Vlogmas Day 9 2018- HEB Keto Food Haul!

Hey guys this is Michelle here so I just did
a little h-e-b a food haul for you so
will be up on my channel just you know
running around today getting a lot of
things done on a Sunday hope you’re
having an amazing day it’s been really
cold here in Texas but you know it’s a
good day today when you’re up and
running around got a good start so I’m
gonna do my food haul for you and then
we’re gonna do a weekly food prep so
stay tuned
talk to you later guys and hope you
enjoy this footage hey guys welcome to
vlogmas day 9 so today I got an early
start I went to h-e-b and I did a little
grocery haul for the week so I’m gonna
show you what I picked up and I’ll be
doing a milk prep either later today or
tomorrow so I got this nice tenderloin
pork roast ain’t cheap guys that was
nine bucks but I think that’s a really
good size that should last me at least
five days so I’m having that for dinner
I’m gonna probably put that in the
crock-pot this afternoon I got some more
we always need butter I got some eggs
I’m going to be doing a really nice a
quiche style casserole then they make
for the week I got some heavy cream I’m
always using heavy cream in my coffee
and the couple of recipes so you always
need heavy cream if you’re on a
ketogenic diet it’s just a must have got
myself some Atkins treats some M&Ms and
I got myself some of these bars I also
got my little tic tacs and my sugarless
gum those are my little treats I got
four of these sparkling waters and I put
lemon lime juice in it tastes just like
a sprite I got some bacon bits which are
my new best friend I got two of them I
made some egg muffins last week with
bacon bits you guys it’s so good and I
also make my loaded cauliflower rice
with sour cream cheese and bacon bits so
I got some our cauliflower right
I got some of this Philadelphia spicy
jalapeno cream cheese it does have like
two cards of serving but sometimes I
like to dip pork rinds or something in
so I figured well I’ll just get a little
bit got some cheese some mozzarella
cheese for my pizzas as well as if I
want to make some fat head dough you
need some cheese I got some cheddar
cheese got a couple of Brussels sprouts
that I will be having with my pot roast
for the week and I got myself my spicy
pork rinds and chili lime for clients
I’m going to be making an awesome dip
that I got from Katherine Michele’s
channel that requires the pork sausage a
can of Rotel and ekran a can of softened
cream cheese so I’m gonna be making that
dip this week for my pork rinds so I’m
super excited so that’s all the little
food prep I have for the week
I got a h-e-b it came to about 89
dollars but I also got cat food and cat
litter but yeah so this is gonna last me
for my breakfast lunch and dinner for
the next five to six days so I’m excited
I also got a 12 pack of diet soda and
yeah that’s it guys so I’m gonna do a
milk prep pretty soon so stay tuned hope
y’all enjoyed this video talk to you

William Babineau

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