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Hi I’m Chris with Organic Roost and in today’s
episode we are going to make deciding on which
eggs to buy a bit simpler.
There are so many types of eggs to choose
from like, Certified USDA Organic, Free Range,
cage free, Natural, Vegetarian fed, Antibiotic
Free or Omega Boosted varieties. How confusing
is that. I mean eggs are just eggs right?
So lets break it down and look at the distinct
difference between the official USDA Certified
Organic Egg and a Free Range Egg.
Personally, I think these are the two types
of eggs to look at.
The only label that is actually regulated
among these is the USDA Organic one. The chickens
that lay these “golden” eggs are fed only
organic food, do not have any antibiotics
in them and are required to have some exposure
to sunlight.
Free Range chickens are kind of as they sound,
these hens have access to wander about the
outdoors for at least a portion of their life.
This gives them the opportunity to graze for
seeds and bugs as they would naturally. then
they are corralled back to the coop or indoor
arena for the rest of the day. Their diet
is not regulated though and this is the primary
reason I choose Organic eggs.
Hens that have eaten an organic diet have
tested to have two thirds more Vitamin A,
seven times more Beta Carotene, and triple
the amount of vitamin K. These are all important
for healthy skin, hair, nails, and eyes. Sounds
like a plus to me.
You might ask if the color of an egg matters
– like which is better, brown, speckled, or
white? Nope it doesn’t matter, the nutritional
value is the same in each. The color actually
comes from the breed and genetics of the hens
and is more of a cosmetic preference than
anything else.
If you have a question about another type
of egg, put it in the comments below and we
will do our best to answer your question.
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Our next episode we share the difference between
organic beef and grass fed beef.
Until then… Be Organic and Be Healthy

William Babineau


  1. I just had my fist eggs from organic free range chickens that I purchased at an organic farm. The taste was amazing. The yolks were a very deep orange color. I am fortunate to live near two organic farms. One is also a raw milk dairy. Tonights dinner was organic eggs, organic spinach and a glass of raw milk. Just three months ago I was near death from heart failure. After going all organic I have lost about 45 Lbs and feel better than I have in years.

  2. What's the difference in nutrition between 99percent a dozen eggs and 4 to 7 dollar a dozen

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