Top 5 Centerpiece Fish for your small to medium sized Community Aquarium.

Hey Everyone Cory From aquarium co-op today i want to talk about centerpiece fish for 29 Gallon tanks and Smaller it’s One of our most Requested questions here in the store? People come in and Say I’ve Got a 20 Gallon or i’ve Got a 10 or i’ve Got 25 and i want one fish That gets Kind of Big and is Colorful to live with all my Other tiny fish and That’s like The most difficult question to answer because Typically a Fish That gets Big eat Smaller fish But Here are my recommendations I’ve Got five of them for you with the first one being Angelfish Now i recommend it Is a One of Simply One Angel in That Twenty Nine Twenty five Gallon tank Hopefully It’S a Little Bit taller Now obviously if you have a ten Gallon i don’t recommend This but like these Filipino blues They’ll be striking Everyone That Looks at Your Aquariums gonna Say oh wow i love Angelfish Your angelfish Looks so Good Mine’s so Mean But because you only have One they won’t be fighting and so That’ll Be Great? Number four we Have Certain Gouramis My favorite Being The Honey Gourami it only gets about Two two and a Half inches Pretty docile a Lot of color in a small Package here and I’m not gonna Say Shrimp safe but i have Kept My Shrimp and They don’t Prey on them that that much and could Be Your Showpiece Even as small as a five Gallon tank but ten Gallons and Up a Little Bit Better over here we have? Female powder blue Gouramis also Another Great choice i wouldn’t do the male’s They tend to be pretty aggressive You could do One but i like the females as a One of solo specimen Nice bright blue a Little Bit bigger a fish and it’S gonna you Know Walk Around Like It owns the tank and It’ll be the thing you’ve Been Looking Forward to set off your fish if you didn’t. Have a bunch of blue Already My Number three fish is going to be one Apistogramma i usually you’re gonna pick a male Cuz They’ve Got a lot of color on them i would stick to Kaka Toy tease either orange Flash or super Red Possibly You Go with Egg disease They’re a Little Bit more aggressive you know we’ve Got Here we’ve Got the double reds and then We’ve also Got the japanese fire reds Over here? But They only Get about three inches or so they don’t need you know high ph they can Handle a relatively low ph in Fact But anywhere in the Middle is Pretty Good for them and you Know They’re Adaptable and They’ll Go well with Lots of Those Schooling fish i would Say Tends The bare minimum but really i’d like to see a Twenty or more and Yeah so Let’s go on to number two and I almost Forgot apistogramma borellii What makes them so cool is they don’t even have to be in a Heated tank There’s a Lot of Color To them they don’t get as big they stay Pretty small so you can See here we’ve Got them living With like reticulated Hillstrom Loaches? But Gorgeous fish and Just Not Worth mentioning for sure as their showpiece Number two for me is the bolivian Ram Now It might not look like a showstopper When you’re seeing it in the store But you Get One coloured up looking Pretty Good and there are force to be reckoned with they Get about three inches or so They Get some long trailers to their fin on the dorsal or not the dorsal but the the tail fin extensions Which is Pretty Nice I would do Just one again But They are a Stockier fish They’re definitely gonna stick Out from all of Your tetras and raspberries and Danios and Things Like That and not be so boisterous that They’re gonna Harass everything so i think They’re a Great Pairing for That showpiece fish You’ve Been looking for My Number one recommendation for a community tank with nothing aggressive and you want To show Peace and it to be colorful is a Betta Now let’s Let’s Review some things here like This One Is a Halfmoon? There’s Crown tails if you give them these big big flowy fins AnyThing That swims Really Fast Will peck at them so it could be Danios could be Sur pietrus Stuff Like That and vice versa They’re gonna hunt Things a Little Bit like Shrimp and Stuff like that so i really Really Like to put in Like The Betta so none of The fins are long They’ve Got Nice short Fins i Tend to like the koi ones i don’t know it’s Just the newest color Variety i like them quite a Bit and They Really Stand out in the aquarium All Your friends Will Wonder like How do you do that That can’t be done it can be done They Just They tend to hold Their own and when you give them a bunch of space They don’t Get Crazy territorial on average Now Everybody is different Just Like Every other fish we’ve Seen in this video Could Be different Could Be i hate Everyone could Be I love everyone There’s all The gamut there and All i can Say Is all of our Bettas in the store Here live in our community tanks? There are other Betters as well You could do something like a Pug Next Better That’s we have right Here and That Is a Mouth Brooding Wild cotton Betta that We Like to run i keep Doing my community tanks but all my Bettas in the store Are always in community tanks and The Best Part about that is They’re available everywhere you don’t Have to say Hey Cory i can’t find female powder blues i can’t Find pizza Grandmas i can’t find i can’t find Everyone can Find a Really Nice Looking Better and That’s What’S so good about them is that They look great and They’re easy to find So That’s my top-five showpiece Fish for 29 Gallons and under and I think it’ll add a Little Bit of spice to your aquarium life and Hopefully i’m Answering Some of Those questions that We Get all The time of What do i put in To this tank to really set it off so Thanks for subscribing on the left we Have our latest video make sure you check that Out on the right we Have more videos lined? Up for you Which we think you’ll Enjoy if you enjoyed This video down Below We have the Jimmy of aquarium co-op Channel Make sure you check that Out and we’ll see you in the next one

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  1. heh, my tank is a collection of "hey those cant go togethers" because alot of my fish were dumped on me when ppl i knew got out of the hobby… so far the only aggressive fish i had was platty.

  2. Yes, I totally agree withe the drawf cichlids and bettas. Beautiful fish and perfect centerpieces for the 20 gallon tank.

  3. PLEASE HELP!! Hello! I have a 6 gallon tank. At the moment I have two male guppies and two apple snails (medium sized) I want to add four shrimp. Do you think adding one honey gourami as well would be overstocking? Could my shrimp survive? Otherwise what other pretty centrepiece can I add that's shrimp friendly? Thank you!! Please help!!!

  4. Do yourself a favor and subscribe so you get more videos like this from us. http://bit.ly/2Yez7yl

  5. I have my 15 gallon tank set up and ready to add fish. I wanted 4 different fish that live well together.

    I already have:
    Amano shrimp x1
    Ramshorn snail x1

    What else can you recommend? Thanks

  6. had a beta for 3.5 year ! added guppy, tetras and danios. guppy lastest about a month…! tetras and danios out live the beta

  7. Guaramies are related to betta fish. They are Labyrinth fish meaning they breathe with lungs. Same rule of thumb do not cohabits male gouramis as you wouldn't with betta fish. Sorority tanks are great for either kind. Meaning you have nothing but females in there. They will still have a pecking order and determine who is the alpha gal but otherwise, they we'll get along fine.

  8. Cory there are somw people slamming your bussiness saying your staff are rough handed with aquatic life animals left to die and apparently bags thrown on the floor….

  9. Had my Betta in my 20 gallon community for 2 weeks, with 10 cardinal tetras and 2 kuhli loaches. I did regular water changes (twice a week) and everything seemed fine. Today, he suddenly started attacking one of the cardinals and took a chunk out of the little guy's tail. The cardinal couldn't swim properly and didn't make it.
    When I bought the Betta, I was told he was 6 months old. My water parameters are fine so the only thing I can assume is that he matured and his breeding instincts, along with aggression, kicked in.
    Luckily, I have a spare 10 gallon I'll be moving him to. Such a pity, he was a beautiful feature fish.

  10. My male powder blue gourami got swim bladder infection and passed away a few months into having him RIP

  11. I used to have a betta who thought he was a neon. He would always swim with that school, got spooked when they got spooked, ate where they ate, ect

  12. I have a 240liter fish tank and I don’t know what fish to put in it so do u have any suggestions

  13. About male blue gouramis, you can keep them, more than one, as long if you give them proper space. So much so that with the proper room they would swim by with no response from any of them. That is, of course when a parasite murders them along with 3 other fish…

  14. I was to start a 10 gal community tank. I want to put in one mini gorumai, 3 khuli loches, and 6-8 of a small community fish probably some sort of tettras. Is this over stocked ? Do mini gorumias need to be gept in a group or can I just get one ?

  15. I have a 15 gallon cold water tank but none of these fish are cold water. I can’t find any centrepiece fish that could go in my tank 🙁 I have 5 platys

  16. I think it would be a very sharp tank if you just got one of each fish he said in this video! Lol.
    Those were some great choices man! Good job!!!

  17. Can you keep only one angelfish in a tank? I always thought they needed to be in groups

  18. I love bettas! I have 1 in a community of swordtails, platys, balloon mollies, bristlenose plecos! My other is in with kuhli loaches and 3 of my males are just bullies so they're on their own

  19. I HAD angelfish but while overseas my sisters overfed them so now I’m trying out new fish 91 litres 3 draws gouramis 10 neon tetras.

    I wanna get more I’m just building up so I’ll eventually have 25 neon tetras ; dwarf gouramis maybe 2 big gouramis

  20. My problem with Bettas in my community tank is that they overfeed, especially when the figure out the sinking pellets for the Corys I have. Then they get bloat and have an issue. Though this has been with female Bettas who seem to be more curious, maybe if I can find a less curious male I can make it work.

  21. I have one Angelfish in my 29 gallon and now my question is what other species to add. And this is probably going to be a challenge because he probably thinks the whole tank is his now.

  22. in my tank i have 9 guppies,6 coreys, 2 red fin sharks and 2 suckerfishes. im wanting a bigger fish to go with them. any recommendations? my tank is quite big

  23. I got 3 betta in community’s they are really good with the others and mine don’t hunt the shrimp and are friendly

  24. I owned a betta with a few tetras a 2 corys and it KILLED One of my tetras !and the other one jumped out of the tank 🙁 (it does have a lid but their is a small gap) sadly I took it back and replaced it with 2 guppy’s everyone seems happy now lol

  25. Ya know. I have a German blue ram and hes soft lol. I actually had to move the goldfish out of there. He was picking on him. I had him with the guppies and all. I've never had one. I'm use to fish that eat other fish. But he was really the coolest looking fish I've ever seen. But, he was supposed to be and medium sgressive fish and he is not aggressive at all. he's very friendly which is very weird for a cichlid lol. But the Rams are so awesome. I have a green terror and they're the most amazing colorful fish I've ever seen but he has nothing on the ram other than being my best friend lol

  26. I’ve been keeping fish my whole life and I’ve never had luck with bettas They either jump out the back of the aquarium or they get dropsy and die💯😒

  27. I could use some help, so I have a 29 gallon aquarium and was wondering if I could do 1 angelfish,1 Bolivian ram,6 Cory cats most likely the albino's 1 bristlenose pleco and 16 neons. Like a South American biotope lots of plants like Amazon Swords, Java ferns and Anubis with a sand base and spider wood. With a sponge filter.

  28. I just get a 40 gallon tank, and I will move the fish from my old 20 gallon. I have guppies, neon tetra, corydoras, oto's and a honey gourami. Do you think I could add an angelfish or a betta?

  29. I'm new to this aquarium world, but that the Betta male can be with other fish on the same tank is shocking for me, I've been told that they're aggressive as hell

  30. I want to do a 35 gallon cube tank that's around 20"x20x20. Wanted some cherry Barb's or other red community fish and pearl gourami. Would these work ok together? Could I have more than 1 gourami?

  31. I tried a betta in my community 29g but my scissortails nipped at him really bad. I was under the impression they were docile fish but apparently not. My betta had to be removed.
    Also, my bristlenose pleco murdered my apple snail. What’s with all these supposed docile fish being so aggressive?
    Any tips or insight?

  32. Our betta was the centerpiece of our 75g… until we added dwarf puffers to control a snail outbreak. Now he has is own 29g and his fins are growing back nicely.

  33. Im currently cycling my juwel vision 180, I was thinking of 6 bosmani rainbow fish 4 male-2female with 5 dwarf gourami 3male-2female . Would this be ok for this tank or too much? Iv got gravel bottom with some live plants and plan on doing 25% weekly water changes and weekly water testing once cycled, if not would 6 dwarf gouramis be ok 2male to 4 female with some khuli loaches

  34. I agree on the Betta! I have a Veiltail Betta Male, 3 Neon Tetras & 2 Cory Catfish in a 5.5 gallon tank🥰 They get along well together and have room to thrive & strive!😆👍🏽

  35. If we keep danios does it mean that only platak betta will be suitable? Since danios might bite the fin of long fin betta.

  36. At 4:39 what are those other fish with the short fin betta? Ram cichlids? Super pretty.

  37. I love the info- I sometimes keep a regular fish tank in or around the giant turtle setups I have/have had! Always looking for advise!🙂

  38. Love your videos! I'm thinking about adding a betta into a 35 gallon bow front with guppies shrimp and snails. What do you think?

  39. I doubt anyone will ever see this comment but its worth a shot what is the yellow and black patterned fish at 2:57 its so pretty and the plecco looking fish in the background of 3:42

  40. I'm setting up a 20 gal. Currently trying to grow my first plants (mixed in with some artificial plants for now) and waiting for the nitrite cycle before stocking. I really want to do a betta centerpiece fish with some smaller fish for filler. My top 2 choices aesthetically are guppies or neons. Would one be notably better than the other? Or would either be an inevitable disaster? I'm so torn because I think either would be lovely and I don't have anyone knowledgeable to ask.

  41. U should do top ten fish that should go in a biorb tank with no heater

    Like if u agree

  42. I find the German blue ram to be a better choice for a showcase fish in a medium sized tank over the Bolivian ram. Much more color and they have a ton of personality. Don't get me wrong Bolivian's are awesome fish. I just think the German blues have greater color.

  43. I have to disagree on the Scalare, they become too big and eat any smaller fish they manage to sneak up on.

  44. Your the best, love the channel!
    BUT theres next to no info on freshwater crabs + inverts, you really should make a video! I've had great success, no deaths. Althought I'm new I've had 1 panther crab (who's about double the size expected) 4.5" carapace, hard to say with legs. Lots of pom pom crabs and thai micro crabs, as well as many, many shrimp.
    Thanks, here from Ottawa, ON

  45. Is having a female betta sorority just as bad as having 5 sparkling Gouramis ? what makes the 2 ideas different. I have 2 sparkling gouramis and I am planning on adding 3 more. The 2 sparkling gouramis are good with each other but they do the fight dance regularly but they don't nip each other's fins.

  46. Does anybody know which type of appisogramma is in the thumbnail? (I mean the variation like orange flash or something like that)

  47. Instead of honey gourami, can i do with dwarf gourami instead? I researched and it does look like they are ok being the only one in the tank and is peaceful. But what do u guys think?

  48. Apistogramma triple reds are a very nice centerpiece fish. I own a breeding pair myself. safe around small fish, I keep neon tetras with mine. Just be careful with shrimp tho. Bambo shrimp would be safe. He doesn't bother with mine. But he has eaten up the others tho. " ghost shrimp and my cherries "

  49. I have a German Ram and Male Betta together along with Amano and Red cheery shrimp in a 20 gallon. They keep my population in check and they look great together and 99% of the time they get along. But my tank is HEAVILY planted.

  50. Could you possibly do a couple of female bettas with a few of the fish you mentioned and some tetras a guppies in a 55 gallon

  51. Finally someone who pronounces Betta correctly. I hear so many pronounce and people will correct me with the Greek letter pronunciation Beta (Bay-tah). A local fish hobbyist vendor at an outdoor market in Thailand on a TV show years ago said Bet Tah like it was two words. Friends and a local pet store had Bettas in with goldfish and the goldfish ate the Betta fins completely off. I had one female Silver Veil Angel in with guppies and various catfish for years and she laid eggs every year. I've had many different Apistogrammas and they are great fish. I kept species separate in two 50's and two 29's but I eventually gave them and the babies away. I'm getting more because of this vid. Thanks for the inspiration. Where were fish expert owners like you when I was young and starting out? I had to deal with old crabby pet store owners who acted like they needed to quit that day. Thanks for doing a great job.

  52. Much respect for keeping your bettas in actual tanks. Absolutely hate seeing those poor little guys in cups.

  53. I have TWO Angelfish in my 29 gallon community tank and everyone seems to get along beautifully and no fighting. It's all about the temperament of the fish like you said Cory. Thanks for the list of fish.🐟🐟🐠🐠👍👍

  54. I have 2 Blood cichlids and I was wondering if I could add a pair of Apistogramma to my 40 gallon tank?

  55. I have a 40 gallon tall tank and am looking for a "centerpiece fish" to put into my community of fish. I have 5 rasbora tets, 6 black neon tets, 5 cory doras, and 6 cherry barbs. Would a crowntail betta or an angelfish be a better "centerpiece fish"?

  56. I would like to buy a couple Apistogramma for my tank. Will you ship them to me in Florida?

  57. Cory… I have a 75g and wanted to know how many Honey Gourmai's I can add without the 'fighting' I read about.. thanks Joe

  58. Single bettas in community tanks are great HOWEVER they hate the strong flow of the hanging filters/canister filters. Prefer slow moving water like with sponge filters, undergravel filters.

  59. What were all the apistogramma species mentioned? Pentacle red, double red, fire red and borelli?

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