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hi I’m Katie I’m a tasty producer and today I’m going to be testing out some of the most popular breakfast gadgets we’ve got the Hamilton Beach dual breakfast sandwich maker then we’ve got the pancake bonanza and last but not least we have Macon bacon let’s go make a lot of breakfast right here we have the Hamilton Beach dual sandwich maker so right on top we’ve got instructions a quick start that’s probably what I’ll use it’s got a pretty finish on the top here I think this is nonstick the quality feels pretty nice actually you know if someone came over they’d be like that lady is serious about her breakfast it just looks like a torture device a little bit can you see it out is this better can you see now I love breakfast sandwiches I make them all of the time so I’m excited to try to make one of these so I have all my ingredients to make some breakfast sandwiches what I found is he doesn’t have a very long cord but fortunately I have a massive huge extension cord Oh little beep okay oh and he’s got a little numbers I think this is for your tiny yes I’m gonna open this guy up use my mitt here now the quick start directions say to put the base on the bottom so I’ve got cheese I love cheese I’m gonna do one that’s like fully loaded just like intense and then I’m gonna just do another one that is a little bit more like basic now I’m gonna put my safety minute back on I will say this is like hot be careful okay next we’re gonna crack eggs into this lot here we go just try it okay it says in the instructions to poke the yolk at the top and then I’m just gonna try to push this around so it’s a little more even oh okay and I broke my yolk that’s okay second time’s the charm it’s getting very hot I will say I’m gonna poke the yolk in this one we put the tops of the breakfast sandwich on top of that don’t burn yourself people it okay and then we’re gonna close it like so their recommended time four to five minutes okay four minutes on the clock this is when you can just let go put four minutes worth of makeup on talk to your children if you have them help them put on their shoes hey we got 37 seconds on the clock 36 it’s counting down like a bomb breakfast blast-off oh I thought it was a fun little song but it’s just beeping rotate the cooking plates out so okay it’s a little bit strong okay rotate it out we got a little bit of egg residue we’re rotating another one a lot of egg residue on that guy then it says to lift them all up with oven mitts don’t forget ah alright so not like the easiest reveal turn off the heat the only way to turn off the heat is to unplug it well very hot very hot I’m gonna send him over there to cool down he worked a hard day’s work okay and here’s our little breakfast Sammy’s it’s a little bit wet on the bottom but the rest of it’s very crispy okay here we go that was really good actually the pepper got cooked just enough you know where it’s not like too overcooked it smells a little bit of a crunch the egg is completely cooked through and the ham is nice and hot I would say a – and now let’s turn the more basic one okay so here we go that’s totally hot that’s so good this taste on the second one will give like an a because there was no sogginess it was nice and crisp nice and toasty and the meat was heated all the way through I’m very impressed and surprised okay so overall for the Hamilton Beach dual sandwich maker it worked pretty well as far as how things taste it nothing was cold it was nice and crispy I really enjoyed the flavor and you can do so many different combinations and customize that I’d say that’s awesome it’s you negatives I would say is just that it’s a little bit clunky it has a lot of moving parts I did try to clean it and this does pop out but it’s just a little bit hard to get in on all those Knicks and crannies so it’s not super simple or quick to clean okay we’re done with this and now it’s time to have a pancake bonanza what does that mean does anyone know what bonanza actually means wait so if I make a bunch of pancakes my wealth and profits is gonna change I thought birdie as it was a party okay it’s kind of small but I guess I mean we’re not all making diner pancakes that are huge this is a normal sized pancake a nice soft grip on the handles here instructions just popped out it’s copper inside ladies and gentlemen copper which conducts heat really well flipping pancakes can be tricky you know like have you ever had it like you flip it and then like lands on the side this hopefully is gonna give us like a nice pancake on both sides perfect and it’s supposed to be nonstick sometimes you have those pancakes that you’re like scraping off the bottom so let’s check it out let’s go have a pancake bonanza and I’m gonna get rich this is hot now this is ready to go I’m gonna open them up it tastes kind of messy I’m gonna turn the heat now to low yeah it’s looking like it’s filled out nicely we’re getting bubbles it’s starting to really cook here I’m gonna close them up and we’ll check on him in just a minute the problem I’m finding now is you can only make one pancake at a time it’s also strange that I can’t look at the progress of my pancake as that is so essential for like knowing when to flip I think you can flip moment of truth ready BAM it’s a little darker than I like my pancake to be this is also a little bit awkward to be like hey I want a pancake whoa don’t do that he looks nice it has a good shape I want to try another one with the heat a little bit lower all right nicely spreading out but time oh that is so satisfying that’s the best part about this all right this guy ready to serve again dangerous so why don’t we try some with some chocolate chips in it I’m just gonna eyeball this a little more better okay that looks good cooking pancakes and butter is always delicious but you don’t have to add anything to keep it not sticking from the pan I like this my only issue with it right now is that you just you can’t do that many and you’re waiting for a while and chocolate chip pancake ready to come off okay so I’m just gonna add my favorite topping says pancake we’re gonna add a little butter mm-hmm maple syrup I’m just gonna sprinkle a few chocolate chips mm-hmm this sounds pretty fluffy right in here he’s just like nice and thick and we got like oh one of our chocolate chip bits right there that looks delicious I say this did a great job they’re consistently fluffy they have a nice shape and they weren’t that hard to flip so overall these tasted pretty good that’s a like I’m a minus B plus I mean it didn’t change the pancake flavor but it kept them all nice and fluffy and around the same size I don’t know if it’s a thing you necessarily need unless you really care about the look of your pancake so I guess it just depends if you’re a visual person then maybe this is the thing for you so we have the original Macon bacon microwave rack I just want to talk about a be the inventor she looks like she’s eight and she’s from the 90s so it looks like you just put them on a rack you put a paper towel over it you microwave it and then you eat it okay what we’ve got here is like a dust pan looks like so this thing holds the little rack in place and then you piss it and then I think and then you can take it out okay there’s no instructions so we’re on our own did I lose these oh oh on the back you’ll never lose the instructions because it is a part of the gadget microwave use only one insert trip bars into the holes we did that great I’m gonna go get some bacon we’re gonna test we’ve got a bunch of bacon here we’re gonna go with the cut first I’ll do four strips on each strip rack make sure you wash your hands ladies and gentlemen okay cute it’s like hanging up your laundry it’s a fun activity this is a nightmare what happens if they’re dangling too much should we should we cut them not what Abby wanted this is just horrifying but you’re getting a lot of strips done you aren’t gonna get a splatter of oil so far it’s it’s pretty gross but who knows what it’ll taste like I’m gonna cover with a paper towel and then it says a minute per strip and I’m gonna do eight minutes because that’s how many strips now all right so we are less than one minute out Betsy the fellow tasty producer has come by to check this out I mean when I walked in I was like she’s making bacon 100% great but was it smelling like good bacon I mean he likes microwave bacon okay do you want to see who invented it this little girl named Abby a little girl in vintage it looks like you Katie no well just from the 90s or 80s the 90s here we go oh it’s a blast yeah it’s plastic in the microwave [Music] [Laughter] [Music] that is rock hard it taste like anything I add me another chance and do it for a little less time because maybe we just cooked it too long let’s give Abby a second chance so we’re back and we’re gonna give this another try I’m not gonna cut the ends of this I’m just gonna let them live their best life okay making bacon take two for minutes we’re cutting the time in half okay and they’re definitely not cooked enough two more minutes hopefully this is the this is good and we do Abby proud okay here we go okay hey the thick bacon is not quite finish it’s still a little undercooked but the thin Bacon’s they’re looking done much nicer than the last time I’m gonna try one it’s just missing everything you love about bacon it’s so it’s so dry it’s way too crispy it’s just chalky so I guess if you want something healthy this is healthier but it’s still bacon so if you’re gonna have bacon I feel like just enjoy it taste wise I am gonna give this like a c-minus addy first time around we’ll give it up it really was bad the first time this worked I don’t know it like it worked well that it was it cooked the bacon it took the fat off so if this is something you’re considering buying maybe if you’re gonna like put it in a sandwich and like cover it with a bunch of other flavors and things but I would just say if you’re gonna have bacon it takes about the same amount of time to cook the bacon as it does in the pan so I don’t it’s not saving that much time this I cleaned up between Bacon’s and is super easy to clean but otherwise it’s I just feel like go for real bacon well thank you guys for watching us test all of those crazy breakfast gadgets let us know your thoughts in the comments do you own one of these things and also if you have any ideas for what we could test next make sure you leave them in the comment section till next time bye [Music] [Music]

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  1. I think it is always a bad idea to get single use appliances, you never use them often enough to justify the loss of counter/cupboard space. Also as Rachel Ray hilariously wrote a "recipe" for you can just use paper towels and a plate to microwave bacon.

  2. They should make a larger, stainless steel version of the Makin Bacon rack, but for a conventional oven. Stainless steel drip (drape?) bars, and stainless steel pan. But personally, I prefer to just use my trusty Lodge cast iron skillet. I use the reserved (and filtered) bacon grease to season (re-season) the pan after gently washing the thing in hot water and drying over the flame. Who else here saves their rendered bacon grease in an emptied coffee tin can?

  3. These Gadjiks were already tested. Stick to the extra large food and trendy recipes.

  4. flipping pancakes is not difficult, i don't know why people struggle with it

  5. Idk if I can trust this girls judgement when she thought that top was a good idea 👀

  6. This lady tried so hard to be funny, lmao. Not in an annoying way but you can just tell lol

  7. What’s up everybody? Welcome back to the tasty kitchen where safety is number one priority. Today we’re going to put to the test kitchen gadgets and jump on the band wagon because we’re running out of ideas for new and good food. How about a boiled carrot and we put it on a hotdog bun and call it a hotdog? Been done… eh. Ok how about we reuse old videos and make montages? What’s next taking animated videos and making live action videos?

  8. Am I the only one who didn’t think she looks like Shane Dawson. and plus, he’s doing the dumbest videos ever..

  9. The bacon instruction basically said "one minute for one piece" so it only needs 1 minute in the microwave since you cooked a bunch at once.. not 8 minutes becuase they're 8 ☻

  10. Don’t cut the bacon if it’s too long for the device because it shrinks. Unfortunately my gramma uses this often and she made me learn how to use it

  11. The pancake bonanza is literally two pans of the same size atta hed together lol

  12. I love this channel but the thumbnail looked like Lindsay Lohan on crack. Im sorry.

  13. the only reason that pancake was dark was because you left it on that side for too long. lets be real.

  14. I don't eat chocolate chip pancakes, I eat pancake infused chocolate chips if you catch ma drift

  15. Is it weird that
    I’m Canadian and I don’t remember ever having maple syrup?

  16. 7:17 Takes a bite. "That looks delicious"
    How about telling us how it tastes -.- Fucking Instagram Cooks…

  17. It says 1 minute per bacon. So all 8 bacon's kept at the same still equals 1 minute. Logic!!

  18. we already know buzzfeed keep on ripping Ideas out of smaller channel, so check out Eater, they been doing this series for the past year and continue to do so. Check out the original show here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUeEVLHfB5-Q9tAWBtZaWYT8-jDuVvS-w

  19. Im sorry but like??? She popped 8 slices of bacon in the microwave at the same time and set 8 minutes because there were 8 slices??? What kind of math?

  20. I don't know how to make pancake into a normal pan can someone explaine me how to do that

  21. The issue I have with the sandwich maker is that I like my egg on the bottom and meat and vegetables on the top so unless I can do that I'm sticking to the old fashioned way.

  22. I hope you are good in bed because the way you tried to break the eggs tells me you are no good in the kitchen except for blabing you mouth!

  23. Quick suggestion,
    Using cold water and dish soap to remove stuck on egg and cheese from the sandwich maker. 😊👌

  24. Dude I have that breakfast sandwich maker and you made it to complicated I am 13 and mine come out perfect.😑

  25. One try does not a study make… when testing you should put it through the ringer

  26. Idk if her eyes are actually green, but at one point it looked like it and they were sooo beautiful lol

  27. You can also make another foods with the pancake bonanza, like: mini pizzas, steak, egg, stir fry and cookies

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    Only people with eyeglasses can relate 😂

  29. I know this is VERY random


    Katie looks like the female version of Shane Dawson

    I know for you it doesn't but-

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