What I EAT in a DAY as a MODEL | Healthy Model Diet Plan DAY 3

Hi Vanderfits and welcome to day three of our
seven-day model diet plan I’m so excited for today’s. So let’s get started with
the first thing which is of course the lemon with the hot water which we drink
every single day in case you haven’t watched the videos that were before
these two two previous days of the Vanderfit challenge then please watch
those first because there I explain everything more in depth why you should
use the lemon water but for all the Vanderfits who already got started with
this challenge you guys already know it you guys rock! So let’s just get into
breakfast right away. This time my boyfriend made me breakfast which was so
sweet of him and he gave me one of these smoothies from Innocent which is really
nice you could just buy a store-bought smoothie or make it yourself I will have
everything listed down below such as the ingredients what is used in this
smoothie and everything like that and then together with that he gave me a
delicious breakfast he used a little bit too much of that booster that I
mentioned in the two previous videos but besides that it was so delicious it was
just plain low-fat yogurt with coconut crisps and nuts like walnuts and almonds.
So super delicious! And after that I just had some ginger tea because I love
ginger and then it is already time to get to lunch which is so exciting. Today
we’re going to make a Greek feta salad with onion and tomatoes, olives, feta
cheese, obviously flatbread, spinach just really good ingredients. So let’s get
started right away with making this and cutting everything
up. So first we cut our feta cheese and then we cut our onion, then we use our
tomatoes we’ve cut those up and we just place the spinach on the plate of course
first wash your vegetables it’s really important and then just assemble all the
ingredients on top of it. Listed below is how much I use for this but
again I’m cooking for two people because I really want to stick to the
Mediterranean diet like I explained yesterday we’re sharing your food is key.
So now I put on some of the olives and then I use some olive oil to finish it
all off. That’s everything that I use for the dressing, so really simple, really
easy and then some of that flatbread to go with it which is really nice and this
is just a perfect lunch in my opinion How good does this look?
I’m just like in awe this was so good! Please try it out! And then it is time
for dinner. This time I cooked for my boyfriend but also for my mom and my
grandpa because of course sharing is caring so I made stuffed bell peppers
which is one of the favorite dishes of my grandpa and my mom and I have to say
it’s a little bit more difficult to make because it just requires some time but
once you make it you feel so rewarded so please if you haven’t tried stuffed
peppers yet or you just have tried it but never made it yourself please give
it a go because it’s so good of course I don’t eat meat so we’re going to make a
vegetarian version with bell peppers obviously we’re going to use some of
this Ketjap Manis which is really important in the dish we’re going to use
some white rice some shredded cheese some of these delicious tomatoes and
then just cut up vegetables which is just everything is listed down below but
it’s just basically carrots and other bell peppers that are stuck inside the
other bell peppers we’re going to use courgette, onion everything like that
basically every vegetable that you have in your fridge right now can be cut up
and used in this dish because everything will taste delicious trust me! And then
we’re just going to cut up our tomato We’re going to put a timer for the rice
and then once the rice is cooked you’re going to let it rest for about ten
minutes and don’t spill all your eyes like I’m doing here then we’re going to
cut open the bell peppers by just separating the little top which is the
head from the body and we’re going to make sure that there are just no
seeds left in the body so that the bell peppers look like this and they can be stuffed. Now we’re going to use some olive oil and cook up our vegetables like the
tomatoes which is actually a fruit which always boggles my mind and then we’re
going to use the other vegetables and then in the meantime I’m going to make a
dip out of this low-fat yogurt with garlic. We’re going to use three cloves
because I’m going to cook for four people so that’s quite a few
then we’re going to use just some pepper and we’re going to stir that all
together with that yogurt we’re going to put some ketjap on our vegetables that
are currently stir-frying and then we’re going to mix those
vegetables with our white rice and then just shove it in the bell peppers really
generously but not too full and then we’re going to finish it off with some
shredded cheese and then just put them in the oven say bye bye for – it’s quite a
long time – I put my oven on 200 degrees and I think they were in there for about
25 minutes but I just checked every time to see if they were ready so I’m just like
winging it because it’s hard to set a specific time you just have to leave
them for 15 minutes and then just open the oven regularly and you can use a
trick with the fork waiting just stab the bell pepper “I’m sorry
bell pepper, I’m not trying to be harmful but we just need to check upon you” So we’re just going to stab the bell pepper and then when it’s really soft it’s time
to take them out and then they look like this and you can just eat them together
with some of that beautiful yogurt dip that we made together and that is
everything already that was the what I eat in a day for
today we got our fruits in the smoothie we got our vegetables in our bell pepper
dish, we got our delicious salad. I think this is the perfect diet day for me
because it’s everything that I love and I hope that you guys love it as well
if you make any of these dishes then please share them with #Vanderfit so I can repost them on my @vander_fit Instagram account and on my Twitter account which are all linked down below and of course you can
also message me on the Vanderfit Facebook group and share your ideas and
your recipes there so that we can all get Vanderfit together. So I hope you guys
loved it Stay tuned for tomorrow, for day four! and

William Babineau

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