What To Wear When It’s Hot (And You Want To Cover Your Arms)

– What to wear during
those hot summer months, when you don’t want to show your arms, but you still need to stay cool. (upbeat music) Hi ladies, it’s Erin and
welcome back to my channel. Through my channel, my mission
is to keep style simple, to help you with any
of your style dilemmas. One of the most common style dilemmas, what the heck do I wear during the summer, when it’s 90 plus degrees, when I don’t want my arms
flapping in the breeze, but I still need to stay cool? So I’m going to talk
about five combinations that you can wear to
keep those arms covered, but also stay cool, and of course, stylish
in the summer months. Before I dive in, just a quick note that I have done a video
very similar to this one tackling the other common question I get which is, what to wear
in the summer months when you don’t want to show off your legs, you don’t want to wear shorts, so I share alternatives to wearing shorts. I’ll put a link to that video below in the description box. (upbeat music) Let’s get started with
combination number one, and that is the light
weight button down top. I really love to go browse jcrew.com and look for the lightweight top there. They often have the roll
tab, the roll up sleeve, the very lightweight cotton, or the very lightweight linen tops. You don’t have to go to J. Crew, that’s just one of my go-tos. You could look at Nordstrom, you could look at a lot of different sites to find that gauze, breathable, lightweight fabric button down top, where you can roll up the sleeve. Either it has the roll tab, the little button that
keeps the sleeve up, or you just roll it up, and you do one of my favorite cuffs, which is one big long cuff
and then a second cuff over the big long cuff. With this white linen
button up top from J. Crew, I just paired it with some
high rise, AGOLDE shorts. I love these denim shorts
because, number one, they are high rise but
then also number two, they have a longer inseam
than most denim shorts. I don’t know why manufacturers do this. Why do we have to make denim
shorts scandalously short? It’s ridiculous, I don’t
want to walk around with my butt cheeks hanging out. I’m a grown woman, right? (laughs) That’s why I love these shorts, because when you put your
arms down at your sides, the hemline of the short is almost at the end of your fingertips, so they feel like an
appropriate length of short. But you don’t have to
wear shorts you guys. Again, I did a whole video on what to wear when you don’t want to wear shorts and you still want to stay cool. This is just an outfit option. This bag is a dupe that I got from Amazon, it’s a dupe of Cult Gaia. Then on my feet, just a
pair really comfortable espadrille wedges in
a beautiful brown tone that’s very neutral and versatile. Just be on the lookout
if you don’t already have a button up, lightweight top, that you can roll up the sleeves with. That’s an awesome option
to cover your arms, but to also stay cool. (upbeat music) The second combination
I want to talk about are short sleeve tops and tees. The short sleeve tee,
or a short sleeve top will give you the arm
coverage that you want, but will not sacrifice, in terms of heat. You’re still gonna stay cool because it’s a short sleeve top, and you could take it a step further, and go three-quarter sleeve
if you need more coverage. Here’s the top that I bought. It’s a wrap front top
by Faithfull the Brands. I love the beautiful green color. I love this very subtle floral print, and then I just pair that with some really breathable
cotton, white cropped wide leg trousers from J. Crew. On my feet, a pair of wedges,
same espadrille wedges that I just showed you
in the previous slide. (upbeat music) The Next option I want to share is probably the most unusual combination, and the wild card of the bunch, and that is to wear a light weight kimono over your shell, or
cami, or T, and shorts. So that gives you the arm
coverage that you want, but you still have this sheer kimono, very lightweight kimono on,
that keeps you very cool. It’s incredibly sheik, it
adds so much drama, I love it. The beautiful thing about the kimono too, is that it gives you the
coverage on your legs as well, so you can have coverage both
with the arms and the legs. This kimono, by the way, I
bought while I was in California, and its by a line I had
not heard of before, called We Are Leone, and
it is just exquisite. It has a matching price tag for that, so please don’t write
me and say, oh my gosh. It’s very expensive, but it is gorgeous. I love it, and there are a lot of different print combinations. So, I will put a couple of
options below and, of course, an option for less, as I always do, when I feature something very pricey, I share an option that
is similar for less. (upbeat music) Your next option is to wear a short three-quarter
or long sleeve dress. Dresses are a beautiful
thing in the summer. It’s a one and done. It’s so simple and then
you still look polished, stylish, sophisticated, pretty, feminine. It’s awesome. So here’s a dress that is from J. Crew. It’s in a tan color. This would be like an
African safari dress. I mean, not like you would
go on safari with it, but it feels very safari
inspired because of the color. Again, I have sleeves here. It’s a cotton dress,
the nature of the dress, the fit of the dress keeps you cooler, but you’ve got the arm coverage
that you need and want. This dress by the way runs
a bit small for J. Crew, so I ordered my normal J. Crew size, and I should have actually
sized that one size. (upbeat music) Your last option in terms of
keeping those arms covered but also staying cool in
those summer hot months, is to wear a top that is
sheer, or eyelet, or crochet, something that breathes because
of the design or the fabric. Either it’s a sheer fabric, or you’ve got that eyelet detailed. It’s basically holes, right? It’s holes in the top. So here’s an example of a top that it’s got eyelet shoulders, a shear body, and then it’s got some eyelet detailing along the sleeves. The fabric is cotton, breathable,
it’s sheer, breathable, it’s eyelet, breathable, and then it also has the sleeves and the
arm coverage that I want. Pair that with a beautiful
summery midi skirt. A midi skirt is something I talked about in the other video for those
who don’t want to wear shorts. It’s a great option to
give you some more coverage on your legs, but still keep
you cool in the summer months. This one feels a lot more casual. It also is a linen blend, so it is a very breathable fabric too. Same wedges on my feet. Obviously, they’re very versatile. You probably should scoop ’em
up, if you haven’t already. They run true to size. Those are the five outfit ideas
to keep those arms covered, and that bat wings at bay,
during those hot summer months, and also keeping you cool
so you don’t burn up. Let me know if you guys
have any questions. I’ll put links to everything below in the description box. I’ll put time codes for each
of the individual looks, so you can refer back to
them if you’d like to. If you liked this video and
you haven’t already subscribed, I hope you will hit that subscribe button. If you want some more daily, just casual everyday outfit inspiration, pop over to Instagram. I’m @Busbeestyle there, and I
post outfits of the day there. Thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you next time. Bye bye. (upbeat music)

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  29. Thanks for the video and the many choices you suggest. I still feel given the humidity around at this time that anything tightish is a killer! I have moved thru the stage that renders me shy and now just do my own thing and to hell with the critics. I wear sleeveless, short loose sleeves(the best) 3/4, elbow and long. The temperature calls the shots. Yoga helos.❤

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  62. Great tips thanks! Unfortunately due to autoimmune disease, Ive developed a true allergy to the sun so regardless how hot it is, I have to stay covered head to toe. I wear combinations of long gauze cotton pants, faux wrap long sleeve tops over tanks tops, maxi dresses, skirts, light long sleeve button up tops, and gauzy cotton long sleeve tops during summer. If not too hot I wear cute long-sleeved light tunics or short dresses over leggings. I also wear large sunhats and sunglasses, and lots of sunscreen all over my body but especially my hands and feet.

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