Why You Should Stop Eating “Healthy” Food

What up Zen Dude Nation. Today we’re going to talk about healthy versus unhealthy
food. I get asked all the time
Dan, should I be eating this? Dan is
this good for me? Dan is this gonna make me
fat? Dan is this gonna make me ripped?
Dan is this gonna make me skinny? Who decides that
food is healthy or unhealthy? Every
single food is either healthy or
unhealthy depending on your body. Just
because a really good marketing
department at a granola bar company puts healthy on the label does not mean that
it’s gonna give you the body that you
want. It’s totally understandable to have
these perceptions simply because we are
told this is good for you this is bad
for you the whole way from when we’re born until we grow up. So if that’s not the most
important thing then what do I need to
know so that I can have the body that I
want? Are you getting the nutrients that
you need and by nutrients I mean fats
carbs and proteins to either lose weight,
gain weight, build muscle
whatever the case may be. Your body is
literally just a huge science equation
that if given the right inputs you will
get X result. Let’s talk about nutrient
dense foods and what I mean by nutrient
dense foods are foods that pack a lot of
different nutrients that are needed for
fat loss and muscle growth but don’t
have excess calories. Lean meats, chicken, ahi tuna, fruits, green vegetables
asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, oils
nuts, avocados. Real food. If you put in
the right amounts of fats, carbs, and
proteins you are going to be able to get
the body you want consistently over time.
Instead of focusing on healthy vs. unhealthy
focus on eating nutrient-dense
foods. Comment below and let me know what
foods are you eating that say they are
healthy and you don’t really know if
they are or not.

William Babineau

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