What To Eat in the Winter! Hilarious Healthy food even when it’s cold!

[Music] for [Music] hey come on in and warm yourself up I know what you want to know what do you eat in the wintertime when it’s cold and snowy you know my opinion is we were meant to live up here in a cold we’d be born with fur first thing I did when I left home when I was 18 I went to Florida whether it’s a Sun and sand beaches and palm trees and then I moved to California and then I moved to the desert in Las Vegas and I go to the tropics a lot and I know you people are going to say you say well we can’t afford that I’m poor I need to pay my mortgage because I’m a house well they have houses and mortgages down in the tropics to it by the way there’s more poor people in the tropics than there is up in the northern areas well I know you want to hear about that you want to hear about the food okay we’ll get to the food part all right those of you who watch my documentary free living 101 you already know what I’m about to say I went up north to its suburbs the Toronto Canada where I met a man who lives in the subtleness is not out in the woods is in the suburbs where he finds things to eat that grow wild and natural in the suburbs but he finds for free and lives off of even in the wintertime when it snows and he describes how to do it those of you who are only about you what grows in your area you kind of think like a squirrel he’s nothing like a bear because they know winter is coming and they get ready for it so they harvest them they gather all the stuff that’s in their area and they get it ready for the wintertime they stash it away and I’ve already told you with my books my DVDs and how you can find the wild plants growing in your area even if you live in the suburb you had to dry or powder it or pickle it or somehow you preserve it dehydrate it somehow to make it last a litter time it’s that simple it’s really not that we have some recipes or some videos and show you how to do that but you can still have fresh foods you can grow your own food and alerts I believe not indoors it’s called sprouting sprouting is actually the most nutritious time of a plant to eat and it grow sprouts go anywhere they grow anywhere anytime all it requires is water that’s it that’s all you’re required don’t even think sprouts needs light so they will grow in the winter time no problem I know what you’re saying you say like oh yeah right you want me to eat dried powder preserved pickled crap with the sprouts for that’s what you want me to eat a later time ah okay I get I get all right well let’s get the raw food maybe I get this all the time again I can’t say because it’s cold and I want to be warm in the winnings names well did I ever say raw food is cold who said that I did I didn’t say raw food was cool the whole principle of raw food is you just don’t heated over 118 degrees Fahrenheit 45 Celsius that’s the principle of raw food because anything above that temperature you’re killing the life force the enzymes of the food and 118 Fahrenheit 45 selfies that’s pretty darn hot a hot tub is only 101 or 103 degrees we’re talking 118 degrees that’s hotter than a hot tub it’s pretty darn warm for food so I don’t want to hear excuses but look at women food you can’t want to eat half the stuff on our cookbook is warm food you get into hydrator and they’re gonna board with the hydrator they’re cheap you get them for 35 bucks online for a cheap one there is no excuse you could have worn foods in the wintertime when it’s snowing and you can have good food you can still have your pizza your pasta your soups and your meat substitutes and all that stuff you love you can still have it Oh anyway there is no excuse really so getting back to the natural things you got to think like a squirrel oh hi honey I was just old people what to eat the wintertime what do you mean see the same foods all the time we go grocery shopping silly I was trying to found all intelligence here I got pineapple I got mangoes and I got tomatoes and I got bananas and I got these delicious strawberries you’re eating and these carrots and I got radishes and I couldn’t let it wash diapers in this red cup

William Babineau

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