The Rock Workout & Diet Challenge | The Rock Daily Routine, Hercules diet and training

I don’t mind getting up early but you have to be
a special kind of sick to get up at
3:30 in the morning. This is not morning
this is this is the middle of the night!
So I wanted to try eating and training
like Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock for one day.
I pieced together his daily routine
eating plan and workouts from various
interviews across YouTube as well as
from an article in Muscle & Fitness Magazine.
I spent evening before shopping for food.
So apparently this is what one
day’s worth of eating looks like.
It wouldn’t all fit in a basket so I had to get a trolley…
… And it came to an astonishing £39.98
for a single day of eating.
The diet was based on a plan that
The Rock used in preparation for
Hercules which he stuck to for 22 weeks.
I spent over an hour making as much of
the meals as I could ready for the day
weighing everything out and putting it
into Tupperware.
I heard that The Rock likes his food cut up ready so he can
just eat it straight out the container with a spoon.
“It would already be cut up actually,
so I microwave it and by the time
it gets to me I take a spoon in a very
polished poised classy way just shovel it in”
Apparently he starts a day at 3:30
a.m. with morning coffee, performs some
stretches and then does 40 to 50 minutes of cardio.
Right, so it took me a little bit
longer to come around then I thought
it would but I am now awake, I’ve done my
warmup stretches and I’m ready to do my morning cardio.
For the morning cardio I
decided to go for a 6 kilometer run.
Running that early in the morning was
pretty weird…
Not a sound…
It’s eerie…
Sooo quiet…
Let’s go!
Right then, that’s the cardio done… so…
it’s time for the first meal.
I can tell I’m gonna get through a lot of gym clothes today… [laughs]. Oh, man.
Meal one couldn’t be prepared
easily the night before so I made it
fresh in the morning and it consisted of
egg white steak and a lot of oats.
Yeah this is a lot of food.
The steak and eggs went down pretty easy
but the porridge, this is where, or sorry
“oats” – this is where I’m starting to
become undone. I finished one pot but I’ve
still got two more to go.
After eating the first meal of the day The Rock then
trains in a gym. The workout listed the
Muscle & Fitness for Hercules was a
five day split routine with day one
being a back workout.
Right then, I am now all washed up and ready for the gym.
I’m on my second 750 ml bottle of water, I’m
also drinking a second cup of coffee
because I need it, and I’m just about to go to the gym.
I’m supposed to be the gym for six; it’s ten to six now,
so I’m already behind schedule.
To be honest I have no idea how it’s gonna go
because that food it’s just sat like a
lead weight in my stomach. The steak and
eggs was actually fine it’s just the
sheer quantity of oats so my main goal
is not to throw up in this gym session.
So I’ve just arrived at my gym and then the
car park is closed! So I’m going to have to find
somewhere else to park which is pretty annoying.
Okay so I’m now really
late for the gym, it is 6:49 and I still
have to walk over there because the gym
car part was closed. I’m still so full
I’ve got no idea I’m gonna do this
workout so I’m just going try not to throw up!
So so far I have drunk about 2 litres of water today
and I am busting for the toilet yet agin!
I’m going to have to go “pee pee” all day!
Okay so this is a major mess-up.
I don’t normally train at my gym on a Saturday
but it doesn’t open till 8:00 a.m.
What kind of candy-ass gym doesn’t open until 8:00am?
Erm, okay… yeah I’m not too sure
what I’m gonna do.
Well I’m now back in my car and thanks
to the wonders of modern technology I’m
currently signing up to another gym
which is 24 hours. So I’m just putting my card
details in now and should get immediate
access. So for now I’m just doing a day
pass at a Pure Gym which is just around the
corner. I bet The Rock doesn’t have these
So slightly different plan but nonetheless
we now have a gym. Let’s go train!
Okay so that workout was way harder than
I anticipated and mainly because the
sheer amounts of volume in it and
actually that’s why it took me a lot
longer than I thought it was going to as
well. So it’s now about 8:30 a.m. in the
morning, it’s now daylight which is
definitely a bonus definitely good but I
am way behind schedule and need to get
back and start eating meal number two,
which is something to look forward to
Interestingly according to my Fitbit
I’ve already done over 10,000 steps and
burned over 2,100 calories and it’s only
8:30 in the morning so that’s pretty good, right?
Okay so now we have meal
number two which is a boatload of
chicken broccoli and white rice
Mmmm, finito! Finished! Done! Right, we need to go about our day.
Okay so it’s now about
20 past 10:00 and we have a few errands
to run Jack and I are gonna go get our
“hairs cut”? Hairs cut? Hair cut. We’re gonna go
get our hair cut and hopefully it won’t
take too long
because I need to have my next meal so
hopefully we can go get our haircut and
back within about two hours, fingers crossed!
Right then so I have now drunk
about five liters of water which i think
is just over half a gallon out of the
two gallons of water that I have to
drink today. It feels very healthy and I
feel very hydrated but it’s starting to
become seriously inconvenient now.
Okay so this is meal three which is a
lot of fish with asparagus and rice
So last night I thought it’d be a great idea
to oven cook the fish but then having
microwaved it afterwards, it’s gone a
tad rubbery.
It’s extremely dry.
It was a bad call.
Right well it’s going okay
I’ve eaten all the fish and there have been lots of
complaints about the actual smell of the fish
I do apologize. All the asparagus has
gone and I’m just left with a ton of rice
again, so I’m really not enjoying eating this
much rice and it’s so plain it’s so dry
I just wanna some sauce on it or
something but I’m gonna eat it the way
that the rock eats it so I’ve just got to keep on eating.
So another Tupperware took bite the dust
and unfortunately there is still three
remaining plus a fourth meal so still
plenty of food to go, I don’t think I’m
quite at the halfway mark yet… which sucks.
And now it’s time for meal
number four! Chicken, broccoli and a baked potato.
To be honest anything has
got to be better than more portions of
God I am still full from the last meal… here goes!
Okay so surprisingly this is actually
one of the hardest meals I’ve done so far.
I feel like I’ve been eating it for
well how long have I been eating? 15 minutes? About 10 minutes.
About 10 minutes.
I still have loads left and it’s just
not going down, every single piece of
chicken which admittedly is quite
dry [sneezes] bless you – is taking me good thirty
seconds to a minute to eat it’s
painfully slow. But I’m just going to keep on going.
I’m getting there there’s only a little bit
left now, but it’s taking me a really
long time which means that I’m only
gonna have an hour-and-a-half
break between my next meal so I’m gonna
be perpetually perpetually perpetually
I’m gonna be full basically the rest of the day.
Okay and that is meal number 4 done!
Two more Tupperware’s remaining
plus an omelette and stuff for tonight.
I’m getting there. This is quite an ordeal.
Okay so this, I think, is meal five and we are back to
fish rice and asparagus although
thankfully it’s a lot less rice in this meal.
I am really not feeling this fish
anymore hmm
I never want to eat fish again after this.
Defeated! This one is definitely a fail
So I’m just about to have meal number
six and it’s gonna be my last meal so
essentially I’m gonna be forfeiting the
eating part of this challenge and the
main reason for it, yes I am very full,
but the main reason is because I want to
go to bed!
I’m so tired after getting up at half
past 3:00 this morning there I am ready
for bed and the thought of spending
another two to three hours awake just so
that I can eat another meal. Err, yeah I’d
had rather just forfeit so meal number
six but to have now and then that is it, finito!
So this is meal six it is steak
jacket potato and some salad I’m actually
gonna have this one cold
So I think I have all my meals today
that was probably the easiest! Nice and
light just a baked potato and thankfully
no god damn rice!
So that was my attempt at trying to do just one day eating and
training like the rock now before you
judge me too harshly it wasn’t just the
eating that made this challenge
difficult it was the accumulation of
everything from getting up at 3:30 in
the morning to doing that morning cardio
and then doing the morning training
session, all the planning for the food all
the prepping for the food the actual
eating everything. Now what this has done
is give me a newfound respect for The
Rock because this is apparently what he
did every day for 22 weeks in
preparation for the film Hercules.
Now I had a very relaxed Saturday but by
comparison he would be on film sets and
working all day so I really can’t fault
his work ethic and his discipline at all.
Now interestingly although this was a huge
amount of food coming in at around 5,000
calories in total, according to my Fitbit
I actually burnt over 4,000 calories in
that day probably because of all the
exercise that I was doing. Now of course
The Rock would burn far more than that
because he’s absolutely humongous and
he would be working on action film sets all day.
Now although I would never normally
eat anywhere near that amount of food
that diet at around 3,000 calories would
be pretty perfect for someone of my size.
Now also the following morning I
actually weighed in two pounds lighter
than the day before which made no sense
to me at all because I was expecting to
be about 10 pounds heavier just from the
sheer weight of the food on its own.
Anyway I hope you like this video if you
did don’t forget to give it a thumbs up
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William Babineau


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