Strict Keto Diet I Keto Summer Shred Day 2

good morning y’all so today is July 2nd
and I am at 180 1.4 pounds starting off
with my apple cider vinegar lemon and
water and my lazy keto cup although we
are doing strict keto right now I still
gotta represent so yeah
morning y’all so I’m about to start
meditating but I wanted to come on here
real quick and just say Oh butterfly but
um yeah so um I’m really excited about
my 1.4 pounds that I’ve lost so far I
mean I know it’s just water weight but
you know what I’m gonna accept it
because it just makes me so so happy
right now
like yeah I mean it’s only day two but
y’all I’m really excited right now
yes you know we want to see the inches
go away too but some guys saying that
scale y’all go down it just does some to
my soul yeah
I need to go to the store so bad that
this is all the natural creamy peanut
butter I have left and I’m just gonna
have some strawberries so yeah breaking
my fast right now at 11:00 a.m. it is
one forty-three p.m.
and I’m having my first meal of the day
I’m having two chicken wings
strawberries two eggs
green beans with a good amount of pink
Himalayan sea salt and pepper on it then
I have my mustard and today I’m just
gonna be tricking so ordered and so yeah
this is a nice little strict keto lunch
that I got going on over here pretty
excited for it and I’m currently
watching the society on Netflix and so
far know I’m only on Episode one it’s
pretty good I was detail second meal of
the day also I have this like little
cauliflower and shrimp soup going on
right now I got some baby spinach and
greens in this I have some broccoli and
this as well and to drink I’m just gonna
have some water and then I’m going to
head to the movie theater you guys they
have broccoli well broccoli in this as
well so yeah this is actually pretty
good y’all
so yeah after the movies he just went to
Wendy’s and got a little fruit cup I
haven’t been drinks
hey y’all good morning so my church is
a clothing giveaway actually it’s not
even just clothes we’re giving away shoes purses
tableware um stuff for the home just
like a whole lot of stuff one oh yeah I
think you telling me princess you know I
have a whole butterfly Oh me telling you
all these signs and just coming left and
right and I accept it oh my god so
pretty yeah it still hasn’t left oh my
gosh I have to go home now please go
y’all he won’t go oh my gosh okay y’all
cannot tell me these are not signs at
all like it won’t come okay I’m walking
let’s see if it goes oh my gosh so crazy
okay hey YouTube family so editing
version of myself coming in so I’m today
is actually July 4th so happy 4th of
July to everyone who celebrated right
now I’m sitting outside and hopefully I
can hear me still great because
firecrackers are just going off right
now hey y’all I’m not filling my grade
itself due to the fact that today is the
first day of my period so huh yeah
that’s just awesome
not like talking cramping wise y’all
it’s just fact that I’m gonna appear and
I’m just like wow
really not too long ago wash my hair
y’all and so you’re gonna see random
spots oh wait this wow that just took a
turn for the worse you’re just gonna see
little little drops of water I homie so
don’t think something’s wrong with me
okay but anywho y’all so in this video I
had a 1.4 lost which is just
awesome I mean I know it’s just gonna be
water weight for a little bit but like I
said y’all I accept it like saying
that’s go go down it makes me happy I’m
just being honest it doesn’t make me
happy my previous video I did get asked
if I plan on showing y’all like
routinely my weight loss and yes
definitely I want to be 100% accountable
whatever with y’all – y’all yeah okay
y’all get what I’m sayin boom yeah I
just want to be accountable and so
therefore I will be routinely showing
y’all my weight loss or just me getting
on a scale so either I’m gonna do that
in every video or maybe once a week I
don’t know I haven’t decided yet
yeah my neighbors got the music playing
so loud I hope I do not get copyrighted
in this video cuz I do you have some
problems I will say this though y’all I
am new to the whole those Strict Keto Lifestyle
so if you do see me like door
something wrong feel free to let me know
I would appreciate that be nice about it
I don’t get ready
but yeah y’all so if you are new to the
channel welcome to the fam I’m over here
documenting my keto weight loss journey
and your girl is sharing everything for
the month of July I am doing strict keto
so go ahead and click that subscribe
button plus the notification belt as
well as right now y’all I am uploading
three videos a week so you can’t expect
the video for me on Mondays Wednesdays
and Fridays typically y’all I do lazy keto
but so far y’all I’m pretty much digging
this whole lo strict keto lifestyle I
have no complaints about it as of yet my
returning YouTube family thank you so
much for watching this video as always
if you don’t hear it from anyone else I
love you so stay blessed and I will see
you in the next video which will be
Monday alright you guys love you bye oh
my gosh I started raining it’s not gonna
see clearly
alright y’all real

William Babineau

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