Vlogmas Day 7 and 8 2018- What I Eat in A Day On Keto!

good morning guys happy vlogmas day
seven and I wanted to make myself some
coffee this morning and my coffee pot is
completely dead seriously so I fill it
up with water as it was empty does
anyone know there’s like a plug to reset
this or something it’s just dead guys I
tested out the plugs and they work this
thing will not have turn on oh I’m dying
I have all this coffee whipped cream and
no coffee maker so yeah there’s a cat
crying behind me or at the window Romeo
are you crying did you want to go
outside huh I’m gonna go let the cat out
hey guys so I had to make myself a cup
of tea with that recess whipped cream
and that sugar and the cream and oh my
god because I was so bummed I was
dreaming of a cup of coffee like
seriously all morning laying in bed I
have all these cups of coffee that my
dad gave me I have the Reese’s whipped
cream regular whipped cream I’ve got
that sugar-free vanilla
I’ve got stevia I’ve got heavy cream I
was gonna come down make a luxurious cup
of coffee and my little Cuisinart or
keys and art whatever it’s called coffee
maker that really has about a year and a
half and works like a charm
it wouldn’t even turn on I don’t know
how to fix it I try to look up YouTube
videos but my my little model I couldn’t
find and oh my god I don’t know what to
do guys I don’t know if anyone knows how
to fix those I might try to research it
some more but it’s probably Denzel you
know those coffee makers really aren’t
me to last more than like two years they
always seem to break on people so I
might just have to go online and see if
I can find one for like 60 bucks because
I don’t have the money to spend like
$200 on the coffee machine right now not
before Christmas so that totally bummed
my day and it’s rainy and cold outside
but I’m gonna stay in my PJs most of the
day and just put her around the house to
get stuff dead I’m gonna work on some
blog post later my house is a mess again
I don’t know why but I mean just one
person lives here you know and I mess it
up so I’m gonna clean up a little bit
today just do stuff around the house and
drink this tea pretend that it’s coffee
and I’ll be back later with some more
day in the life log miss day 7 hope you
guys enjoy this blog list actually this
might even be blog most a 7 & 8 because
I really didn’t do seven yesterday so
this might just be 7 & 8 today
sorry guys talk tile there Romeo what’s
he doing baby boy what you doing baby
boy he was crying to go outside and now
he’s sitting here by mama aren’t you
he’s a mama’s boy dies he’s such a left
cat he actually thinks he’s a dog
don’t you Romeo you think you’re a dog
huh he comes a new column he knows his
name he waits for me at the door when I
get home from work don’t you
he is a mama boy music a boy he is 11
years old this month 11 yeah 11 i
doctored him from Petco 11 years ago
this month he’s actually 11 years in two
months because he was born in October
he’s a Libra he’s a lover he gets along
with everybody dogs cats all people very
sweet cool cat love him to death
so if you’re looking for an animal make
sure you check out the pet smart and the
Petco adoption it’s a great place to
pick up a pet for the holiday season hi
Romeo so 11 years this month I adopted
he’s my sweetheart he was actually
Kitty’s Christmas present 11 years ago
because I was going to school full-time
working full-time and I didn’t have time
to take care of her and she was always
alone so I thought she needed a friend
so I went to Pet Smart on a whim and I
saw him there and I was like yep I gotta
and he was so tiny didn’t know he was
gonna be as a big boys he is he weighs
12 pounds
he’s a very long lengthy cat but he’s so
cute to be so sweet so he’s named Romeo
because he was always so sweet
everyone loves him so yeah today we’re
just hanging out drinking my tea wishing
it was coffee I’m hungry I don’t
normally get hungry like this in the
morning because I intermittent fast but
oh my god you guys I’m starving
some I have to go make myself forget
myself a little Atkins bar or something
cuz it’s like 10:00 10:30 and my stomach
is grumbling so yeah I’m gonna go eat
that and have my tea I’m just so
disappointed you don’t even know just
how disappointed I am in my coffee maker
I have all this coffee that my dad
literally gave me like three bags of
coffee and now to have a coffee maker oh
my gosh today is not going great today
is not starting off great guys but I’m
gonna make it a good day I’m gonna make
it a good day I’ll be back later
okay guys I am back so I got my chicken
quesadilla with some sour cream and
sriracha and I’m gonna have a little bit
of pork rinds and that’s gonna be lunch
so for dinner I have some frozen
meatballs maybe I’ll make a vegetable
and have a couple of frozen meatballs
with melted mozzarella and some tomato
sauce so I don’t have a lot of groceries
at home right now so I think that’s
probably gonna be my option and then
tomorrow I’ll probably go to the grocery
store and then film a food haul and food
prep so hopefully tomorrow will be a
little bit more interesting today was
just kind of a lazy lazy weekend anyways
guys I will talk to you later hey guys
that’s about 5 o’clock so this is real
life oh my goodness look at this this is
where I’ve been for 90 percent of the
day Romeo Hey just hanging out with the
babies just finished my lunch watching
some hallmark movies got the tree on
it’s really dark and gloomy outside it’s
been raining all
and I’ve just been exhausted I worked
all week so I might get up and do some
laundry and from the dishwasher and if I
have enough energy I might try to vacuum
but I think that’s gonna be it today was
kind of a best tomorrow I’m gonna go to
the grocery store and film an h-e-b keno
haul and do my milk prep for the week
and get all my work clothes ready I
worked for days next week which is a lot
for me because I normally work like two
days a week out of the home and I do
freelance and I have a part-time job
so tomorrow working in two different
locations for four days so I think I’m
gonna go ahead and maybe call it a day I
don’t know there might be some more
footage coming later I’ll let y’all know
but yeah this is pretty much blog piss
day seven and eight
it’s called real life my house is a mess
and I’ve just lumped on the couch all
day but I slept so good you guys I’m so
hi Romeo now we’re just hanging out the
three of us are just hanging out at home
and we’re being lazy and we’re loving it
my kitty cats just love when I’m home
don’t Jeff yeah they like to cuddle with
me there’s Kitty on the couch in the
corner he could see her but yeah guys
just when to touch base with you sorry
that this blog is really boring
I was planning to get up and do a whole
bunch of videos there’s miss Keaney
she’s waking up on the couch it’s here
say hi miss cutie so we’re being a bunch
of beach bums today we’re being so lazy
yeah well anyways I’m gonna go for a
little bit and I will touch base say hi
Romeo you want to say hi to the people
on YouTube we say hello huh yep he wants
me to go over and play with them all
right guys I’ll talk to him a bit hey
guys so I’m back for dinner it’s about
6:30 so I’m going to be having some
meatballs with mozzarella cheese and
diffidence and marinara sauce these are
the frozen already made meatballs that I
get from the r-mo brand
I think six meatballs are about four
grams of carbs 24 grams of fat and I’m
having two servings I’m having eight
meatballs in marinara and that’s what
I’m eating for dinner I’m not super
hungry but I think I’m hungry so I think
this would be a good mess little dinner
kiddies crying because she wants more
food even though she was just fed so I
gotta give her a treat or something hi
kitty always hungry I was in the kitchen
and if I talked about having a good
since it’s kind of a lazy day what I eat
in the day probably had about 25 26 net
carbs I had to trip took two tortillas I
had about eight net carbs about 16 the
cheese probably about one the chicken
about one and this eight so probably
about 25 carbs not too bad considering
yesterday was bad day I had pizza and
so today it’s more of a low carb day
about 25 grams of carbs and then
tomorrow I’m going to do some shopping
and mill prepping for the week so this
was more like a day in the life anyways
hope you enjoyed this vlog as always I’m
thank you for stopping by I hope you
will subscribe and I will talk to you
bye guys

William Babineau

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