What If You Only Drank Milk?

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin. Oh! How now brown cow! How you doin’? I’m sure we all remember as kids being told
to drink our milk so we can grow up big and strong. I think Triangle Bob took that advice a little
too seriously! So if it’s so good for us, why not just
drink a ton of milk a day? Or why not only drink milk? Well, besides the fact that around 65% of
the world’s population have a problem digesting lactose found in milk, it turns out that drinking
large quantities of milk a day can be really, really bad for you. Large amounts of calcium can cause numerous
health issues. It can wreak havoc on your kidneys, resulting
in kidney stones forming from calcium deposits or milk-alkali syndrome from an acid imbalance
resulting in loss of kidney function.,, The American Cancer Society also puts high
calcium consumption on the list of risk factors for prostate cancer. In addition, a study by researchers at Vanderbilt
University found that high levels of calcium inhibit the absorption of magnesium, leading
to an increased risk for colorectal cancer. Milk also has a high fat and cholesterol content,
which can cause heart disease.,, And overall, drinking large amounts of milk a day may lead
to a higher mortality rate. In a 2014 study of more than 61,000 Swedish
women and over 45,000 Swedish men, researchers found that women who drank three or more glasses
of milk a day had a 44% increased risk of cancer mortality compared to those who drank
less than one glass a day. And for each glass of milk drank, mortality
risk from heart disease rose 15%. Men were less affected, having an overall
mortality risk of just 10% for those who drank three or more glasses per day compared to
those who drank less than one. But there are people, mainly body builders,
who have tried to only drink milk. In fact, some even attempt to drink an entire
gallon of milk a day! You know, for the #gains. Triangle Bob knows what I’m talking about… Work it Triangle Bob, there you go! In contrast to water, milk contains between
100 to 150 calories per cup, depending on the fat content. And more calories equals more weight gain. However, while most who tried this were happy
with their added bulk, they noted that drinking only milk made them less hungry for other
important foods with essential nutrients like fiber, folic acid, and iron which are not
found in milk.,, These help lower cholesterol, manage blood sugar, and transport oxygen to
your cells and tissues. So, unless you are or are advised by a registered
dietician, stick to the recommended dietary guidelines set by the professionals. Limit your intake, stay away completely, but
just don’t go overboard. So, is there any other drink that you want
us to talk about? Let us know in the comment section below,
we’re taking suggestions for future videos. Curious to know what would happen if you ate
the spiciest pepper in the world? Check out
this video: As always my name is Blocko! This has been Life Noggin! Don’t forget to keep on thinking

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  1. But I drink like gallons a week… OH NO I'M GONNA DIE OF CANCER WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

  2. What if you only drank milk?

    You would have to give presents to every kid in the world

  3. I have a drinking problem, not alcohol.
    I drink a gallon of milk a day.
    I am trying to quit dairy products due to getting fat & have more zits than a teenager. I am 55.
    Zits & wrinkles just seem so wrong.
    I have tried Silk & Almond milk, which is good. Try to say" Nut Juice" with a str8 face. Lol
    Just say 🚫 to 🐄🐄


    Life Noggin:What would happen if you only drank milk?

    Also Me: I dunno.

  5. Yo I swear I’m soon I’m going to drink milk (age 12) it’s like my coffee in the morning, It drink it like 6 times all day.

  6. Who was terrified when blocko said you can die by drinking only 3 glass of milk a day

  7. If you need 1millon milk or cookies leave a like or else you will drink cookies and drink milk a lot of you do like you got some cookies for you and milks 😀

  8. I drink 4 mugs filled with tea a day is that bad? Its bad for my mother for sure I get so hyper

  9. Me:*always drinking milk everyday without water*
    Water: am I a joke to you?

    Edit: thanks for giving 1k likes

  10. #dearblocko
    I think that if you only eat/drink animal products is bad for you but eating/drinking only plants or water is good.
    Am I right?

  11. I would be really happy if someone helped me. Is kefir or yogurt bave the same traits as milk? I mean , do they also have high calcium and cholesterol?

  12. I drink a gallon of milk a day and now my bones are so hard I got shot in the head and came out with a bump on my head I have been drinking milk for 12 years soooooo I think this is fake news but I did feel less hungry

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