Is this going yeah can I go if I do this
can you see the boat action alright
guys we are in Brooklyn New York it is
11:58 a.m. David Bracetty behind the
camera still has a head cold which
really sucks but he’s filming and I
really appreciate having you here David
so thank you now today we’re talking
about the best meal plan for fat loss
and the reason I’m holding my phone is
because I got a DM from someone and I’m
gonna read the DM the question they
asked me specifically regarding whose
dog is that someone their dog is just
going crazy they really need to fix this
dog situation anyway not gonna stop the
video also worth noting in addition to
the meal plan for fat loss
David specifically is having me stand
here because he doesn’t like that boat
in the background so very purposefully
framed in this position but anyway we’re
talking about best need a plan for fat
loss and @ohsnapitsmads DM’d me what’s
your most important advice when it comes
to creating a sustainable meal plan I
wish I had the money to get macros
counted or help from a coach but poor
college student probs lol but I’d like
to get started and learn about it on my
own thanks I love your page first of all
thank you I appreciate you and the first
thing I actually want to address in this
is probably the best thing that they
said is they they asked for what is the
best advice for creating a sustainable
meal plan Bar None the best question you
can ask because nine times out of 10
people are asking me how do you lose 20
pounds in five days it’s it’s not like a
weird question I get that all the time
how do you lose how do you get rid of
like as much weight as possible in the
least amount of time so just the fact
that you’re asking for a sustainable
meal plan tells me that you are in a
higher level position and I respect that
a lot because you’re not looking for the
quick fix you’re looking for the
longer-term solution and I think that
mindset is going to take you way further
so anyone watching this video if they’re
thinking if they’re like well how do I
lose weight more quickly how to get them
more quickly you’re setting yourself up
for failure in the short term you’re
setting it doesn’t mean that you won’t
succeed down the road but in the
meantime the more you search for that
quick fix the more you will immediately
fail in the short term and eventually
that might take you to success in a long
term but you need to get to a point
where you’re okay for a sustainable plan
because until then you’re just it’s
going to be a perpetual cycle of up and
down and up and down up and down now
with your most important advice it’s a
tough question because it’s sort of like
when people asked what is the best
workout or what is the the best
nutrition plan or what is the best
exercise for your butt or the best
exercise for your arms there’s no best
there’s number-one single best other
than the best drink is coffee that other
than the bat single unicorn magic other
than the unicorn magic being the best
coffee then there’s no best in the world
ever because it’s always dependent on
the individual and it depends
specifically on what you can sustain
because I’m going back to your first
original point if you can’t sustain
something then it’s not the best it
might literally be on paper for a
physiological perspective the best plan
the best exercise the best option but if
you can’t do it long-term it’s not the
best option so my best advice is to do
something that you can sustain forever
now it’s very ambiguous I wanted to dig
a little bit deeper into that because
the only way to find that thing what I
would find the best plan for you find
the the the most sustainable plan for
you is to try and try and try and
between every try fail and fail and
the boat get in that David so he’s so
mad that so in between every try you’re
gonna fail and you’re gonna have it’s so
cliche you like going up the stepladder
going up the staircase on your way to
success but that’s really what it is
where you’re gonna have to go up and
then you’re gonna have a period of time
where nothing happens or maybe even you
fall back down and you have to climb
back up and that’s how this works most
people they’re looking for the best or
the quickest or the easiest or they just
want the final answer what is this tell
me what it is what I have to do and it’s
just not that easy because I’ll tell you
what here’s a really interesting part
about Fitness is I might be able to give
you the best meal plan for you the best
exercise program for you to help you see
long-term success but if you aren’t in a
position where you’re mentally or
emotionally ready to use that
information you’re going to be you’re
going to have to go through a journey a
process to then she’d come back and use
it as effectively as you could so for
example when I was younger I got into
calorie-counting when I was very young I
was counting calories when I was like 16
as a wrestler for cutting weight I was
using that but my mindset was rapid
fat-loss I need to cut wait for
competition this week I need to get ABS
this week I need this like I was calorie
counting still looking at macros still
looking at like the energy and the food
but my mindset was in a different place
and I had to go all the way around I did
go through intermittent fasting go
through ketogenic go through this go
through that to finally then come full
circle back to calorie counting with a
completely different mindset having gone
through everything and I think the best
advice that I can really give you aside
from doing something sustainable is get
comfortable with the fact that you are
going to go through a journey through
hell and back where you will have a goal
and you’ll get you’re gonna put a lot of
effort into it and you might see great
progress and you might go back a little
you might mess up for a week or mess up
for a month or mess up for six months
then you get back on try something new
that’s the it’s a game that’s life
I think a lot of people take this stuff
way too seriously
they get so intense about this stuff
especially with with the gym the gym
especially this isn’t going enough topic
I know I dude he’s freaking right I
don’t know what’s going on me but a lot
of people start working out and they end
up loving it it’s their favorite thing
in the world the the gym is their
stressfully if the gym is their life the
gym is like yes I love going to the gym
hitting pr’s getting stronger feeling
better and then all of a sudden it’s
transfers into if they don’t hit a
personal record in the gym they don’t
get stronger all of a sudden they’re
like they like hate everything it was
the worst day they cry in the gym and
they’re they’re upset like the entire
week is ruined until they go back and
then they hopefully hit it hit a
personal record the next time I’m like
hell you’re doing this because you’re
supposed to love it this is must be fun
it’s supposed to be like your stress
relief and you’re making it another
stressor so whether we’re talking about
strength training or nutrition the best
meal plan which is the pit was supposed
to be the topic of this video but I’m
going off on a rant you to relax you
need to get comfortable knowing that
you’re not gonna find the answer for a
while you have your own search and you
do your own digging and do I wish I
could just like be like okay here’s the
best plan that’s it I wish I could but
the process of trying new things will
shape your emotions and your thoughts
and your psychology and it will shape
you to eventually get to that point but
very few people are just automatically
there that they can do it you need to
build that you need to build yourself to
be that person that can sustain it and
that takes time so and there’s something
else that you said macros this is
actually the important part well I don’t
know what I did in my phone okay and you
said I wish I had the money to get
macros counted
or help from the coach listen you can go
on google and type in a macro calculator
my buddy Mike vacati has Mike’s macros
app it’s free My Fitness Pal is free you
could go onto Google like I have I’ve
put on my Instagram 5,000 times how to
calculate your your calories and I know
it’s people are gonna be like oh but
everyone has a different calculation I
don’t know what’s right the process just
try something take a fucking number and
do it for more than a day or two days or
a week do it for six weeks and here’s
the crazy part here’s the there’s a
crazy part you can try it and if it
doesn’t work try a different one
I know it’s it’s not what you want to
hear you just want to be okay what’s the
what’s the right one though I don’t know
I wish I did I don’t know what the right
one is for you even with when I was
doing one-on-one coaching I had to use
trial and error with my clients they
would send me their weight every morning
their pictures every four weeks their
measurements every two weeks it’s not
for shits and giggles it’s so that I can
say okay cool we’re making progress or
we’re not let me make a change it’s all
trial and error that’s what I do with my
inner circle members now every one of my
inner circle I encourage them take
pictures take measurements track your
track your your consistency over time so
because here’s another thing sometimes
people will not make progress over the
course of eight weeks and you’re like oh
that one didn’t work but if they
actually tracked their consistency they
would realize oh well I was off 70% of
the time so you actually didn’t even
give that one a shot now this video went
totally on a tangent that I didn’t
expect and I don’t really know where I’m
going at this point but I do know this
there is no best meal plan there is no
best way to find your macros there is no
best way to find out how like what
numbers you should use there’s so many
options available to you
I encourage you
to number one if you’re watching this
odds are you follow me on youtube and on
Instagram go through I’ve put so many
different options for you within my
posts that if you can’t find it
I don’t know go to google and type in
what how do you like what are my like
how to find my macros how to find my
calorie intake you’re gonna come up with
the formula try it worse comes to worse
you do another one and that’s the
process my friends I I think it would be
it would be anybody who tells you hey
just do this and that’s it it’s great
and it’s fantastic but odds are you’re
gonna have to try something else down
the road yeah the best coach the best
program probably gonna try something
else and that’s okay so rather than me
to say hey do this go try it have fun
with it enjoy it I hope it’s beautiful
where you are like it is where I am
right now
I appreciate you thank you for watching
the video sorry for the random tangent
that’s the boat David did not want his
frame for some reason but I think it’s a
gorgeous view either way thank you David
for filming when you’re sick thank you
any questions let me know have a
wonderful day

William Babineau


  1. I'm 43, was 390 and now 350 (took about a year) and I learned this the hard way. Very good video. I'll add that meal prepping for the week helps. And helps if you are okay with repetition (for the week) and at least you know the daily calorie consumption. I do have off days, but i get back on. I'm working on going to the gym at least 5 times a week. In the beginning it was hard to do. It's getting easier, but now because of my obesity I have flat feet and that's an issue i have to contend with as it makes it somewhat difficult to exercise.

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