Top 10 Fast Food Items That Are ACTUALLY HEALTHY!

When you think fast food you might think about
pizza or a burger and fries. Sometimes you hit the greasy spots to satisfy
a naughty craving or to fill your hunger. But do not give up hope in finding a healthy
choice just yet, even if we are programmed to just flock towards the golden arches, there
are alternatives for folks who just want to keep it healthy. So open up wide and take a bite out of these
10 fast food items that are actually good for you. McDonald’s (Asian grilled chicken sandwich) McDonald’s is no doubt the leading contender
in the fast food world. You tend to associate this chain with burgers
and fries and you do not of going to McDonald’s after hitting the gym or when trying to lose
weight. McDonald’s is definitely aware of this and
does everything it can in order to keep it’s clientele happy. To that effect, Mickey D’s has introduced
countless salads and wrap options and have also included the amount of calories for each
selection on their menu. The Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich is an
item that is all natural with no artificial flavors and simple toppings – tomato slice,
lettuce, grilled seasoning and an herb vinaigrette sauce encompass the artisan roll and the chicken
filet to complete the sandwich. The entire sandwich comes out to 380 calories
with 7 grams of fat, 44 grams total carbs and 37 grams of protein. McDonald’s suggest pairings to go with the
sandwich including a side salad, cup of coffee or diet coke. The sandwich is one of the healthier options
you can choose from on the menu as long as you don’t pair it with another item that’s
gonna throw your healthy lifestyle choice out the window. McDonald’s doesn’t shy away from showing
you that there are options to eating with them and staying healthy. Before we move on, hit that subscribe button
and notification bell so you’ll always know when we have a new video. With that out of the way, let’s get back
to these delicious healthy eats. Pizza Hut (garden party thin crust pizza) Pizza! Who can resist a delicious slice of cheesy
heaven? Unfortunately when you are on a diet, pizza
is something many try to stay far, far away from. What if I told you though that you can actually
enjoy pizza and not feel like you have just consumed a ton of grease, cheese and toppings
to last you a year?! Well, you are in luck because Pizza Hut has
made this possible! The restaurant chain has launched many new
different varieties of pizza for you to try and enjoy. One of these is the thin crust garden party
pizza. It’s a no-brainer. First of all, choosing a thin crust option
instead of a cheese stuffed or thick dough pan pizza is a better choice and minimizes
the calories. Now to top off the thin dough option on the
garden party, you have countless veggie options to add on top. Some popular picks include spinach, cherry
peppers, mushrooms, onions and it’s all topped off with a balsamic sauce drizzle. It has become insanely popular to diners and
a big request from those who want to have their pizza and to eat it too! Keep up the good work Pizza Hut and let the
healthy continue to heat things up! Subway (Turkey breast sub) Subway is known for being one of the first
restaurants to go to for a healthy option that won’t add inches to your waist. It was one of the first places to have a campaign
and spokesperson to endorse their sandwiches as a method of losing weight. Remember Jared Foggle? That guy? Unfortunately, Subway had to drop him after
some let’s say negative information was released damaging his reputation. One of the best sandwiches to get at Subway
though is the turkey breast option. You gotta to be careful when selecting your
topping options for your sandwiches. Adding too many creamy sauces or olives, for
example, can jack up the calorie count right away and leave you not feeling you know, so
hot. The average 6-inch turkey sandwich option
comes out to about 290 calories, depending on the toppings you choose. You are always left full and have many side
options that you can choose from to complete you meal. Try to steer away from the chips and flock
towards salads or soups to complete your combination. There are different options of bread selections
also, whole wheat being one of the most healthy as opposed to honey and oats. Keeping the cheese off the sandwich reduces
calories too. Remember, eat fresh! Taco Bell (shredded chicken burrito) Taco Bell is a chain that can be found all
over, it is not as popular as some of the other major restaurant chains, but it definitely
has a following that is for sure. It serves Mexican style food and people flock
to it when they want a little spice or kick to their meal option. Think of a lot of cheese and flour when it
comes to what Taco Bell is serving. It really does not strike as the healthiest
place to choose if you are trying to watch your weight or cholesterol. Taco Bell has included a shredded chicken
burrito option that can be chosen that will not burst your jean buttons open after consumption. It is a mix of shredded chicken, seasoned
rice, cheese and avocado and ranch sauce. You have the option to upgrade and add guacamole,
nacho cheese sauce or eliminate the meat altogether and choose the vegetarian bean option as a
filler instead. It comes to a minimum of 420 calories depending
on what else you put on it. It is very popular because of the price tag
too. You can get the generic shredded chicken wrap
for under $5, quite a steal! Burger King (veggie burger) It is very common this day and age for people
to choose to be a vegetarian. And more and more restaurants have begun accommodating
these growing populations. Burger King is definitely one of these places. They introduced a long time ago a veggie burger
option. Even people who eat meat sometimes choose
this option instead because it is just so delicious. It contains a patty that is made of real vegetables
and grains and topped any way you would like. It comes out to about 390 calories and 17
grams of fat. Burger King lets the public know about every
nutritional fact there is when it comes to the ingredients in their food. When compared to the other sandwich selections
from Burger King, the veggie burger is definitely a healthy lean conscious option and a wise
choice from the menu. Burger King teamed up with Morningstar Farms
in order to provide the restaurants with the vegetable patties. Originally the burger was vegan but now includes
soy-based patties that themselves include dairy and mayonnaise. The overall cost for the burger is roughly
$3.29 and around $5.49 for the combination including vegan fries. Although the taste is completely different
from that of a real hamburger, it is still a great option that has been included into
the chain’s menu. Starbucks (protein bistro box) Now when you think of Starbucks you automatically
think of delicious COFFEE right!? This chain has branched out and begun to include
more and more snacking and meal options to go with your cup of Joe, not to mention Christmas
CDs. Recently protein boxes and bowls have been
introduced to the variety of products sold by the massive and widely popular chain. There are multiple options to get your protein
packed into your day. They include: eggs and cheese, smoked turkey,
chicken BLT, chicken wrap, peanut butter and jelly, cheese and fruit, chicken and quinoa
protein bowl and lentils, veggies and brown rice. You would never think that a coffee shop would
branch into almost a kind of mini restaurant that serves millions of clients per day on
the go. They guarantee a minimum of 20 grams of protein
and a full cup of fruits and vegetables. It’s the perfect lunchtime meal or snack
to satisfy any mid-day cravings and give you back the energy that you need! There is not an ounce of guilt that you can
feel when choosing one of these options. You can be sure that your gonna feel super
full after opting for one of these protein-packed snacks! KFC (grilled chicken breast) It is hard to think that a restaurant with
the term fried in their name can serve up anything remotely healthy, right? Well, Kentucky Fried Chicken has managed to
do so. They’ve become aware of consumers wants
and needs as more and more junk gets produced in the fast food industry. It is important to have options that include
food that is not fried to a crisp and covered in grease. KFC decided to come out and release grilled
chicken breast as a healthier option. The breast only has 4 grams of fat and is
actually placed on a grill inside an oven as their cooking process. There are roughly 210 calories in one chicken
breast serving and 38 grams of protein. Unlike the fried chicken, the skin is already
removed which makes a massive difference in calories and health when it comes to eating
KFC. In comparison to a fried chicken piece the
calories range drastically, a crispy chicken piece contains approximately 510 calories. That is a few hundred more than the grilled
chicken option. When you really know the dangers and the facts
about what you consume, you definitely can start to take your menu options a bit more
seriously! Five Guys (veggie sandwich) If you have ever eaten at Five Guys you know
that it is the ultimate place to get any kind of custom burger that you desire. These guys are a chain that do burgers right
so it is no surprise that they go the whole mile when it comes to making veggie sandwiches
delicious too. Like many other burgers joints, a veggie option
is available, but Five Guys goes the extra mile with providing more than one option for
a vegetarian sandwich. They also make a veggie sandwich, cheese veggie
sandwich and a grilled cheese. At 280 calories the veggie sandwich includes:
freshly grilled onions, mushrooms, and green peppers, layered with lettuce and tomatoes,
on a soft toasted bun. You can even customize it yourself and put
whatever toppings that you want in it. If you want to add a little extra cheese to
your veggie option, that’s a possibility also, but expect to add on more calories this
way. You can also go the all American route and
opt for a grilled cheese sandwich. They use the Kraft singles as the cheese and
they put it on one of their signature buns. Go ahead and add on all of the toppings you
want to make it one grilled cheese that is out of this world! Shake Shack (chicken dog) Shake Shack is a staple in America and is
frequented by consumers daily. You know what you’re going to get when you
go into a Shake Shack and they never disappoint. With all of the calorie-packed milkshakes
that tease the taste buds at every sip, find comfort in knowing that there are some options
that won’t break the scale. The chicken dog is a classic favorite at this
restaurant and a not so unhealthy option. It sets you back 320 calories and still leaves
you satisfied. What’s so great about this item is that
it is totally natural and GMO-free. Do note that it is not just chicken in your
hot dog, it is actually chicken, apple and sausage dog giving it all of the flavors in
the world. It really is a unique menu item that you will
not find anywhere else. You can top your dog with tomatoes and pickles
and make it into a full meal with your customized topping options. You can create a delicious combo with the
dog including fries and of course, a milkshake. A special thing about the dogs at Shake Shack
is that the restaurant actually makes dog-friendly food items to bring home to your pooch! Wendy’s (power Mediterranean chicken salad) Everything about Wendy’s seems innocent and
fun and never a place that you would associate with a negative thought right. Unfortunately behind great advertising, is
the brutal reality that Wendy’s is not exactly the healthiest of choices on the fast food
map. Fortunately, there are some choices on their
wide-ranging menu that you can gravitate towards that won’t leave a few extra pounds on the
hips. Despite how much you want to dip your fries
in your frosty, Wendy’s carries an array of awesome salads to choose from. One of the most popular salad choices is the
Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad. This tasty salad includes feta cheese, tomatoes,
onions, grilled chicken, hummus and a blend of grains. What’s great about this salad is that you
don’t have to commit to a full size, you can also opt for a half portion size. The half portion size only comes down to 240
calories and still leaves you feeling full. The full portion is 450 calories, but not
necessarily the “bad” calories. You’ll be filled at the end of it with vegetables,
proteins and plenty of grains. These constitute as the “good” calories that
you can consume. Wendy’s hit the ball out of the park with
creating this delicious dish! Help us get in better shape by hitting that
subscribe button and notification bell and don’t go anywhere, check out some of our
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