The Ultimate Keto Breakfast?

Good morning! We’re here in my kitchen.
Today we’re gonna make an omelette
filled with tons of good fats. I love
starting my day off this way. We’ve got
salmon, we’ve got creme fraiche, we’ve got
some amazing herbs, and chives, and things
like that. And it’s easy and it’s fast.
The ingredients we’re going to use are
eggs, we’re gonna use our creme fraiche,
our chives, some of our salmon, our handy
dandy coconut oil, a little bit of salt
and pepper. The reason I like this recipe
so much is because we’re using more egg
yolks than we are egg whites. So you’re
getting more good fat that way. Also
because I love creme fraiche. I think we
don’t use enough creme fraiche here in
this country. It is really satisfying,
it’s got the best flavor, and when you
combine it with the chives and the
salmon, it’s such an elegant and delicious
way to start your day. So many people are
afraid of cream in a creme fraiche, but
we know on keto, that we’re using this as
our main source of fuel. So the thicker,
the richer, the more decadent it is, the
better. Okay, so we’re going to add one
egg, two eggs. We’re going to add two yolks.
Okay, one.
Two egg yolks. So you leave that extra
protein there. You want the fat. A lot of
times when people go on keto, they don’t
get enough fat and they get too much
protein. So I think this is a very
important area. I’m going to add a scoop
of my organic coconut oil. And you can
see, I’ve got a lot more oil here than
you would normally imagine. Now, I’m going
to add in the eggs. Oh my goodness, look
how beautiful they are. When I was in
Kyoto, Japan, I got to eat the Kyoto
Japanese egg yolks and they’re
absolutely insane. I couldn’t get over
how red they were. And what was the most
interesting part about eating eggs in
Kyoto, was how when you’re eating them
when they’re on the menu, it tells you
exactly what the chickens are eating to
get the different colors of the depth of
the egg yolk. So I just thought it was
really cool.
So now that my eggs have cooked through,
and you can see how beautiful they look.
I’m going to add some of our smoked
salmon. This is one of my children’s
absolute favorite recipes. I got them
hooked on smoked salmon at a very young
age and they all love it and know that
it’s something they can eat every single
morning if they feel like it. And they do,
they eat it most mornings. We’re
going to add a couple tablespoons of the
creme fraiche. This recipe is on my
website. You can get all the directions,
the details for it. So I’m a huge fan of
chives. Just look at this, look how
gorgeous this is. And you can put them
right in the middle there. It’s super
decadent. Very easy to make. I’m going to
add a little bit of salt because we
always need enough of our electrolytes
and our sodium. Now I’m just gonna simply
fold it over. One, two and there you go.
I’m gonna add a little more of the
delicious chives for some beauty. And
your breakfast filled with good fats,
lots of nutrition, and absolute
deliciousness. This was a really easy
recipe. I hope you found it to be
inspiring and you bring some more creme
fraiche into your life. It’s all about
letting your body utilize the good fats,
making sure that you’re not bringing in
the bad fats, and you’re keeping your
carbohydrates low. That’s why this is an
unbelievable way to start your day off
keto. Thanks for watching and I’ll see
you next time

William Babineau

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