Has in that it shows that it forms insoluble compounds with a lot of essential minerals including copper cobalt magnesium manganese zinc calcium and iron
Now this one talks a bit about the chemistry with the calorie colorimetric study
with several minerals in their binding potential at phytic acid
This study was shown to cause an increase in excretion of minerals nitrogen and amino acids
This one showed that sodium phytate actually decreased the pepsin activity and digestive
Digestion of protein this study showed a dose-dependent manner I take causing inhibition of lipase activity
We sell out of it ends in somatic interactions like inhibition of important enzymes when consuming phytic acid
Here you see also that there’s a good increase in the inhibition of pepsin as fight hate
intake increases as well
this one showed the inhibitory effect that fights it has an alpha amylase and proteases and
Then this study showed the effect of a mixture containing phytic acid the causing disruption of bacterial cell membranes
Degradation of DNA and that it caused pores in the membranes of the cells. So there was cellular damage from this
So let’s look at some of the direct health effects of oats, you know
And people didn’t these are studies with oats on that. They’re showing these effects. So this one
Showed basically that the consumption had a reduction in all male reproductive parameters
Including testosterone and spermatid formatic Genesis in general and spermatogenesis. Basically the
production of sperm
this one showed the lowering of cholesterol and
This one showed again another lowering of cholesterol. If you want to know more about why lowering your cholesterol is bad. I
recommend watching somebody like watch my polyunsaturated fat the bet vegetable oil conspiracy watch that video talk all about
How is the cholesterol thing is just a big myth and used for propaganda right now to basically poison your body
This one shows a greater postprandial increase in insulin and glucose
This one proves that oat beta glucan does not affect satiety in in humans
This one shows that statins have a testosterone lowering effect
Here we see that beta glucan again effectively reduces testosterone and DHT. So this one shows that that
zrl enone
You know what? It is. Basically that it’s an estrogen compound. That’s really common in oats
So zr1 own is estrogenic and immunotoxin and that’s backed up over and over again. Now this one shows on
The amount of zr1. Oh and that’s excreted by pigs that are fed with these oats that have it in it and
This shows the mycotoxin
content of a hundred
Organic and regular samples of oats. There are a lot of toxins and oats
Cereals that contain oats also contain a known carcinogen and mycotoxin in the u.s
Called okra toxin a and this is also well known. I mean, I don’t know why they still sell this stuff
so this one talks about mycotoxins in Europe and the effects that they have on liver, kidney and
human matter poetic toxicity immune toxicity reproductive toxicity fetal toxicity and
So this one states that the the mycotoxins go unrecognized by doctors until epidemics occur
Ain’t that the truth?
They’re not looking for this stuff
So this one shows the effect of mycotoxins on dogs and that it slows their metabolism down
And that a common treatment for mycotoxin and food does not work this one shows okra toxin increasing
mortality not morality
mortality in the rate of e.coli infection in broiler chickens
This one shows the arlynn own effects on female pig reproduction these negative effects
This one shows Geralyn own and urine and muscle tissue and oat fed heifers. So a lot of a lot of livestock eats oats, obviously
This one showed 23 micro toxins that are present in baby food cereal formulas, etc
this stuffs everywhere guys
We gotta gotta wake up to it
This one shows early development of puberty and pre-pubertal girls due to estrogen etic estrogenic activity of Geralyn. Ah,
Scary geez these mycotoxins are extremely, you know prevalent and in these types of grains especially oats
Obviously, there’s a lot of different effects this this your review kind of goes into their the effects of mycotoxins on human health
This one is a dissertation on
Mycotoxins in and human health and just shows all the like terrible effects that it has on your metabolism and your hormones in general
This shows the toxic effects of Zarrella known and the toxic effects that has on in vitro maturation of cells and 17 beta estradiol
This again shows more endocrine disruption
Of Zeeland own and pigs who eat oats this shows an oak based diet increasing estradiol and fibrinogen levels and women
This shows increased secretion in OU diet of fed to female pigs
The ARLA known also has suppressive effects on testosterone production in the late late excels of rats
You do not want to be suppressing your latex cells. That’s for sure
So Lambs actually consume quite a bit of oat. So in lambs that have diets of 70% oats, there’s a connection between increased estrogen
Leading to a greater likelihood of sex differentiating toward toward like more female offspring which is really interesting
What little antioxidants oats do have?
Has actually been proven in this study to be lost in the processing and cooking. So there’s no nutritional value of these oats
So this shows processing in activates the antioxidants again on
In conclusion here. Basically what they had is that there they show that the the
polyunsaturated fatty acids in
In the oats themselves were actually oxidized and degraded
Before they even get to the shelves that you know in storage
So this shows that a range of alcohols aldehydes alkyl benzene steins and ketones was identified in processed samples of oats
They also show the development of rancidity and processing oats
So basically oats by the time they get to the the friggin grocery store or rancid and their moldy
They have mycotoxins all over them. They have rancid fats
This shows longer oats, the longer the oats are stored the more rancid they become
So one thing you’re probably wondering is just literally like now I’m confused. What do I eat?
you know all these foods that you’re talking about here and this channel Chris have have all these terrible things of them that go against
the dev the true definition of health
So that’s why I wit and I put together a framework based on achieving these two goals
I want you to be able to correct your micronutrient deficiencies
I want you to be able to bring your body into a state of hormonal balance when you do those two things
You’re gonna be truly healthy, you’re gonna feel amazing and have a ton of energy
You’re not gonna have any libido and sex drive issues
You’re gonna have very high good levels of reproductive hormones and thyroid hormones of high metabolism
You’re gonna have low stress hormones and low risk for cancers and diseases like that. So
What I did was I made a framework. I put together a tool. It’s at the thermo diet
Calm slash quiz and it’s where if you answer just a couple quick questions. It takes about 60 seconds. I’m gonna be able to identify
Which organ there are three key organs in the body? Which organ?
You need to actually optimize and heal to bring your body back in the state of balance. Now these three key organs
in the body are actually the the liver the thyroid and the pituitary and what you’re going to do is
Based on the answers to your questions. I’m going to be able to identify. Oh your liver has some problems and needs some work
So what we’re gonna do is put you on a road to correcting that with this framework of diet nutrition
And this doesn’t require you to be, you know, vegan or keto or any of these these like dietary
Identities it’s more above that. It’s an agnostic type of thing based on the actual healing and the health of your body
Not necessarily based on you know fighting about diets and that’s where the stuff which a lot of people do
So go to the thermo diet calm slash quiz take these quiz answer a few questions
I’m gonna put you on the path toward great health
So thanks for watching the video if you liked it give it a thumbs up and I’ll see how the next video
Rancid toxins and mineral key leaders that are going to strip your body of the essential vitamins of minerals that it needs
Then you may want to consider taking nuts out of your diet

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