Stuffed Cabbage Head Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

Stuffed Cabbage Head Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

William Babineau


  1. Wow, that looked so good, thanks for bringing us inside your beautiful kitchen!

  2. Today I made this: I had a cabbage in my second refrigerator and was not sure what to do with it. I overstuffed the cabbage more than you did and cooked it for 1:30 minutes and it came out very tasty. My husband is eating it now. I also made three cream cheese cakes. I do not have all the spices you have but I used mint. I did not have parsley. I added celery (in the parsley family) I have Greek spices I used. I made puff pastry yesterday and it was the second try I did the classic and it was wonderful!
    Before the real heat sets in, I am cooking and freezing food so I do not have to cook in the humidity. I absolutely love cooking.

  3. Wow that looks so delicious what an excellent idea. You are an amazing cook my friend. Subscribed👍😎

  4. I love your recipes so much, as my wife and I really enjoy Middle Eastern food. You're a LOVELY hostess but I can't watch you as often as I would like. There is just something about your cooking style that leaves me a total wreck of nerves. You literally leave me in a tightly wound spring of jitters!! Calm down. It's almost like you're always on the verge of dropping something or you just managed to dodge a bullet!!!

  5. Your a awesome Mom ,I will try your recipe for my grandangels.Thanks for recipe.

  6. LoL, love the interaction between mom and kids! When you have kids anything goes!

  7. So beautiful because of the kids with you. Lovely and beautiful.

  8. That is wonderful that you have your children there. In “real time cooking.”

  9. Looks delicious! My mom used to put it back in the bowl and turn it on a plate, easier and no mess and it won't loose the shape.

  10. Your children are adorable! It’s great you involve them in the food preparation x thanks for sharing xx

  11. I love this recipe and I am going to do it! So you actually froze the Cabbage first and then thawed it out? What a great idea instead of all that boiling that I've done with cabbage in the past!!! IT'S A CABBAGE PATCH DISH AND NOT A CABBAGE PATCH KID!
    Cool cool recipe ….would be good for Easter dinner with pork or lamb!!!

  12. Thanks,are you in Glendale,I used to live and eat at Saku's restaurant,now I am in Europe

  13. Great recipe! It has veggies, protein and just enough carbs. Wonderful! And congrats on a great family, your kids are goofy and adorable.

  14. Mouth watering recipe I love cabbage .I am trying today let's see how it's come .

  15. It looks great and you did a wonderful job explaining. I made stuffed cabbage rolls once and they were good but for presentation this is going to be hard to beat. I have never heard of a whole stuffed cabbage head. People will wonder how in the heck you did it.

  16. Do you think this can be made with sour cabbage, and the meat to be little bit cooked together with the onion?

  17. I don't care for the stuffing, but luckily other options will go with cabbage. Thank you

  18. I can't remember when I last had so much fun watching a cooking tutorial! Your enthusiasm, the recipe, those adorable children, that kitchen–I want them all, with a big serving of dolma on the side! Smiles and blessings from your newest subbie.😘

  19. What a lovely recipe and such a good explanation. Thank you for your generosity in sharing such a good dish. Thank you so very Much. God bless you

  20. Loved this recipe and video and will certainly give it try. Can you comment on freezing the cabbage. Do you freeze it in lieu of boiling it? Can that be done for individual stuffed cabbage leaves as well? I've never heard of that method but am intrigued!

  21. This made me a star on Sunday dinner with the in laws.😊 they loved the presentation and taste and EVERYTHING ! THIS IS A GREAT RECEIPE. DELISH.. Thanks so much for sharing …

  22. Hello Heghineh….Very creative.I have never seen stuffed cabbage prepared this way before…

  23. AMAZING!! It looks delicious, I like the way the children are helping themselves to the ingredients along the way lol This is a real treat, thank you.

  24. Because I’m Vegan I’ll add my own ingredients but the technique is unique! Thank you for sharing with us!!

  25. Mashallah cute idea I advise that you have your own cooking show with your kids I love it all thumbs up..you might add some lemon to the dish as well

  26. What is that herb that you said was the ”most fragrant”? Please I couldn't make it the name.

  27. IT reminds me of a Polish dish called Golabki, but this is just in one piece. Normally we wrap the meat in separate leaves and then cook it or bake it. Looks amazing tho and I need to try this method 🙂

  28. Dooooo whaatt. Sorry I couldn't get past 4:08.🤣. You can so tell she is not used to fixing this dish. I'm surprised there's not a floor lenght mirror in front of herself. 😄

  29. 18:20 “crackers? Hold on I’m trying a dish.” You are so funny! Love all your videos.


  31. You are so good with your children and I love the way you make this dish and I can't wait to try it myself!! Thank you so much

  32. Beautiful creative culinary delight. Very healthy and wonderful tasting. Thank you so very much for sharing this recipe. Thank you for inviting us into your kitchen with your beautiful family. Lovely presentation. Tamson from Kentucky. 💞

  33. It looks beautiful and I believe would taste even better, in my opinion I would have add bay leaves and few cherry tomatoes sliced in half inside the minced meat . I will do it first thing tomorrow. Thank you keep showing wonderful stuff

  34. Looks tasty, what would it look like if you had inverted it on a plate (bottom up)

  35. Bravo Bravo Delicioso! love your videos and recipes they're all delicious thank you.chris.

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  37. Awww, I love the you letting your son help – this is how they learn! My little ones love helping me.
    Thank you for this recipe.😊

  38. how do you stay so fit despite cooking so yummy foods !!! i am trying this inshAllah

  39. Tomato sauce… sounds good… Tomato or cheese sauce or both covering cabbage


  41. my mother never dressed like that to cook, always a babushka and an apron over a house dress

  42. just discovered your channel and i have watched 2 of your videos and wanna try out. Love your kids and that you dint edit anything. very homely and was a pleasure to watch!

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  44. You are fabulous Heghineh! The dish looks delicious and I am always looking for different ways to use cabbage! Thanks for sharing and your children are adorable!

  45. You balady pour Lady go to look after your children discussing beach

  46. It was both educational and entertaining viewing this vid. She is the epitome of "cool" as she talked to her kids…and navigated through the instructions for the recipe. That recipe will be featured at my table for sure!! 😍

  47. You are absolutely LOVELY!
    I thankYOU for sharing this,
    I can hardly wait to make it ☺

  48. Recipe looks fantastic…filming annoying as hell. I stuck in there for the recipe.

  49. haha I decided to watch this video for a new variety of cabbage rolls, i love that like all moms, you were interrupted by the little ones and their demands, good job incorporating them into the video : )

  50. OH my. This cabbage cake looks so interesting and delicious..a must try. And this sure would impress company. By the way the boys are just so darm cute. You are also beautiful yourself. Thankyou so much for this different recipe. From ontario canada. ❤️

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