Strict Keto Journal I Full Day Of Eating Keto I Weight Loss Vlog

Good Morning YouTube Family so I have
started the day off
I’ve already had well yeah there’s like
a whole dragonfly convention going on
right now basically let’s start
meditating but I’m yeah so this morning
y’all I’ve had chicken cuz my mom cooked
chicken last night y’all and I opened up
the refrigerator y’all and I was like I
don’t want some chicken so I’m not
fasting today I haven’t had my apple
cider vinegar lemon water I’m gonna have
that after I come back from the gym I’m
just changing it up today y’all I don’t
know who I am the wind is blowing like
crazy it just feels amazing but yeah let
me go ahead and start this meditation
because we trying to like manifest
positive stuff for the rest of 2019
yes y’all get on your meditation grind
y’all if you want something you got to
speak it into existence period like you
can’t even expect things to happen if
you truly don’t believe in it yourself
well I’m talking to myself really right
now but um yeah hopefully I help
somebody else out I don’t know but um
yeah y’all so I’m about to start
meditating and then I’ll come back on
here alright guys so we’re currently in
the car what is this in my back seat
okay let me tell y’all real quick so I
got one of the little cheap one dollar a
little trees thing you know to make your
car smell good whatever it’s the
Caribbean Colada god this smells
horrible yo I don’t normally get this
one but I was like it’s a dollar and I
just felt like my spirit was gonna smell
good but my spirit lied to me apparently
let me stop playing cuz my spirit was
like if you get two dollar and get the
strawberry one cuz I wanna smell good
but I really just ride the Caribbean
Colada but when you buy some cheap you
get cheap results that’s what I got okay
yeah so we’re about to go to gym today
is going to be up a buddy day yeah y’all
cuz we gotta get these arms ready and
tight like you know toned up y’all we
can’t be having all these flabby arms
I’m ready for them to go you know I
don’t know where all this energy is
coming from y’all because I ate this
morning I don’t know but I’m yeah y’all
so let’s stop talking and let’s go ahead
and head to the gym
okay yeah so I’ve already warmed up with
my five pound free weights my wannabe
trainer so bad
told me I need to do more free weight
workouts that’s I’m doing so let’s move
over to ten pounds
I’m done working out I’m gonna go to
bath the body wears just for some lotion
honey some lotion like really really bad
yeah yeah I miss my gummy bears but I
can’t get it okay yeah also due to the
fact that I’m going strIct keto I
can’t get anything from GNC I waved at
the manager is about it but yeah like I
told y’all if I’m not making my snacks
I’m gonna stay away from it you’re so
hard y’all could I really want to start
eating my keto krate snacks I do have
some cheeto so I do have some pecans
from my keto krate this month yeah like
I was saying my plan
– unless I’m making my keto snacks I
plan I’m not well with one over my hair
I plan on not eating so much – like the
cousins or something like that you know
I’m saying yeah so y’all a bath and
Bodyworks I didn’t get anything
spectacular only got the prettiest peach
lotion y’all this is literally one of my
favorite lotions from them smells so
good and God did to the fact I can’t
deal with this Caribbean colada smell
anymore I also have my car set the
champagne toast one you cannot see this
at all but the champagne toast y’all
mm-hmm it smell so good
all right y’all so first meal of the day
this is so random random a elf y’all so
I have a salad I have ground beef
organic grass-fed ground beef y’all I
have eggs
I have okra in this I don’t know why I
put okra in this y’all but I was like I
want some okra I was like okay I’ll just
put on top of my salad so that’s good
and I was some salt and pepper of course
all over this and for my dressing I just
used apple cider vinegar today y’all I
just could not make myself drink my
apple cider vinegar lemon and water so I
just put it in my salad and get her
doing I’m having it okay y’all so I’m
currently running late to go to Zumba um
yeah I’ve been to Zumba in a while we
got the air the air conditioning people
came in fix the air bombs it um well I
was working out today so at least I know
now I can go to Zumba yeah
cause I’m bout to hit some movie theater
to go see the movie Crawl like the
trailers standing really good so I’m
pretty excited to see this movie
it doesn’t seem to be too scary for me
y’all because I don’t do scary movies
all period I don’t I like to be happy
I don’t enjoy scary movies at all go
So, Crawl I thought it was pretty good umm I
know for some people who like scary
movies maybe that’s not for you that’s
enough to scare me yeah
whoo-chow I hope I’ll have any
nightmares cuz I will
you know I’m after like probably pray or
I meditate a little bit afore I go to
sleep but y’all I did truly enjoy
tonight yeah I’m so weird so weird but
um yeah so if you are new to the channel
welcome to the fam I’m over here
documenting my keto weight loss journey
and your girl is sharing everything for
the month of July I’m doing strict keto
but typically I do lazy keto but we’re kinda
you know what enjoyed the whole little
strict keto life right now so join me by
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notification bell as well so you won’t
miss out on any future uploads here I
upload three videos a week so you can’t
expect a video from me on Mondays
Wednesdays and Fridays to my returning
YouTube family thank you so much for us
in this video as always if you don’t
hear it from anyone else I love you so
stay blessed and I will see you in the
next video which will be Monday alright
you guys please stay safe and enjoy your
weekend bye

William Babineau


  1. Yessss I would be too shy to do zumba. I'm an introvert and hate dancing in front of people

  2. I went from 3 workout buddies to just me now lol. Im going to have to start doing classes 😉

  3. I have to go get the champagne toast car freshener! That’s literally my fav scent from B&BW. THANKS❤️ Also I started running at the park for exercise. Can’t want til my weigh in Sunday.

  4. Girl you are better than me LOL I could Never eat okra like that…. LOL♥♥ I'm so country only battered and fried and I sure do miss it….

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