Weird Milk Taste Test

– This puppy came for the milk taste test! (kissing sounds) I’ve had many types of milk,
but I’ve never had dog’s milk. – I would never drink a glass of milk. – Oh, I would. – I drink milk every day. – Do you like milk? – Um, it’s sort of, milk
kind of freaks me out. I drink a lot of soy milk. – Do you get farty? (girl laughs) – It’ll be good to find out if I’m lactose intolerant (laughs). – It smells like a barn. – This one’s heavier. (coughs in disgust) – Creamy, damn!
– Yeah. – Oh my god, I hate it. – Something really depressed
produced this milk. – I do think goats are also weirdly the children and spawn of Satan. – It’s got that bitterness
to it that goat cheese has. – Have you seen a goat eye up close? Their pupils are rectangular. – I can’t do it again,
I can’t drink anymore. – This is goat’s milk, and it’s very good. – I just never wanted to lick a goat. – It almost smells like cookie dough. – Oh, that smells kind of sweet. – Yeah, fruity. Did you milk the teats of a fruit bat? – It’s so sweet. – Ooh! – It tastes like a melted soft serve that’s been diluted, twice. – What about this is milk? – It’s white. – Full of water, cane
sugar, vanilla extract, that gives it the vanilla taste. – Oh, they faked it. – Flax seed milk, I like it. – Delicious. – Mm hmm. – I’d drink more. – I don’t like this smell. – Oh this smells like another animal milk. – Smells cheesy. – Yeah. (grunts in disgust) – I got at a chunk, immediately. – Ugh!
– Didn’t like it. – Nope. – I mean, it doesn’t bad, but you saying that you had a chunk, – Right.
– Means I’m done. – This tastes like liquid mac and cheese. – There’s a certain
distant staleness to it. – I didn’t know sheep could milk. I mean, it makes sense,
they have babies, but like– – I don’t think I like milk! I came into this test loving milk, you hated milk, and now
I hate milk (laughs). Our final milk. – It looks almost like, like white paint. – I don’t have any floaters. – This one smells heavy. – What is this? – Not for me. – No. – It tastes like a corn husk. – It tastes like grass. – It tastes like grass!
– Grassy! – There’s a millisecond
for which it is okay. Then, there’s some horrible wood-ish taste.
– Yeah. – It’s weird, it has a texture to it. – There’s no way this
will get you high, right? – It’s a “no” for the hemp milk. – First, I’m amazed at our ability to make milk out of anything. – When we were kids, we only had one milk. – Yeah.
– Came from the cow. – My question is, how competitive is the fake milk industry? – I don’t know, I guess, I’ll stick to soy milk. (girl laughs)
– There seems to be a lot of different companies. Are they neck and neck? Who’s on top? – This is the milk you drink–
– Yeah. – After a hard day’s work. Come home, you stand over your fireplace, you swirl the milk in a tumbler, you regret your life decisions, why you married Barbara so young, – And you drink this milk.
– And you drink this milk.

William Babineau


  1. Dude my family goes through a gallon of whole milk a day. We thrive on that stuff

  2. My dad and his siblings grew up drinking goat milk, but I've never had it.

  3. Cows milk is not for humans. Its for calves. Understand it finally. You are breastfeeding.

  4. How is it possible that people haven't drunk milk before?

  5. buzzfeed, plz stahp i need to wake up at 7:00 am today – and it's almost 1:10 am, you are going to put me in a black hole of interesting video.

  6. Didn't realise someone owned tasting milk and saying what it tastes like. Guess I'm going to have to search up every youtuber and give them credit every time I try something new since they clearly invented it.

  7. give phil lester credit for the idea behind this video. buzzfeed didn't come up with this idea, so why should they be able to make this video and receive credit for it?

  8. I have to drink rice dream or soy milk or even almond milk because i'm severely lactose. I think rice milk is amazing though (well the vanila flavor

  9. I drink goat milk. It's awesome. It's "creamier" than cow milk. Like, whipped cream without so much sugar. Different brands also kind of taste different. Like, Meyenberg tastes richer than this local brand I buy.

  10. That one guys sheep comment killed me. I have sheep, I've had to milk them before when the lambs can't or won't nurse. The concept of someone not realizing sheep can be milked is hilarious to me.

  11. What do you think is the best vegan milk? Im going vegan and some advice Would be helpful 🙂

  12. I do not know if this idea I heard on the radio is nation wide or just state; but the dairy association wants to up the idea on how things are labeled "milk". These products like soy milk, flaxseed milk are not really a milk product. They stated that other countries call these products what they are or by different names, so the identity of what milk is and should be is correct. Like goat milk, cows milk, etc. I think it is a good idea because almonds are not a milk product and it is conceived incorrectly to ones mind on what milk really is and comes from.

  13. I love goat milk!… Mainly because I've grown up drinking it (I'm lactose intolerant).

  14. Fresh Nigerian Dwarf goat milk is freakin amazing! Go milk some different goat breeds and test taste the different kinds, don't just grab the stuff out of the grocery 😛

  15. ya'll take milk out of a cows boob and call it normal but these are weird? lol

  16. the girl with the brown hair beside gaby is annoying to me.. in like everything

  17. they should give them the pure whole plant based milks.

  18. I don't like to drink goat's milk but, I love goat cheese. I used to get some from a local farmer that sold it in small batches and only to certain people. It was awesome. It had a great flavor from the savory to the sweet and tangy. Everyone should be open to trying new things. You may not like everything you try but, you can find something amazing. Support your local farmers and shops, and maybe you will find something that changes your ideas of food and more.

  19. I wanna know whether or not anyone branded a mommy ready-to-drink breast milk… . XD

  20. Lactose intolerant here. The best milk I've ever tasted is coconut milk, soy milk is also good, and although I LOVE almonds, I can't stand almond milk. Is just not good. And you can get cereal or cookies without milk, so THANK GOD for the competition.

  21. do you know how long I’ve been looking for a video with Zack in it? Like an hour now

  22. Soy has phytoestrogens which mimics estrogen. It's even bad for women. It makes men weaklings and causes depression. They use to have processes which removed the bad elements in soy to make it tolerable but industries don't do it due to increased costs. Literally everything has some type of soy in it so it's hard to eliminate but worth the effort.

  23. I'm with Eugene on how demonic goats look…particularly their eyes 👀⏹… I can't look one in the face 😨🙈😈

  24. I only like soy milk if it's chocolate. The milk I had while I was in Lanzarote was really nice, it tasted like single cream

  25. My parents forced me to drink a full glass of milk everyday for my entire life up until highschool and because of that even the smell of milk makes me gag.

  26. If you drink goat milk get it from a small farm not the store it taste bad from the store

  27. They need to try soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, oat milk, coconut milk, rice milk, lactose free milk, and quotia milk

  28. TWO WORDS-


    Also Eugene wow his haIR dude

  29. I like feta cheese so…I'll probably like goat milk if I try it someday.

  30. I tried milking a goat once…
    Apparently, I had very pinchy fingers as a 5-year-old. Long story short, it was NOT happy.

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